Tyrant War God Chapter 2463

“Let’s do it.”

Chen Shaofeng casually danced the long spear in his hand and said indifferently.

And I saw Chen Shaofeng’s confident appearance.

Tian Wu You also browses slightly wrinkle. ,

He can naturally feel Chen Shaofeng’s cultivation base.

Void God Realm.

This kind of cultivation base, even if it is placed in the younger generation of Heavenly Demon Clan, can be considered to be relatively top-notch.

But he is very familiar with Tianfeng! Although the innate talent is not bad, it is definitely not good.

Furthermore, after the death of Tianfeng’s father, Tianfeng also fell silent, and the cultivation base has not been improved for a long time.

At this time, Tianfeng looks so confident! The aura on his body was faintly no weaker than Tianbing!

“hmph! Arrogant!”

Tian Bing scolded with a cold face.

While speaking, he also took a long and slender Blade Technique treasure in his hand.

“Since you asked for it, then I will do it for you!”

Tian gave a cold smile, then moved towards Chen Shaofeng and rushed over.

As Tianbing approached, the long knife in his hand was also carried with unparalleled power and moved towards Chen Shaofeng, and hit the top of his head.

“This day, the wind turned out to be a silver gun wax-like head?”

“You are so scared that you don’t even know how to dodge it?”

“Oh! …I thought it would be the dragon wars, the tiger battles, didn’t expect it turned out to be a weak chicken!”

“Hehe, I thought it was a who thing, it was just rubbish after a long time. !”


The Heavenly Demon Clan youths present contemptuously said.

At this time, even Tian Wuyou in midair is browsing slightly wrinkle.

At this time, the wind looks a bit unbearable.

This attack seems to be close!

There wasn’t even a defensive action.

At the time when Tian Wu You was ready to take action to save Tian Feng.


Suddenly, there was a muffled noise.

Sky ice stared wide-eyed a mouthful of blood came out.

Immediately, Tianbing’s body was like a cannonball, shooting straight out of the Martial Arts Competition Stage.


On a cliff not far away.

Tianbing smashed directly into the cliff.


“What happened just now!”

“So fast! How is this possible! Tianbing has no power to fight back?”

“What the hell is going on with this Tianfeng? It’s too afraid to enter the country in less than two years?”

It’s just a trick.

The Heavenly Demon Clan youths present looked towards Chen Shaofeng in horror.

At this time, only two people’s faces didn’t change much.

But they also looked at Chen Shaofeng with a little surprise.

At this time, Tian Wuyou standing high in the sky looked towards the Martial Arts Competition Stage below in surprise.

Chen Shaofeng’s quick movement just now, even he was a little surprised.

A repairer of Void God Realm will never be so fast!

Is this kid turned out to be the Insights Realm of the late stage of the human world?

Tian Wu worry whispered with frowning brows.

“Sir Elder, is it time to announce the end?”

Chen Shaofeng slightly smiled looked towards Tian Wuyou Road in the sky.

“Well, First Stage Tianfeng wins, you go down first.”

Tian Wuyou frowned when he heard Chen Shaofeng’s words.

At this time, his attitude towards Chen Shaofeng is obviously different from before.

At this time, Chen Shaofeng’s innate talent and potential, even he dare not underestimate it.

In time, it is almost certain that Chen Shaofeng is better than him.

Even if it is not great, at least it is at his level!

“Brother Feng! You are finally back! Haha!”

With Chen Shaofeng leaving the Martial Arts Competition Stage.

Tian Kuang haha ​​smiled excitedly.

The innate talent of their three people is relatively ordinary.

Even if others form cliques, they don’t bother to take care of them.

I was thinking about embracing a thigh, maybe there is still a day to turn over in the future.

As a result, this thigh hasn’t grown up yet, so it’s gone.

At this time Chen Shaofeng returned, and there was a glimmer of hope for their three people.

In the future, if the status of Chen Shaofeng’s cultivation base continues to improve.

Their three people can be regarded as a backer!

When the time comes, they will naturally not be underestimated as they are now.

“Well, I think your cultivation base doesn’t seem to have improved a lot!”

Chen Shaofeng looked at the three of them and shook their heads.

“Brother Feng.. This is not too big! It’s because you improved too quickly!”

Tianye said with a bitter smile helplessly.

The improvement of several of them is not small.

For more than a year, they have been cultivation almost all the way.

Even while waiting for Chen Shaofeng, he is constantly cultivation.

However, Chen Shaofeng’s entry is too terrifying.

In less than two years, not only the Insights Realm has improved, but the cultivation base has also improved a lot.

Especially after learning the cultivation technique on the Jiutian Tablet.

His strength has once again improved a lot.

Although the Nine Spirits Imperial Scripture is not complete at this time, the mysterious place is difficult to mention on equal terms even if it is the highest cultivation technique in the Cultivation World.

In the small chat of a few people.

Half a day of work.

All thirty-six players completed the competition.

Of the 18 winners, almost half of them are in the top ten.

Only a very small number of people crossed the rankings and beat the top ranked clansman.

The other two young people in Youyuan City were naturally eliminated in the first round.

And Tianbing has become one of the worst luck!

He was supposed to be able to pass the first round steadily, but now he was overwhelmed by Chen Shaofeng and was seriously injured.

“You all go back and start the second round tomorrow.”

With the end of the first round, the day without worries falls to the Martial Arts Competition Stage, instructed indifferently.

And Chen Shaofeng followed Tian Kuang and the three people to leave the mountain.

He is not familiar with this place. Fortunately, the relationship with Tian Kuang has been eased before.

Otherwise he really doesn’t know where to go when he is here!

At least he now feels that no one should have dared to lurk in the hinterland of Heavenly Demon Clan like this before!

Heavenly Demon Clan’s hinterland is full of frightening breaths.

Even some of them are almost comparable to Zuo Tao.

The same is true, he is also extra cautious in Heavenly Demon Clan.

Otherwise, once his identity is found out, his life will never be saved.

And with the end of the first day of competition.

On a mountain top where the Heavenly Demon Clan clan is located.

“Junior Tianming pays homage to Sir Elder!”,

Tianming’s respectful salute.

“Come in.”

In the small courtyard on the top of the mountain, a vigorous and powerful voice said in a tranquil voice.

Tianming was instructed to enter the small courtyard respectfully.

“Elder, Tianfeng’s strength far surpasses my imagination, I am afraid it is hard to say whether I can defeat him…”

Tianming sighed helplessly.

He is one of the young Heavenly Demon Clan experienced this time.

It is also the powerhouse of Ranked 2nd.

In the same age, almost no one can compare with him.

Only the madman in the dark can stabilize him.

Others are even inferior to Ranked 3rd’s Tian Jue.

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