Tyrant War God Chapter 2468

Because even if the sky is facing such a storm, you may not be able to maintain such a calm attitude, right?

“Well, since you don’t speak, then I will treat you as dissatisfied. Then let me perform.”

Chen Shaofeng Seeing Tianming don’t speak, it’s not Hehe who cares a said with a smile.

Hearing Chen Shaofeng’s words, Tianming felt a response in his heart!

What does it mean if I don’t speak, just treat me as dissatisfied!

I took it! But can I say it?

Did Tianxingkong Elder Council spare me?

You are at ease! But you don’t want to think that I am at ease!



Chen Shaofeng’s figure suddenly disappeared.

It is different from the passive defense just now.

Chen Shaofeng at this time is no longer what the ordinary Heavenly Demon Clan youth can see.


I was caught off guard.

Tian Ming’s body, which was originally as fast as a phantom, staggered and almost fell to the ground.

Tianming gritted his teeth fiercely.

He was shot on the back of his waist just now.

The damage was not much, Chen Shaofeng did not intend to kill him immediately.

But very insulting!

After such a humiliation, Tianming hates it even more!

At the moment, he desperately urged the spirit within the body to move towards Chen Shaofeng and rushed up.


It was just a blink of an eye.

With a muffled noise.

Tianming’s figure flew upside down.

The blood spurted wildly.

“It seems that even if you take medicine pill, you are still a clown. I am very disappointed in you.”

Chen Shaofeng slowly emerged and said with a smile.

The contempt in the words was already expressed by Chi Guoguo.

At this time, all the people in the audience are already dumbfounded.

They were suppressed a second before they could not fight back.

In the next second, he defeated Tianming in an instant.

Everything at this time is not that Charlotte wants to waste time.

Here is the site of Heavenly Demon Clan after all.

Although he wanted to kill Tianming.

But he also didn’t want to kill Tianming directly.

It is not allowed to kill clansman in martial arts competitions in this clan.

Tianming is backed by the sky.

He has no one to support him.

When the time comes, if he kills Tianming, Tian Xingkong ran out to find a place for Tianming and killed him smoothly.

That’s not worth it.

And now the best way is to let Tianming fend for himself!

The Tianming of the taken medicine pill is originally very unstable.

At this time, it is the end of pill efficacy.

At this time, call within the body aura again.

Tianming may not survive even if he wants to survive.

And when the time comes, people weren’t killed by him, but Tianming himself killed himself 1

That has nothing to do with him.

After all, he didn’t directly kill Tianming.

“Tianfeng! I did it with you!”

This is the first time Tianming has been so humiliated!

Even if it is dark, I have never humiliated him like this!

At the moment, Tianming, who has lost his sanity, is urging Dantian’s violent aura without his life.

Looking at Tianming’s imposing manner once again exploded.

Chen Shaofeng also raised a blur at the corner of his mouth.

At this time, if Tianming admits defeat, hurry up and recover.

In half a year, I can basically recover.

What a pity!

At this time, Tianming is so desperate to urge the spirit within the body.

I am afraid that at least the cultivation base will be abolished afterwards.

Looking at Tianming who had lost his mind and charged up.

Chen Suofeng dodges again.

At this time, in midair’s Tian Wuyou brows have become a knot.

“Is Tianfeng deliberate or unintentional? If he did it deliberately, then this child is really terrifying! It is necessary to kill Tianming, but also not to bear his words. Scheming, why worry that the cultivation base cannot reach Peak in the future!?”

Tian Wuyou is also a rare recognition of Chen Shaofeng.

At this moment, he only glanced at Tianming with pity.

The younger generation in a clan can be the second, the youngster of have boundless prospects.

Didn’t expect it’s over!

At this time, the Tianming who has lost his reason and has only his head full of revenge, has simply couldn’t stop it.

Shook the head with no worries.

If he had previously saved this dying Tianming.

