Tyrant War God Chapter 2465

Nodded with expressionless face in the dark sky.

If it weren’t for the background of scrupulous Tian Jue, he would have directly defeated Tian Jue a long time ago.

However, with his strength, no matter how Tianjue struggles, he is impossible to be his opponent.

So he didn’t care much.

And with his Tian Jue a powerful force broke out.

For a time, Euphorbia and Tianjue seem to merge into one.

The power on Tian Jue’s body echoes the power on the magic weapon Euphorbia.

It’s just a moment.

That aura has already reached a Peak.

Chen Shaofeng brows slightly wrinkle.

This Heavenly Demon Clan guy really has some tricks!

At this time, Tianjue’s use of Divine Ability was quite extraordinary, even he was slightly attentive.

At this time, Tian Wuyou in midair also stroked his beard again and again nodded.

This divine ability itself can’t be considered how powerful it is.

But Tianjue’s application of magic weapons in his hand has reached a limit!

Human and magic are combined into one.

It is a sharp and unmatched magic weapon, but now it is a sharp terrifying!

At this time, it was dark and his complexion became a little more solemn.

“Come on.”

The dark sky said in a tranquil voice.

Tian Jue smiled slightly, and then Meng stepped on the ground.


The Martial Arts Competition Stage under Tian Jue’s feet collapsed instantly.


Almost at the same time.

The other side of the Martial Arts Competition Stage.

Tian Yin raised his big sword with both hands and struggling towards moving towards the front and chopped it away.

The big sword and the big halberd hit together.

The terrifying air wave swept away in an instant.

Those Heavenly Demon Clan youths with a low cultivation base were directly lifted off by this fierce air wave.

Rao Shi Tianye and Tianni almost flew out without checking.

Fortunately, Chen Shaofeng took the shot in time for them to catch the storm behind.


At this moment, Tianfeng looked towards a young man not far away in shock.

The only people present who are completely unaffected at this time are he and the young man.

At this time, the young man also looked at Chen Saufeng with unusual jealousy in his eyes.

He is naturally Tianming.

Today’s battle Tian Xing Kong has been arranged.

He will face Chen Shaofeng in the final game.

At this time, I saw Chen Shaofeng standing in place without any influence.

He is also somewhat uncertain in his heart.

The medicine pill given to him by Tian Xingkong can soar in strength.

But the price is not small!

Once he continues to take it, I am afraid that there is no one about a year, and the injury is impossible to recover.

And this is the same sect contest. If he takes medicine pill to win in this occasion, he will probably be ashamed of everyone in the future.

So if he didn’t push any further, he really didn’t want to take the medicine pill given to him by Tian Xing Kong.

Chen Shaofeng didn’t pay too much attention to Tianming, so he turned to move towards Martial Arts Competition Stage and looked at it. ,

At this time, in his eyes, it seems that only the dark is still a little threatening to him, and the others are basically fine.

And on the high platform at this time.

Tian Jue is already violently violent, and he is obviously doing his best.

On the other hand, when the sky is dark, the face of the sky is still expressionless.

“You are already very strong! But after all, it’s still a bit worse.”

The sky is dark said in a tranquil voice.

If the sky is darker than others, it may not be able to win.

But the darkness is Innate Divine Strength.

Add the acquired cultivation for Fleshy body.

It can be said that at this time Heavenly Demon Clan can hardly compare with his same realm than Fleshy Body!

Even under the contemporary patriarch same realm, fleshy body may not have his tyranny!

Although Tianjue’s innate talent is also very good, his cultivation base is more dependent on the medicine pill cultivation given by his grandfather.

Although the cultivation base does not seem to be low, it is a lot worse than the darkness that comes up one step at a time.


As the sky darkened, both hands suddenly used force.

The big sword in his hand swept out, and the sword was slapped on Tian Jue’s chest.

Tian Jue only felt that his chest was destroyed on the spot as if he had been smashed by a mountain.

But he didn’t fly far.

As Tian Jue stopped, he had already retreated to the corner of the Martial Arts Competition Stage.

As long as it gets darker, he will fall off the Martial Arts Competition Stage.

Tian Jue glanced at the sky gratefully.

He naturally knew that it was the darkness that gave him some face.

At this time, he is already standing on the edge of the Martial Arts Competition Stage.

Skydark uses a little more power to shoot him down the Martial Arts Competition Stage.

But Tianan didn’t do this, which is considered to have saved him enough face.

If he admits defeat at this time, that would be considered a personal matter.

Otherwise, it would be embarrassing to be shot by a sword!

For example, yesterday’s Tianbing was shot by Chen Shaofeng and flew out several dozen li!

I smashed into the cliff on the spot and passed out.

This is a shame!

“Many thanks Tianan big brother, take your mercy!”

Tian Jue, hehe smiled and cup one fist in the other hand said.

The dark sky just responded with a smile and didn’t say much.

Chen Shaofeng was secretly nodded in his heart.

This dark sky can be said to be crude in most matters, but subtle in some.

The work is also very measured, and I am afraid that in the future, it must be a personal thing in Heavenly Demon Clan.

If you have a chance, it’s okay to get to know it.

At least Tiandy is not a person who is good at disguising and hiding his mind, he is better than those hypocrites.

And the next contest is nothing to watch, at least for Chen Shaofeng.

On the contrary, it is with keen interest pleasure seen by Tian Kuang three people.

Their three people have made a lot of cultivation progress over the past year.

But the battle experience is not rich.

At this time, I saw the clansman among the top ranked clansman contests.

They can also gain something to some extent.

In a blink of an eye, half a day passed.

Among the eighteen people, only the last two are left.

“Tianfeng, let Tianming come on stage, I won’t say more if you’re extra. You have to be measured and don’t hurt the clansman’s name by mistake.”

Tianwuyou said in a tranquil voice.

sou! sou!

In a flash, Chen Shaofeng and Tian Ming boarded the Martial Arts Competition Stage.

Compared with Chen Shaofeng’s ease.

At this time, Tian Ming looked at Chen Shaofeng with a heavy face.

His purpose is to kill Chen Shaofeng!

And if he can’t make a clean move and kill it!

Once Chen Shaofeng of the same level becomes vigilant, it is almost impossible for him to kill Chen Shaofeng!

Even if he took medicine pill, if Chen Shaofeng gave up.

Then what should he do?

Chen Shaofeng is not the old wind.

With his strength at this time, Tianming was absolutely impossible to kill him in seconds.

The complexion is gloomy’s Tianming shook his hand.

A dagger is held in his hand.

This magic short sword is golden in its entirety.

There is a faint golden halo in the dance for a long time.

This magic weapon is a Heavenly Grade high grade magic weapon.

Chen Shaofeng took out the Haotian gun casually.

Long spear is a long-range weapon.

At medium and long distances, Chen Shaofeng is bound to take advantage of it.

Because Tianming simply couldn’t attack him. ,

Be cautious once being Tianming.

The advantage of long spear is completely turned into a disadvantage.

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