Tyrant War God Chapter 2472

“Oh! So you guys said this, how could I kill the sky like Tianming? If that is the case, I am afraid I will have to face two factions at the same time in the future I’m crushed, I’m stupid…” Chen Shaofeng said suddenly.

However, the dissatisfaction on that face is full of expression.

It’s not that he really doesn’t care.

He really has no choice.

If he keeps asking, I’m afraid he will really show up.

Now I can only use this way to show that he doesn’t care because he knows it well.

When the three Tian Kuang heard Chen Shaofeng say this, they were slightly relaxed in their hearts.

At that moment, they almost turned around and ran away.

After all, Chen Shaofeng’s strength, if it was really sent by Human Race, it would be very easy to kill the three of them.

“By the way, Brother Feng! When the time comes, you see if possible, try to save some face for that day. There is really no expert in the set up Sect department, the only thing you can do My son’s Old Ancestor has been in retreat for many years now, and he doesn’t even know his life or death. The dark sky is likely to become the leader of our set up Sect department in the future. If you have a good relationship with him, maybe The future can be of great help to you.”

Tian Ni thought about it carefully and also said.

She really thought about Chen Shaofeng.

Originally, Tianming should be the lineage of Supreme Elder, at least the leader of this generation.

Unfortunately, Tianming was killed by Chen Shaofeng.

And now Chen Shaofeng’s showing off one’s ability is probably already known by the patriarch Tiankui.

With Chen Shaofeng’s innate talent and strength, it is very likely that he will take over the position of patriarch Tiankui in the future.

At this time, make a good relationship with the sky and dark of the middle set up Sect department in advance, then in the future, maybe the middle set up Sect department will directly fall to Chen Shaofeng.

If so, the Supreme Elder faction would have no threat.

Chen Shaofeng’s heart is full of unfathomable mystery.

He has no idea about the situation in the Heavenly Demon Clan clan.

Although it depends on a few people, some things can be analyzed.

But that is also very limited. At this time, his heart is full of puzzles, but his face is filled with a daze.

“en! You are right, yes, I will pay attention when the time comes.”

Chen Shaofeng faintly smiled and said.

No words for a night, 2nd day early in the morning.

Chen Shaofeng and Tian Kuang came to the competition.

“Four matches will be held today. Except for the bye of the sky, everyone else is ready. First group will fight Heavenly Tiger in the dark”

Tian Wuyou stands on the stage Shang announced loudly.

“Brother Feng, this Heavenly Tiger is the second only to Tianming expert in the Supreme Elder lineage!”

Tian Kuang whispered in Chen Shaofeng’s ears.

“Oh? In this way, it seems to be Interesting.”

Chen Shaofeng has some fun.

He thought that the dark scene would be one-sided.

Didn’t expect Heavenly Tiger is actually an expert on Supreme Elder.

And with the two people boarded the Martial Arts Competition Stage.

Tian Wu You also simply warned the two of them not to kill clansman, and then the game started.


As the competition began, Heavenly Tiger disappeared instantly.

“So fast!”

Young Master Chen Feng also murmured a little unexpectedly.

Heavenly Tiger’s speed at this time can really be said to be fast, at least he has never seen any faster among the same level.

Even if it was yesterday’s Tianming, if it is only the speed, it is not as good as the Heavenly Tiger in front of me.

And Tian Yin also took out a big blade with a dignified expression.

Although he is much stronger than Heavenly Tiger, his speed is comparable to Heavenly Tiger Tea Garden.

As long as he can hit Heavenly Tiger with a single blow, Heavenly Tiger will inevitably take a heavy hit.

The problem is that it is simply impossible to hit Heavenly Tiger.


With a crisp sound.

Heavenly Tiger also launched a full blow to the dark sky.

“It’s a pity…too weak…”

After a brief look, Chen Shaofeng pursed his mouth and shook his head.

“Brother Feng, what is too weak?”

Tian Kuang was puzzled from the side.

“This Heavenly Tiger is fast, but its attack power is too weak. If he dares to use the divine ability, it must reveal a momentary weak spot, and on this stage, such a moment , The dark sky will inevitably hurt your hands, when the time comes Heavenly Tiger must be severely injured, and if this continues, Heavenly Tiger will definitely not be able to support it earlier than the dark.”

Chen Shaofeng simple Explained a sentence.

He was still thinking about seeing the depth of the sky, but at this time, it seems that Heavenly Tiger simply is not worthy of the sky. As long as it drags on, Heavenly Tiger will lose out sooner or later.

Tian Kuang looked at the dark sky in the stands that he could only constantly fight against.

At this time, it can be said that the sky is only capable of parrying, so where is the strength to resist?

as the saying goes You will lose if you keep guarding for a long time. Maybe you will make a mistake sooner or later if the sky is so defensive?


Suddenly, the corner of Tiandang’s mouth was slightly lifted, and the big knife in his hand turned strangely when he was exhausted.

And this sudden change made Heavenly Tiger simply unable to react.

The big knife hit Heavenly Tiger’s chest in an instant.

If Heavenly Tiger hadn’t reacted extremely fast, I’m afraid this blade would be dismembered at this time!


Chen Shaofeng looked at this scene with a brow.

Something seems to have happened just now.

As a bystander, and his own strength is extremely strong, he can naturally see that the sword in the dark is absolutely full.

While the remaining power was not eliminated, it was absolutely impossible to make such a counterattack suddenly.

“What’s the matter with Brother Feng?”

When I heard Chen Shaofeng’s lightness, Tian Kuang was also curiously asked.

It’s rare to make Chen Shaofeng change unexpectedly.

“Hehe, Interesting! Take a good look, if you can understand the profound mystery, I am afraid that your strength will be greatly improved.”

Chen Shaofeng hehe smiled Also stared firmly at the dark sky. ,

He must see what the dark sky did,

Although the gun is not as simple and flexible as the sword.

But if the long spear can be used well, its flexibility is even better than that of a sword.

And Tianan’s hand just now was too subtle.

If he can learn, then he will definitely make his attacks even more mysterious and unpredictable during the battle.

And Heavenly Tiger was obviously very surprised by the blow just now.

Without the slightest hesitation, he stepped forward again.



Just when Heavenly Tiger pierced the sky with one blow.

The dark sky was originally just before the surplus, but the big knife in his hand was weirdly turned the direction moved towards Heavenly Tiger and swept out the chest.

Not Divine Ability Art!

This time Chen Shaofeng saw the key things in an instant.

The divine ability or cultivation technique used by Tiandang is definitely not a divine ability or cultivation technique, because there is no sign of aura in his body.

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