But at this time he suddenly discovered that Chen Shaofeng really couldn’t get a glimpse!

This kind of scheming is really deep.

During the battle, there was even thought to think about how to do things not one drop of water can leak out.

I am afraid that such a character will rise sooner or later, but at this time he does not want to offend a Chen Shaofeng for a Tianming.

Because he feels that this kind of thing is not worth it!

He even faintly regretted that he had promised Tian Xingkong what happened today.

In fact, he regretted it yesterday.

Because the person who gave him sound transmission yesterday is not someone else!

It is the contemporary Heavenly Demon Clan patriarch!

And when Tian Xingkong looked for him again last night, he was thinking about never doing two things!

But today he suddenly discovered that for Chen Shaofeng, he had better keep his mind and don’t make things really impossible!

Otherwise, once Chen Shaofeng is supported by patriarch and stands up in the future, then he will be bad luck!

Even if Chen Shaofeng does not have the support of patriarch, with such an innate talent and such scheming, I am afraid that his future achievements will not be under him!

A quarter of an hour passed in a blink of an eye.

At this time, Tianming is almost exhausted!

And calm down now.

Tian Ming also suddenly realized this.

Chen Shaofeng continued to resist first, allowing his medicine pill medicine efficacy to continue until it began to decay.

Then ridiculed again! Make him lose his mind.

And after he lost his mind, Chen Shaofeng didn’t even face him head-on.

At this time, his aura within the body has been exhausted.

Meridian is also broken and unimaginable.

There is no aura in the dantian, only the sharp pain as if to tear!

“You! Tianfeng! You dare to hurt me!?”

Tian Ming said with grief in panic in his heart.

At this time, he already understood that Chen Shaofeng was purely deliberate.

Chen Shaofeng’s purpose is clear!

Just to drag him to death!

At this time, he has run out of oil!

With such an injury, even if he is not dead, I am afraid that this life cultivation is not to be counted on.


Tianming in grief and anger spurted out a mouthful of blood.

He then fell to the ground head-on.

Don’t look down!

gu lu …

The Heavenly Demon Clan youths who were present shivered.

This is too cruel!

Too exhausted!

This is really the first time in the history of Heavenly Demon Clan!

Even in midair’s Tian Wuyou, his lips trembled twice at this time.

“Dare to stand up! How dare to fight and kill people among the tribe! It is a crime deserving ten thousand deaths!”

However, everyone was shocked.

Suddenly a vigorous voice furiously shouted in the distance.

And with an angry shout.

Everyone is moved towards for a while.

Aren’t people here just like heaven and sky?

Tianxingkong’s calculations are impeccable.

If Tianming killed Chen Shaofeng today.

Then he would at best speak to keep Tianming.

As for a dead person with no background, who cares?

Who would want to offend a contemporary Elder for a dead man?

But if Chen Shaofeng killed Tianming.

That’s better!

He took the opportunity to kill Chen Shaofeng himself!

To avenge himself, he can’t even ask for it!

Chen Shaofeng brows slightly wrinkle took a look at the person.

He really doesn’t know Tianxingkong.

Maybe you know Tianfeng before, but he is not Tianfeng!

But looking at the appearance of the person in front of him, it seems that he has a three to five points like Tianyu.

Chen Shaofeng also faintly guessed in his heart that this is probably Tianyu’s cheap old man.

“Second Elder…”

Tian Wu You frowned and frowned moved towards Tian Xing Kong slightly shook the head.

He is suggesting that Tian Xingkong should not continue to make trouble.

Tianming was really not killed by Chen Shaofeng.

That is purely because I made myself to death!


Are you afraid of patriarch? My beloved son is dead, what am I afraid of!

When Tian Xingkong saw Tian Wuyou moved towards, he shook his head, thinking that it was Tian Wuyou and estimated patriarch Tiankui, and now he felt even more unscrupulous.

