Tyrant War God Chapter 2471

And Chen Shaofeng took a wooden token first.

For a while, the other eight people also looked towards Chen Shaofeng with their eyes wide open.

As the wooden token in Chen Saufeng’s hand is revealed.

Chen Shaofeng himself was a little surprised for a while.

My luck is also very good!

I let myself have a bye!

And I saw that Chen Shaofeng’s brand did not have any words on it.

The other people are also slightly relaxed.

What they feel at this time is not envy and jealousy.

It’s easy!

Originally, they had a half chance of encountering the dark sky or Chen Shaofeng.

At least Chen Shaofeng doesn’t have to worry about it anymore!

Chen Shaofeng has already entered the next round ahead of schedule. Now they have less than 30% chance that they will see the sky dark. Isn’t that good?

This envy and jealousy is for those who are similar to himself.

Such as Chen Shaofeng’s strength, it is simply a nightmare for them 1

So Chen Shaofeng is bye at this time, they don’t mind at all, but feel extremely lucky!

“Hehe! Brother Feng, didn’t expect you to be so lucky!”

Tian Kuang is on the side and Hei Yi said with a smile.

“Look at them, they think so too.”

Shrugged, who didn’t care about Charlotte, immediately looked at the other eight people not far away.

At this time, the other eight people also took a shot and held a jade token in their hands.

Looking at those people with a relaxed look on their faces.

Tian Kuang also wanted to laugh for a while.

In the past, if someone had a bye, it was bound to arouse other envy and hatred.

But it’s better at this time, but not at all.

On the contrary, it is the ease and joy of those people’s faces.

This is really wicked!

The mad helpless shook the head now.

Some people are happy and some are worried.

If you don’t meet someone in the dark, it is naturally a great joy!

Especially those who got weaker than themselves, that is even more lucky.

And the youth of Heavenly Demon Clan, who got the sky dark, has a gray face.

The dark sky is not an opponent they can provoke.

Among peers, the sky is almost the absolute king.

Maybe…it’s hard to say now.

But at least these individuals are still impossible to face the darkness.

He drew the sky dark, which basically meant he had lost.

“Go back to rest, and gather again tomorrow morning.”

Tian Wuyou calmly gave a command, and then he came to open the mountain.

Seeing Tian Wu worry leaving.

Chen Shaofeng was also patted on the shoulders of Tian Kuang, and then he jumped up and moved towards the residences of several people and flew away.

At this time, Heavenly Demon Clan is in a Cave Mansion.

“Tian Xingkong, please see Lord Patriarch.”

Tian Xingkong respectfully stood in front of Cave Mansion and said.

He is from Supreme Elder.

He shouldn’t have appeared here, but there is no way, he still wants to kill Chen Shaofeng.

Although things are a little bit variable today, he still has doubts about whether this is a set given to him by patriarch Tiankui.

At this time, he also came to explore Tiankui’s tone.

If it really meant what Tiankui meant, then he would leave directly and slowly figure out a solution later.

But if it wasn’t what Tiankui meant, then he just got Tiankui’s consent and killed Chen Shaofeng!

“What’s the matter?”

In Cave Mansion, the voice of a vigorous middle age person came out.

“Patriarch, I am afraid that Feng will have no relationship with my son’s death that day! I also asked patriarch to agree to take the Feng thief that day to find out how my son died!”

Tian Xingkong said righteously.

His words still have room for reversal.

On the one hand, he wanted to take Chen Shaofeng because of his son, which first stood firm in principle.

Secondly, he is also seeking Tiankui’s consent.

“This matter has nothing to do with him, you can withdraw.”

Tiankui’s calm voice came out.

Tian Xingkong hearing this for a moment.

This answer really made him didn’t expect.

He envisioned countless answers before coming.

But this answer really made him a little confused.

This matter has nothing to do with Tianfeng?

How did patriarch know?

Is patriarch just to cover the wind of the day! ?

Tian Xingkong frowned and pondered then said.

The meaning of Tian Kui’s words should not be that he is covering Chen Shaofeng.

But how can Tiankui be sure?

At the moment, Tian Xingkong left Tiankui’s Cave Mansion with doubts.

At this time, in Tiankui’s Cave Mansion.

“Human Race…hmph! Once upon a time, I was not waiting for Human Race! Wait!”

Tiankui muttered expressionlessly on his face.

Yu Ba Tiankui also closed his eyes again.

“Brother Feng! How is it! Are you confident to defeat that dark sky?”

Back to the residence, Tian asked frantically.

The innate talent of the dark sky is already quite rare in the clan.

And Chen Shaofeng’s strength is much stronger than the dark sky.

If the dark sky is a genius, Chen Shaofeng can really be called a well-deserved evildoer.

And if Chen Shaofeng can defeat the dark sky, then his status in the clan will inevitably rise. When the time comes, the three people of Tian Kuang are naturally as the tide rises, the boat floats.

“Hehe, confidence can’t be talked about, but if there are no surprises, defeating the dark sky shouldn’t be a big problem.”

Charlotte said indifferently.

“Very good! But…Brother Feng, don’t die like Tianming to that day.”

Tian Kuang waved his hand and said excitedly, but At the end of the talk, he reminded him carefully.

“Oh? Why?”

Chen Shaofeng asked a little puzzled.

If it weren’t for Tianming who wanted to kill him, he wouldn’t want to live longer.

After all, he is not really the wind! Although Guixu improved the Cloud Demon Orb for him, the effect greatly increased.

But the fake is not real after all.

“Huh? You really don’t know if you still pretend? It was set up Sect secretly that day. If you hurt him badly, what can you do in the future?”

Tian Kuang said with wide eyes in astonishment.

“The set up Sect system? What is the set up Sect system?”

Chen Shaofeng was also moved in his heart.

He felt that there should be something he didn’t know in it.

Is Heavenly Demon Clan actually divided into several factions?

Which faction do you belong to?

Hearing Chen Shaofeng’s words, the three of Tian Kuang also looked at each other with big eyes staring at small eyes.

“Brother Feng, I think you are stunned by the cultivation, right? You belong to the patriarch school, and the three of us belong to the middle set up sect system, and that day also belongs to the middle set up sect system. Even today hosting Elder Tian Wuyou is in the set up Sect department.”

Tianye asked a little uncertainly.

They all doubt the identity of Chen Shaofeng now.

If they hadn’t felt the aura of Chen Shaofeng’s aura that belonged to Heavenly Demon Clan in today’s battle, they would probably have to do it now.

Heavenly Demon Clan These three factions have existed for tens of thousands of years.

How could the sky wind in front of me not know.

Chen Shaofeng frowned.

Just in a flash, countless thoughts have flashed in his mind,

Tianye’s words can also analyze a lot of intelligence.

Now his eyes rolled.

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