Tyrant War God Chapter 2467

They have already recognized the status of Tianming.

At this moment, Chen Shaofeng, who had a chance, was different.

In the eyes of others, Chen Shaofeng is just a cultivation base obtained by chance.

Change to them, they think they can do it too!

“Elder! Tianming is taking medicine pill! This is a foul, right?!”

Other people can tolerate it, but Tianlun can’t bear it.

Now he moved towards in midair loudly and asked Tian Wuyou.

When he heard Tian Kuang’s words, everyone moved towards in the sky and looked over curiously.

“The old man didn’t pay attention just now, so I don’t know if Tianming has taken medicine pill, why? Do you have evidence that Tianming has taken medicine pill?”

Tian Wuyou disdain I glanced at Tian Kuang, calmly said.

If Chen Shaofeng said this, he would still consider it.

But when Tian Kuang said this, he didn’t even bother to take care of it.

And Tian Kuang three people are hearing this complexion sank.

What do you mean by not seeing it!

You, an Elder, can’t even see this thing?

Then you Elder is too inconvenient?

Let’s talk about it! How can the surge of aura from taking medicine pill be compared with the spirit strength from your own cultivation!

However, the three Tian Kuang also understood at this time.

Tian Wu You This is the acquiescence that Tian Ming ate medicine pill!

When you see it, you treat it as if you haven’t seen it!

What’s the use of their three people the words of the lowly carry little weight!

“It’s okay, a clown is just a clown after eating Immortal Pill.”

Chen Shaofeng moved towards Tian Kuang three people slightly smiled comforted.

Tian Kuang three people hearing this surprised looking towards Chen Shaofeng.

Is Brother Feng really confident? ?

But now that even Elder has acquiesced to this fact.

Then they are not good at talking.

Now moved towards Chen Shaofeng nodded.

“hmph! Tianfeng! You are so arrogant! You dare to despise me so much!”

Tianming snered gloomy and coldly said.

If you said earlier, he was really undecided about killing Tianfeng.

After all, Tianfeng seemed to be favored by some seniors in the clan yesterday.

But at this time Chen Shaofeng’s attitude is a little too dismissive of him.

“Yes, I just despise you, what about you?”

Chen Shaofeng raised the long spear in his hand with a pointed finger towards Tianming’s self-belief.

For the matter of Tianming eating medicine pill.

He already had some guesses in his mind.

Tianming must kill him if he eats medicine pill!

If you insist on saying a person who wants his life.

At least the only people he knows seem to be the sky!

Because of Tianyu’s affairs, Tian Xingkong is worried about himself, that is not a day or two.

At this time, Tianming would rather take a medicine pill after a serious injury.

This is obviously not to defeat yourself, but to kill yourself!

For a person who wants to kill himself, Chen Shaofeng will naturally not be polite to him.

“Okay! In that case, let me see if your arrogance has the corresponding strength!”

Tian Mingsen coldly smiled, the sword in his hand suddenly burst into power Out.


Tianming’s figure disappeared instantly.

At this time, Tianming’s speed is fast.

Even most of the children of Heavenly Demon Clan in the audience did not see clearly.

“So fast!”

Tian Kuang said solemnly.

“Brother Feng will not have an accident, right?”

Tian Ni said very worried.

“It should be…No way…After all, Brother Feng looks quite confident.”

Tianye said with a wry smile, shook the head.



Charlot twitched and moved the Haotian spear abruptly.

And with his Haotian spear dancing.

The sound of a metal clash was also heard.

And with this first sound of fighting sounded.

Next, there was a bang on the Martial Arts Competition Stage.

At this time, Tian Wuyou frowned and looked at Chen Shaofeng on the stage.

The strength of Chen Shaofeng even exceeded his imagination!

He originally thought he was facing such a powerful Tianming.

Chen Shaofeng will try his best to deal with it no matter what?

Even if it’s a delay, it’s still a tactic.

But Chen Shaofeng at this time looks completely comfortable.

“According to such strength, I am afraid that his battle strength is no longer under the dark! How did this kid cultivation? What kind of opportunity can make him tyrannical in less than two years So far?”

Tian Wu You couldn’t help being whispered either.

And with a fierce attack.

Tian Ming’s heart also sank completely.

He didn’t expect Chen Shaofeng’s strength to be such a field!

After his strength surged at this time, he could actually resist it so easily.


Tell the moving Tianming to hold the other three hands.

Suddenly die, the long knife fell into his hand.

For a while, the voice on the Martial Arts Competition Stage became more urgent.

At this time, even Chen Shaofeng was a little serious.

Heavenly Demon Clan has a great advantage on this point for the ordinary demon.

Multiple weapons have advantages and disadvantages.

The advantage is that more weapons are used, which means that the more difficult it is for the enemy to block.

And the disadvantages are also great!

I want to be truly proficient in using two weapons, or even more weapons.

The difficulty will also increase several times.

Ordinary cultivator penance to cultivate a weapon is already the limit.

Heavenly Demon Clan is not the case.

Heavenly Demon Clan’s cultivation technique has a four-purpose cultivation method.

And the reason why Heavenly Demon Clan’s powerhouse can crush Demon Race.

It is also largely dependent on the existence of this cultivation technique.

At this time, Tianming has already raised his battle strength to a limit.

And over time.

Tianming’s breath at this time has already begun to decline.

Facing the attack for a long time without any success Chen Saufeng.

Tian Ming’s heart also became a little anxious.

He has already begun to decline at this time.

If Chen Shaofeng cannot be killed at this time.

Press once his cultivation base falls, when the time comes, I am afraid there will be no chance!

Thinking of this, his offense became even more crazy.

“It seems that Tianming has completely gained the upper hand!”

“Yes, you see, Tianfeng can only resist now and has no power to fight back at all. “

“haha! Deserve it! Who told you to pretend to be X!”

For a while, the youth of Heavenly Demon Clan in the audience cheered.

The expressions of the three Tian Kuang were also gloomy.

If you keep going like this, you will lose for a long time!

“Will you be unconvinced if you wait for your cultivation base to fall and I am defeating you?”

Suddenly, Charlotte smiled and said.

As he spoke, everyone was stunned for a while.

Isn’t Chen Shaofeng that should be suppressed and can only be resisted?

Why can you speak suddenly?

Then what happened to this scene now?

And heard Charlotte’s voice sounded.

Tian Ming’s heart instantly pulled cold!

He has already reached the limit of his battle strength!

But Chen Shaofeng still has room to speak.

If you look at it this way, I’m afraid Chen Shaofeng’s strength is definitely not in the dark!

Even he began to be a little suspicious.

Chen Shaofeng’s strength may still be above the darkness.

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