Tyrant War God Chapter 2470

When Tian Xingkong glanced at it like this, Chen Shaofeng also felt that the younger generation was a little bit cold.

“This old bastard is not going to play yin, right?”

Chen Shaofeng frowned whispered.

There are too many experts in the Heavenly Demon Clan family!

Even the Second Elder in front of me is sky-sky.

That makes him feel no worse than Zuo Tao.

According to his estimation, Zuo Tao and Tian Xingkong’s strength are estimated to be almost the same.

As for the tyrannical patriarch, he couldn’t even imagine.

Heavenly Demon Clan’s strength, if you really want to kill the Human Race, it will be very easy!

The most important thing is that this is only the strength of Heavenly Demon Clan. He still doesn’t know what the rumored Saint Demon Race is.

“Is it really the old bastard from the ruins?”

Chen Shaofeng rang out some unscrupulous old thief, curl one’s lip that was disdainful at the moment.

He doesn’t feel that the old thief in Guixu would be so kind.

“Sixth Elder! Since I am not the person responsible for this matter, I can’t intervene in it, but the death of Tianming must have a result. Only in this way can I guarantee the strictness of my Heavenly Demon Clan family rules. “

Tian Xingkong suddenly smiled calmly and said.

At this time, he was ready to take action to prevent Tian Xing Kong’s sudden killer from stagnating.

He really didn’t expect. Tian Xingkong, who can drip from the complexion is gloomy just now, changed his face in a blink of an eye.

But he is also an old monster who has lived for tens of thousands of years.

At this moment, I understood Tian Xingkong’s plan.

However, as long as Tian Xing Kong doesn’t do it now, that’s enough.

As for how Tian Xingkong wanted to kill Chen Shaofeng afterwards, it was Tian Xingkong’s own business.

“Hehe, Second Elder, don’t worry, Tianming’s death naturally requires a statement.”

Tian Wuyou slightly smiled and said peacefully.

There are natural sayings. As for what you say, it’s a matter of seeking truth from facts.

Anyway, this matter has nothing to do with his worry-free.

Tian Ming ate medicine pill in violation of the rules. At best, he said that he was careless and did not find out in time.

While Tianming took medicine pill illegally in the competition, he died in vain, and he could not rely on the head of an Elder.

Chen Shaofeng looked at the two Old Guys with gentle and honest smiles, and his heart was full of contempt.

This is too hypocritical.

The complexion is gloomy about to kill in the last second, and the next moment actually smiled and greeted the old friend who hadn’t seen each other for so many years.


Tian Xingkong nodded, the figure disappeared on the high platform in a flash.

Seeing Tian Xingkong leaving, Chen Shaofeng is also slightly relaxed.

At least the current level has passed temporarily.

As for how Tian Xing Kong will attack the black hand in the future, that is the future.

At least for now, he doesn’t have to worry about the sky.

“I announce that Tianfeng will win this competition!”

Tian Wuyou moved towards Chen Shaofeng slightly smiled nodded.

He is also signaling to Chen Shaofeng to ease the relationship between the two.

Before he thought that Tianfeng would die, after all Tian Xingkong’s position wanted to squeeze a Tianfeng to death. Is this not just reaching over to snatch away the grain?

Immediately afterwards, he didn’t expect patriarch and even said that Tianfeng let him participate in the competition.

After two matches, he suddenly found that he seemed to underestimate Tianfeng.

The wind in front of us, whether it is courage, scheming, innate talent, and cultivation base, is the leader of the same generation.

As long as such a character can resist the pressure of the sky, he must be an incredible character in the future!

Although he is also considered a high position in the clan at this time.

But there are five Elders and two big bosses on him.

At this time, Chen Shaofeng seems to him, I am afraid that the future is boundless! Even if Heavenly Demon Clan will dominate one day, it may not be true!

And Chen Shaofeng looked at Tian Wuyou and felt a little confused.

He didn’t know that the relationship in Heavenly Demon Clan was so messy.

The two factions are constantly fighting, and there is a set up Sect system that goes hand in hand.

At this time, seeing that Tian Wuyou seemed to be showing a good reconciliation to himself, he was really puzzled by the second monk.

But as the saying goes, he reached out without hitting the smiley person, he also moved towards Tian Wu You Bao and turned and left the Martial Arts Competition Stage with a smile.

“Brother Feng! Scared me to death! I thought that Old Guy really wanted to do it!”

I saw Chen Shaofeng walking off the stage.

Tian Kuang is also happy whispered.

“hehe…I thought that Old Guy was going to do it, but I didn’t know what he was thinking, so he left by himself.”

Chen Shaofeng Helpless shook the head said.

At that time, he really felt that Tian Xingkong was going to cut it first and play it later.

Even he has accumulated his imposing manner to a limit and can dodge at any time.

However, the sudden change in Tian Xingkong’s attitude also made him a little surprised.

Although he did not know what caused this to happen.

But he also knew in his heart that his life might not be better in the future.

On that day, Xingkong Shiyou** will die and cause trouble for himself. Once he reveals an opportunity, Tian Xingkong will probably immediately find a chance to be himself.

And in their whispering effort.

Tian Wuyou cleared his throat and stood on the Martial Arts Competition Stage.

“Today’s contest is over. The nine contestants who will win today can choose a wooden token at will. If the wooden token is a pair, it will be the opponent of tomorrow. The number of matches tomorrow will be based on the wooden token. The number is determined by the size of the number. Wooden tokens without words can be promoted directly tomorrow.”

Tian Wuyou stretched out his hand.

Nine wooden tokens were shrouded in an aura of mist floating in front of him.

“I don’t know who will be bye!”

“It is so happy to be bye this time!”

“No way, One day was dark enough to make people desperate, but now there is another sky wind. The chance of nine people installing this is half-to-half.”

“hehe! I am now curious who will do it.”

“Hehe! I met these two guys.”

Looking at the nine people standing in the front.

For a while, everyone was curiously paying attention to those wooden tokens.

At this time, all the contestants except Chen Shaofeng are also feeling nervous.

The darkness of the sky is no longer human power.

It’s fine now, although there is no Tianming, but there is a more abnormal Tianfeng.

How to play this!

Nine people have a bye, and eight people have four pairs.

There is a half chance of encountering the dark sky or Chen Shaofeng.

At this time, I don’t even talk about those simply hopeless Heavenly Demon Clan youths.

Even Tianan is somewhat unsure in his heart.

Today Chen Shaofeng was able to face the skyrocketing cultivation base of Tianming.

Such strength already poses a great threat to him!

Although he is eager to fight Chen Shaofeng, it is not now!

And Chen Shaofeng has no scruples.

Now he waved his hand.

A wooden token “sou” moved towards him and shot it out.

Hold the wooden token in your hand.

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