Tyrant War God Chapter 2464

“en!? You’re not cracking a joke, are you? With your cultivation base, you are not the opponent of Naikaze?”

Tian Xing Kong browses slightly wrinkle looked towards Tianming asked.

Although Tianteng Chuan came back to the news that the investigation was unsubstantiated.

But he didn’t believe it!

Intuitively, he feels that Chen Shaofeng and the death of his son Tianyu are definitely related!

He previously ordered that Tianfeng must be killed regardless of the reason.

But at that time, Chen Shaofeng and Tian Kuang left Youyuan City for the Forbidden Land of Samsara.

It turned out that Chen Shaofeng was led away by the unscrupulous old thief, and Tianteng thought Chen Shaofeng was really dead.

Even Tian Xingkong, who got the news, thought Chen Shaofeng was dead.

But not long ago, he suddenly received a call from Tianteng.

It is said that Tianfeng is not dead and has returned to the clan.

And Tian Xingkong, who got the news, did not order Tianteng to do it again.

Because at that time Tianteng had discovered that he was probably not Chen Suofeng’s opponent.

And Tian Xing Kong has more vicious thoughts in his heart.

He wants Ranked 2nd Tianming to kill Tianfeng on the spot!

He wants to watch Tianfeng die with his own eyes!

When he wants to come, whether his son’s death is related to Tianfeng.

Tianfeng was the only person alive at the time! Why!

His son is dead a trifling Why does Tianfeng live?

Even if it doesn’t matter! Damn it!

“Sir Elder, the strength of the wind soared that day! Today Ranked 5th Tianbing didn’t even catch a move in his hands. This is certainly Tianbing’s carelessness, but that day’s quick movement, even I haven’t seen it completely. As far as this speed alone is concerned, I’m afraid I may not be his opponent…”,

Tian Ming said bitterly.

The original Innate found him without taking him seriously and asked him to kill Tianfeng in the martial arts competition.

It is very worthwhile for him to kill Tianfeng and get Tian Xingkong’s approval!

Because of his humble background, although there is a title of Heavenly Demon Clan clansman on his title.

But in Heavenly Demon Clan, he simply has no status at all.

And if he can hold the thigh of Tian Xingkong, then his future might really be brighter.

But today, after watching a big battle in Tianfeng, he was also somewhat unsure in his heart.

“Didn’t expect the wind to return to this day is Good Fortune not superficial! Actually, the strength has improved to this level in less than two years!”

Tian The empty complexion is whispered of gloomy.

When Tianteng said that he might not be Tianfeng’s opponent, Tian Xingkong really didn’t take seriously.

After all, Tianteng’s strength is just like that, and Tianteng may not be sure.

But at this time, I am afraid that Tianteng is really not an opponent.

Slightly hesitated, he reached out and threw a medicine pill to Tianming.

“Take this medicine pill. If you can’t beat Tianfeng tomorrow, you can take this medicine pill. This medicine pill can make your strength soar in a quarter of an hour! You remember , Anyway! Tianfeng must be killed! As long as Tianfeng dies, you will get what you want.”

Tian Xingkong said grimly.

Tian Ming also felt cold when he looked at Tian Xingkong’s hideous expression.

“Yes! Junior knows!”

Tian Ming hurriedly saluted.

“You can withdraw.”

Getting Tian Ming’s reply, Tian Xingkong waved his hand casually and said.

He has already greeted Tian Wuyou.

Including today’s Chen Shaofeng’s battle against Tianbing, which was also deliberately arranged by him.

I wanted to use Tianbing to see how much ability Chen Shaofeng has.

If the time is right, let Tianbing kill Chen Shaofeng directly.

But didn’t expect Chen Shaofeng’s strength far exceeded Tian Xingkong’s imagination.

In a blink of an eye, one night passed.

2nd day early in the morning.

Thousands of children of Heavenly Demon Clan gathered on the mountain again.

“Start the second round contest today!”

“The first round draw starts from yesterday’s order from back to front.”

No worries Standing in midair said in a tranquil voice.

And First Stage is Ranked 1st’s dark shot.

Ranked 3rd’s Tian Jue was the one who was fighting.

Even Chen Shaofeng was interested in this battle.

Because yesterday’s opponents ranked in the top a dozen, Tiandye simply defeated the opponent without any strength.

As for the dark sky, even Chen Shaofeng himself felt some threats.

Today, Tiandi met Ranked 3rd’s Tian Jue, I think it should be able to see some depth from it.

“Tianan big brother! Please show mercy!”

Tian Jue is a handsome young man. If you don’t look at the four arms on his body, it’s really It is no different from the normal Human Race.

“I never show mercy. If you are so cowardly, then go straight down.”

At this moment, a young man wearing a black robe said indifferently.

Tian Jue didn’t get angry when he heard this, hehe said with a smile: “Hehe, the big brother Tianan is really straightforward. I want to surrender too, but the old fart guy at home If you know that I surrender, I’m afraid I will be skinned alive!”

The dark sky, hearing this, glanced at Tian Jue expressionlessly.

Tian Jue’s grandfather has a lofty position in Heavenly Demon Clan, and is still above Elder.

Although there is no real power, Elder can be appointed or dismissed!

Furthermore, Tian Jue’s grandpa, in the entire Heavenly Demon Clan, the cultivation base can rank in the top ten!

“Do it.”

The dark sky said in a tranquil voice.

He is the same as Ranked 2nd’s Tianming, who has no background, but is innate talent is extremely outstanding.

For Tian Jue, even he dare not really hit him hard.

Otherwise, it would be really troublesome if the elders in the consolation clan miss him.

“hehe, then I’m not welcome.”

Tian Jue faintly smiled and said.

Stop talking.

Tian Jue took out an euphorbia in his hand.

Chen Shaofeng looked at Tian Jue unexpectedly.

Tian Jue’s figure really has several points of weakness.

At this time, I looked a little uncoordinated when I took the Euphorbia.

Ignoring that this is the confrontation between the cultivators and the body shape has little to do with it.

“Sweep the Eight Wastes!”

The power of the halberd in Tian Jue’s hand burst out instantly.

Under the infusion of strong spirit strength, the dazzling rays of light burst out from the spurge.

Chen Shaofeng frowned.

Tian Jue has excellent control over its own power!

Although he still can’t fully display his own strength, but at least he has played 90%.

This kind of control over one’s own strength is already very good.


However, the sky gave a wave of darkness.

A pitch-black as ink, a one-meter wide sword is held in the hand.

The big halberd smashed onto the sword of the dark sky with unparalleled power.

However, there was a loud noise.

The sky, which seems to have no use of spirit strength on the face, didn’t even shake.

Tian Jue looked at Tiandan and looked so tyrannical, and his expression was a little bit overwhelming.

“Be careful! My grandfather passed this blow to me!”

Tian Jue quickly retracted the halberd and reminded him.

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