“Tianfeng! You dare to kill the clansman of the same clan in the clan contest! You can convict!” Tian Xingkong stared at Chen Shaofeng with a stern face.

“Oh? If this is the case, then Elder should find out the real culprit and punish him!”

Chen Shaofeng said solemnly.

Tianxingkong hearing this frowned.

Shouldn’t Tianfeng be full of trepidation at this time?

But when he turned his head and looked at the already dead Tianming, he felt confident in his heart again.

Everyone is dead there! is it possible that Tianming still can’t commit suicide?

“hmph! Tianfeng! Do you think you can get rid of the fact that you killed the clansman of your clan by quibbling?”

Tian Xingkong narrowed his eyes gloomily said.

“Second Elder…”

Tian Wuyou frowned, and Tian Xingkong’s appearance was too much to put him in his eyes.

Although he is a little bit behind Tian Xingkong, he is slightly inferior both in terms of cultivation base and status.

But he is also Elder in the clan anyway.

Tian Xingkong ignores him so much at this time, which makes him a bit annoyed.

In front of so many Juniors, he didn’t even give him any face.

Even when he speaks, he doesn’t even bother to talk to him!

“Sixth Elder! What can I do to punish this culprit who killed the same clan, it’s never too late to say!”

However, I haven’t waited for Tianwu’s words to be said. Waving his hand coldly interrupted Tian Wuyou.

At this time, the dísciple under the stage was stared wide-eyed and watched this scene happen on stage.

Some of them have heard a little about Tianyu’s affairs.

At this time, seeing Tian Xingkong actually wanted to kill Tianfeng.

They are naturally happy to watch the excitement.

The battle strength shown by Chen Shaofeng at this time! Even Tiandang might not be the opponent anymore.

The existence of such a monster in the same age’s self-respect is really a great misfortune for everyone!

They may never have any hope of turning over.

At this time, the three people of Tian Kuang looked towards Tian Wu worry with a little anxious expression.

At this time, they can only hope that there is no worries.

Their three people’s cultivation base and status are too low.

I am afraid that speaking at this time will be counterproductive.

At this time, only Tian Wuyou, an elder who is also Elder, can speak for Chen Shaofeng.

Because Chen Shaofeng really didn’t kill Tianming.

“hmph! Second Elder! Since you are going to kill a child of the clan, should you ask Lord Patriarch?”

Tian Wuyou’s face is a little livid said solemnly.

He is also angry at Tian Xingkong for not giving him face.

Even if the status of the cultivation base is not as good as Tianxingkong, but the same as Elder, he does not need to fear Tianxingkong.

“en!? The old man killed a murderer who killed the clansman of the same tribe. Doesn’t it mean that these trivial things need to be reported to Lord Patriarch? If this is the case, Lord Patriarch does not need to be cultivated.”

Tian Xingkong glanced at Tian Wuyou calmly.

He didn’t take Tian Wushou in his heart, though.

But Tian Wuyou is an Elder within the clan after all. Although he has no real power, he can’t control it.

At this time, seeing Tian Wuyou a little sullen, he also explained it now.

“Second Elder! Where is the murderer of the clansman of the same clan here?”

Tian Wuyou glanced towards the bottom and asked calmly.

He can help Tian Xingkong, on the one hand, because Tian Xingkong’s status and cultivation base are indeed higher than him.

The other aspect is that he is neutral in the clan, and he is unwilling to offend others plainly.

But at this time, Tian Xingkong’s contempt for him made him feel a little dissatisfied.

Heavenly Demon Clan is divided into two Great Sect systems.

One is the patriarch Tiankui faction, and the Tiankui faction has always adhered to a certain bottom line!

And this bottom line, even these Elders, have never heard of it.

It is said that only patriarch and Supreme Elder heavenly demon know about things related to this bottom line.

The faction led by heavenly demon is very radical. As early as thousands of years ago, Supreme Elder heavenly demon ordered a massive attack on the Human Race area.

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