Tyrant War God Chapter 2469

In the end, Tiankui stopped this matter.

The aim of the heavenly demon faction is to destroy this Land of Samsara Human Race as quickly as possible, and then enter the Cultivation World!

Out of these two factions, there is also a set up Sect system.

And this set up Sect system is established by a senior in a family.

The Senior is an Elder from the previous time. The cultivation base is so strong that even the patriarch Tiankui is not an opponent!

However, the Senior of Heavenly Demon Clan has been in retreat for hundreds of years.

Nowadays, their neutral faction is not seen by others.

Because they are almost all clansman with aptitude in the set up Sect system, except for the Old Ancestor, there is basically nothing to do.

Worry Tian is already considered a high priority in this set up Sect system.

But compared with Heavenly Demon, he is really not worth mentioning!

It is very cruel to talk to Tian Xingkong so hard at this time.

“Why? Does Sixth Elder still want to protect the murderer of Tianfeng?”

Tian Xingkong eyes slightly narrowed staring at Tian Wuyou calmly.

In his opinion, what if patriarch agrees with this kid?

He is not from the patriarch faction!

At this time Chen Shaofeng killed the clansman of the same race, even if the patriarch came, Chen Shaofeng must die!

Otherwise, letting such an evildoer join the patriarch faction, it will become a disaster sooner or later!

Back then, they paid a great price for their dark hands, which killed Tianfeng’s father.

At this time, you can’t pay such a big price to kill a Tianfeng, right?

Since Chen Shaofeng can be choked to death in the cradle at this time, why should he keep it for the future?

“hmph! Since Second Elder doesn’t believe me, how did Second Elder die that day? Ask the Juniors present!”

Tian Wuyou coldly snorted pointed to Many Heavenly Demon Clan youths present calmly said.

Tian Xingkong frowned upon hearing this.

“Is there anything that can’t happen in it?”

Tian Xingkong glanced in surprise at Chen Shaofeng, and then looked towards the descendants of Heavenly Demon Clan.

“Okay! Now that Sixth Elder has spoken, then I just want to ask, and wait for you to tell me who killed Tianming!”

The clansman of the younger generation of Heavenly Demon Clan in the audience, who dare to speak!

If Chen Shaofeng is really dirty, it will offend Sixth Elder.

But if you say that Tianming…played himself to death?

If you can’t stand the sky, you have to hate them.

At the moment, no one speaks in a group of big eyes staring at small eyes.

At this time, Chen Shaofeng on the high platform stared at the sky with murderous intention in his eyes.

Xingkong is too eager to kill himself this day!

If it weren’t for Tian Xingkong to be here today, I’m afraid he would really be killed on the spot by Tian Xingkong!

Although he didn’t have any expressions at this time, he had already recorded the sky as the sky.

With his innate talent and opportunity.

There will be revenge sooner or later!

The sky is empty! hmph! Sooner or later one day! You will die in my hands!

Chen Shaofeng said with a sneer in his heart.

Although he is not Tian Xingkong’s opponent now, he is very confident in himself.

“Chang…Elder…Tianming committed suicide and has nothing to do with Tianfeng!”

Seeing all around, no one dared to tell the truth.

Tian Kuang took the courage to step forward and salute respectfully.

Yeah! ?

Tian Xing Kong browses slightly wrinkle and glances at Tian Kuang.

He already got information about this madman.

It’s very close to Tianfeng.

He doesn’t bother to take care of him at the moment.

“Hello, Tianfeng is close, what you said is useless.”

Tian Xingkong waved his hand impatiently.

Tian Kuang looked at Tian Xingkong and actually ignored himself at the slightest, and then gritted his teeth and retreated bitterly.

Although he hated this sky in his heart.

But at least he still knows the rules and depth.

In his capacity, if you dare to confront an Elder very much.

That even if the opponent killed him! That is also a hundred death!

“Sell it for you!”

Tian Xingkong moved towards the field, glanced around the field, pointed at a young man and said.

“Huh!? Me?!”

The face of the accused youth changed drastically.

He knows about Tianyu.

Seeing that an Elder in Tian Xingkong actually came in person at this time, how could he not guess what Tian Xingkong wanted to do!

But can he tell the truth?

He belongs to the Supreme Elder faction. If he offends Tian Xingkong, Xingkong wants to kill him that day is like killing an ant!

But what does he say if he doesn’t tell the truth?

Once Tian Xing Kong really killed Chen Shaofeng.

But it’s time to check the truth, how can you hide it?

Then when the time comes, doesn’t it mean he has to top the bag?

Even if it is really being held accountable, Tian Xingkong can be said to have been misled by him.

When the time comes with him, he would die anyway…

What can I do?

“Uh…I…my spiritual energy suddenly rioted!”

The young man’s eyes rolled and his face was full of pain and shouted.

I did it on the spot and started to vomit.

Not to mention, this young man also pretends to be good.

Looking at this scene, Tian Xing Kong, the old fox, guessed almost instantly.

Although he still can’t guess the specific details.

But I am afraid that Tianming was not killed by Chen Shaofeng. This is almost certain.

But when he figured this out, his brows were also frowned.

Regardless of the outcome of this incident, Chen Shaofeng would have to die.

But at this time, such a person can’t get up, really can’t talk about it!

Of course, he can kill Chen Shaofeng directly, pretending to be confused.

But this is a clan affair. He wants to kill a clan dísciple, especially clansman, who is an identity of Tianfeng and a sensitive cultivation base innate talent.

If you don’t have any scruples, it really won’t work!

He wanted revenge, but he didn’t plan to bring himself in either.

If he really killed Chen Shaofeng without the slightest purpose at this time, I am afraid that patriarch Tiankui would be very willing to see this scene.

When the time comes, Tiankui has enough reason to abolish him, Second Elder, and replace him with his own person!

“Is this a set set by Lord Patriarch for me?”

Tian Xingkong glanced at Chen Shaofeng with some uncertainty.

At this time, he was really a little confused.

This incident was originally nothing, but yesterday patriarch Tiankui suddenly intervened and agreed and approved Chen Shaofeng.

I think about it now, but I can’t say that this has been a trap of patriarch Tiankui from the beginning!

When Tian Xingkong touched his chin, he was a little bit undecided.

“hmph! That’s all! After this experience, these juniors will not have experience missions for a while, a trifling Void God Realm, I have countless ways to make you violent death!”

After thinking hard for a long time, Tian Xingkong corner of the mouth slightly raises a weird glance at Chen Shaofeng.

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