Tyrant War God Chapter 2473

“Is this just an application of his own power? It doesn’t seem right! He should be attacking with all his strength, even if he perfectly mobilizes his own aura, it is absolutely impossible. Such a big turning point…Isn’t he able to burst out power beyond his limit in an instant?”

Chen Shaofeng pondered then said in a low voice.

If it is not caused by the divine ability or the cultivation technique, it can only be that the sky and dark rely on its own strength to forcibly change the direction of the sword in his hand.

But if this is the case, under the full strength, Tiandan will definitely not be able to recover the attack.

This piece is like a man trying his best to hit the ground with a wooden stick, but when he was about to hit the ground, he actually swung the stick in his hand without stopping. The same as in the air.

This is a bit…it feels weird.

Suddenly, Chen Shaofeng also felt a very strange feeling in his heart.

At the beginning, he had cultivated his manipulation of his own aura to a bottleneck in the mountainside of the Demon Slayer.

At this time, he still remembered that Old Ancestor seemed to have mentioned it at the time.

A cultivator from a long time ago can burst out strength far beyond his own limit in an instant.

Although this point in Cultivation World has long been lost.

But this Land of Samsara is not the outside Cultivation World.

There are many habits here that are still the same as before.

At this time, the weird behavior of Tiandang can only give him such a reasonable inference.

With an inference in his heart, Chen Shaofeng also stared at every movement of the sky more carefully.

At this time, Heavenly Tiger, who did not believe in evil in his heart, angrily moved towards Tiandian and charged up again.


However, this time is the same as before, the big knife in Tianan’s hand suddenly turned around, and moved towards Heavenly Tiger slashed out.

At this moment, Chen Shaofeng’s eyes lit up.

At this moment, it seems vaguely grasping the key point in his heart.

But that kind of strange feeling made him feel a little clouded.

Suddenly he unconsciously took out the long spear in his hand.

“Brother Feng? What are you doing?”

Tian Kuang next to Chen Shaofeng asked in a little astonishment.

However, Chen Shaofeng at this time seemed inaudible, and his long spear slowly pierced forward.

The speed may seem slow.

But Tian Kuang had a feeling at this time. If he stood in front of Chen Shaofeng, he might not be able to dodge this blow.

This unclear feeling of fast and slow made Tian Kuang feel awkward for a while.

“Tian Kuang, Brother Feng, this is a sudden enlightenment, let’s not disturb him.”

Tian Ni pulled the whispered Ratian Kuang.

Hearing this is slightly taken aback.

sudden enlightenment?

All this works! ?

Watching other people’s martial arts competitions can unexpectedly enlightenment! ?

This is who!

And he didn’t know, when Chen Shaofeng said they suddenly enlightenment breakthrough, Chen Shaofeng also thought so.

At this time, Tian Wuyou in midair also noticed the constantly stabbing Chen Shaofeng on the ground,

After a slight daze, a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.

Chen Shaofeng This really surprised him.

But he did not disturb Chen Shaofeng’s sudden enlightenment.

Instead, he waved his hand and used his spirit strength to form a barrier to protect Chen Shaofeng.

At this time Heavenly Tiger has lost patience and confidence.

I am afraid that Heavenly Tiger will have a full strength attack next, and the winner will be determined.

At this time, if there is too much movement, Chen Shaofeng’s sudden enlightenment status can be wasted.

At this time, Chen Shaofeng is half-asleep and half-awake.

And the feeling of illusory is getting closer and closer to him.

He thrusts out every time a spear.

All will bring him a brand new feeling.

He is constantly approaching his limits.

At this time, the three of Tian Kuang were also a little envious.

Obviously they are so strong, but they also suddenly enlightenment. How can this make them live.

With Heavenly Tiger one after another, he was hit by the sky.

At this time, he already has some minor injuries.

Although he blocked the attack of the sky with a magic weapon, the huge power of the sky still caused a surge in his dantian.

At this time, he knew that he could not drag on.

If he can’t tell the victory or defeat with the sky and dark as quickly as possible, I’m afraid he won’t have a chance to fight for a long time.

At the moment, his figure suddenly withdrew.

For a time, the spirits all around moved towards him within the body fiercely.

When the sky saw that Heavenly Tiger was about to gather aura, his eyes narrowed.

He was waiting for this time. Naturally, Heavenly Tiger would not wait to die. Then Heavenly Tiger could only fight hard.

At this time, the darkness just completely defeated Heavenly Tiger.


At the time when Heavenly Tiger was frantically plundering all around Aura.

The whole body breathed in the darkness for a while, and even the aura of all around was stagnant for a moment.

And immediately after all around, countless auras were directly plundered by the dark sky.

Even the aura that Heavenly Tiger had absorbed into the magic weapon at this time began to escape.

“What’s going on!”

Heavenly Tiger said in surprise.

The speed and strength of Tiandan’s absorption of aura is so amazing.

The aura he can absorb at this time is already insignificant.

If it continues like this, I’m afraid that it will take a few breaths, and the dark will be able to make a full strength attack, but he simply doesn’t have much aura to gather.

“Damn it!”

Heavenly Tiger’s face was gloomy as he watched those auras who had been swallowed crazily by the sky.

Now he dare not wait anymore.

At this time, Tianan’s absorption of spiritual energy is far faster than him, if he drags it down, I am afraid he will have an accident!

Thinking of this, the magic weapon in Heavenly Tiger’s hand struggling towards the sky and hacked it out.

Naturally, he did not continue to the limit, but at this time, the sky did not continue to the limit.

Not only that, he also has a first-hand advantage.

And watched that Linggang slashed towards him.

The big sword in the hands of the dark sneeered is also struggling to meet him.


As the two souls collide together.

The huge Martial Arts Competition Stage turned into fly ash in an instant.

Even the entire mountain is directly turned into powder.

Everyone’s Heavenly Demon Clan clansman is also looking towards Martial Arts Competition Stage with curiosity.

They are very curious now, who gave birth to this scene!

And as the air wave swept away.

There is no surprise in everyone’s mind.

At this time, Heavenly Tiger has been smashed to the ground.

The dark sky stands proudly above the sky.

“First Stage, the sky will win.”

Tian Wuyou announced indifferently.

While speaking, he waved his hand.

Suddenly all around the Martial Arts Competition Stage and the mountain, which had been completely destroyed, were once again restored to the original.

“Sixth Elder’s method is really against the sky!”

Tian Kuang looked at Tian Wu worry whispered longingly.

He and Sixth Elder belong to the middle set up Sect department. At this time, seeing Sixth Elder’s methods against the sky, he was naturally very proud of him.

And when he looked back towards Chen Shaofeng, he felt helpless for a while.

Chen Shaofeng still moves like that at this time, constantly waving the long spear in his hand.

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