Tyrant War God Chapter 2466

If he is just an ordinary Void God Realm Early-Stage, that is naturally the case.

But his Insights Realm is the latter stage of the human realm.

And once in the Old Ghost Palace, his manipulation of his own power is also greatly improved!

At this time, although He Tianming seems to be the same realm.

But if you really want to talk about battle strength, Tianming is far from it!

As Tianming approaches.

The long spear in Chen Shaofeng’s hands swept out like a long dragon-like.

The dark gun shadow has just approached Tian Ming’s waist in an instant!

Tian Ming, who was already cautious, felt a gust of wind around his waist!

I was shocked right now!

Chen Shaofeng’s Haotian Spear is too fast.

Grabbing is different from ordinary swords.

The more the tip of the gun is, the faster it will swing and the greater the impact!

At this time, although he just felt some bad winds coming!

But at this speed, if he doesn’t dodge, I’m afraid he will be hit by Chen Shaofeng in the next second.

Almost without hesitation, Tian Ming’s body stopped for an instant moved towards and took two steps back.

And back with him.

The tip of the Haotian spear in Chen Shaofeng’s hand was almost scratched with Tianming’s clothes and swept out.

I feel a slight cool breeze blowing through my stomach.

Tian Ming also pinched a cold sweat in his heart!

Fortunately, he didn’t dare to underestimate Chen Shaofeng just now.

At the crucial moment, he decisively chose to retreat.

Otherwise, this is the blow! He was at least severely injured, and even if he couldn’t dodge, he was struck by the tip of the gun.

Even he had to go back to retreat on the spot.

“What’s the matter with the wind in this day? Isn’t this too outrageous?”

“Yes! Even Tianming is not his opponent, and Tianming is even in one round. I was forced to retreat!”

“What chance did the wind get this day? Two years ago, he couldn’t even rank in the top 50. How could he be ranked 2nd in the ranks in two years? Ming can’t eat him anymore?”

“I heard that he died in the Secret Realm in the Forbidden Land of Samsara this time, and when he comes back at this time, I am afraid I will benefit a lot from the Forbidden Land of Samsara!”

“Reincarnation forbidden place! At that time, I was in retreat, didn’t expect still have such a chance. Later, after I left the customs, thinking that it had been too long, I didn’t go, alas…”

Looking at Tianming’s move, he actually suffered some dark losses. The young people of Heavenly Demon Clan who were present at the scene also began to discuss spiritedly.

After all, Tianfeng is familiar to almost everyone.

It was once high-spirited and vigorous!

When did Nai’s situation today be bleak, but with such a clansman, he has soared into the sky in two years.

The changes before and after are really too big.

At this time, Tian Wuyou, who is standing high in the sky, is browsing tightly knit and staring at the sky.

He naturally knows this popular figure in the clan.

He didn’t have any antagonism with Tianfeng’s father.

But it’s not a friendship.

But he has heard of Tianfeng very much, but now it seems that Tianfeng is more than just a waste material!

It’s just a monster!

Such a big gap! It turned out that not only did it catch up in two years, but it also surpassed Tianming.

“Why? I gave up?”

Chen Shaofeng grabbed the long spear and carried it on his shoulders and asked with a smile.

“hmph! Give up!?”

Tianming shook his palm. ,

The long knife rushed towards Chen Shaofeng with unmatched spirit strength.

Chen Shaofeng frowned.

This move has no attack power.

But it looks like there is something for you.

And as he raised the long spear to greet him.

For a time, violent winds raged on the Martial Arts Competition Stage.

A bunch of Heavenly Demon Clan dísciple in the audience stretched out their hands to stop them.

And Tianming took advantage of the effort that everyone did not pay attention to, and quietly put a medicine pill into his mouth.

Chen Shaofeng looked at Tianming in surprise.

It’s just a competition within the clan.

As for so desperately?

Moreover, is it really appropriate to eat medicine pill as a temporary outbreak of the cultivation base in clan competitions?

He looked up suspiciously towards Midair.

However, Tian Wuyou at this time simply didn’t have any expressions.

It’s as if he didn’t see Tianming secretly eat the medicine pill.

Chen Shaofeng sighed helplessly.

How many medicine pill Tianming served as a temporary increasing cultivation base would bring him such a threat.

But that’s all, if you want to test such a medicine pill and defeat him, then he can only say!


At this time, Tian Wuyou should have said something to stop it.

But no matter how he has gotten Tian Xingkong’s instruction.

In addition, he really wants to see how powerful Chen Shaofeng really is at this time.

In the previous blow, Chen Shaofeng obviously did not try his best.

If you follow the normal competition, I’m afraid Chen Shaofeng doesn’t need to exert all his strength at all, he can easily solve Tianming.

And no matter what the purpose is at this time.

He decided to let the game continue.

And with swallowing medicine pill.

Tianming’s imposing manner suddenly soared.

The dark sky, who had been watching everything on the stage, pursed his lips contemptuously at this time.

He is very shameless about Tianming’s actions!

If you can’t beat it, you can’t beat it! Even in the Martial Arts Competition Stage within the clan, you still need to use this kind of downloading method!

What’s the use even if you can win?

After taking this medicine pill, even if you can win today, can you still participate in the competition tomorrow?

The dark sky doesn’t understand the inside, and he looks down on Tianming in his heart now.

I am afraid that even if he knew the contradiction between Chen Shaofeng and Tian Xingkong, he would look down on Tian Ming.

How can a powerhouse lower its head and be driven by others! ?

“Really strong breath!”

“Tianming really deserves to be Ranked 2nd!”

“Yes! Looking at the breath I am afraid it is the sky It may not be easy to win in secret, it seems that Tianfeng is hard to say this time.”

“haha, Much better! Look at his small man intoxicated by success, he should be cured!”

The child of Heavenly Demon Clan in the audience also haha ​​smiled and didn’t care why the Tianming cultivation base suddenly soared.

This should be considered a foul.

But at this time they envy Chen Shaofeng’s strength!

Naturally, I am also happy to watch Chen Shaofeng suffer.

“Why? After taking medicine pill, do you only have this level?”

Chen Shaofeng slightly smiled lightly.

Yeah! ?

Tian Ming was surprised.

At this time, his imposing manner has improved too much 1

Even if it is dark, he is confident that he can touch it!

Is the sky wind stronger than the sky dark in just two years?

Tian Ming narrowed his eyes cautiously and whispered.

And I heard Chen Saufeng’s words.

The dísciple in the audience suddenly realized this problem.

The skyrocketing cultivation base of Tianming is due to two reasons.

Either it is caused by the cultivation technique or the medicine pill is taken.

At this time, looking at the meaning of Chen Shaofeng’s words, Tianming obviously took medicine pill.

However, at this moment, everyone in the audience is silent.

In comparison, they would rather see Chen Shaofeng lose!

As for Tianming taking medicine pill…

Tianming was originally a powerhouse among the young generation!

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