Tyrant War God Chapter 2474

After announcing the victory, Tiandan also set his sights on Chen Shaofeng.

At this time, he also wanted to see what Chen Shaofeng would look like when he knew his strength.

If Chen Shaofeng’s expression is surprised, it means that Chen Shaofeng is almost on par with him at most.

And if Chen Shaofeng is not surprised and calm, then Chen Shaofeng may be much stronger than him.

As he looked towards Chen Shaofeng, he was slightly stagnant. ,

“Doesn’t he know the forbidden sky before?”

Tian Yin frowned, but he was already extremely surprised.

What Chen Shaofeng experienced at this time, he naturally also experienced it.

Looking at the long spear in Chen Shaofeng’s hands constantly here.

He knew that Chen Shaofeng had already entered the sudden enlightenment.

And in this state of sudden enlightenment, Chen Shaofeng probably will understand the forbidden sky soon.

For a time, Tianan secretly regretted it.

I really shouldn’t show off the sky today!

Otherwise, he may not have no chance to fight Chen Shaofeng later.

Because Chen Shaofeng obviously did not comprehend the prohibition of heaven.

But at this time, his performance is equivalent to showing Chen Shaofeng a clear road…

At this time, Chen Shaofeng is already so powerful without being banned from the sky. Will he still be an opponent after comprehended the sky ban?

“The sky is dark, you can retreat.”

in midair Tian Wushou helpless shook the head said.

He naturally knew what Tianan was thinking.

But this comprehension of heaven is not an overnight thing.

First, you need to manipulate your own power to reach a limit.

Only then can we comprehend the profound mystery of this day’s forbidden city.

At this time, Chen Shaofeng obviously has already reached that limit.

The sky is dark and the sky is forbidden. It only provides Chen Shaofeng with an opportunity when he is confused.

Maybe this is destiny, everything is already doomed!

Even if it was dark, Chen Shaofeng could not have imagined that Chen Shaofeng was comprehended with his help.

No matter how strong the cultivator’s own strength is, it is impossible to exceed a limit.

This limit is not constant.

It floats according to the actual situation of the practitioner himself.

But no matter how high a practitioner’s limit is, he is impossible to breakthrough his own limit.

Of course! It is not completely impossible.

If Tianming took medicine pill before, it also broke through the limit, but the cost of doing so was also very huge.

Tianming is already dead at this time, this is the best example.

And the power of Tianban lies in it.

No matter where the practitioner’s own limit is, the sky forbidden can make the practitioner break through his own limit.

The most terrifying thing is that Tianban has no side effects.

And even Heavenly Demon Clan!

Comprehended clansman, there are only dozens of people.

And many of them actually barely break through their limits.

This day’s prohibition is not only the need for a strong personal perception, but also an opportunity!

For example, his Sixth Elder has no worries, even today, even he has not understood this prohibition.

It can be seen that this day prohibition is not something that everyone can understand, nor can it be understood if the cultivation base is high enough.

And the reason why Tian Xingkong can have such a status in the clan is largely because Tian Xingkong comprehended the ban on heaven.

Furthermore, Tian Xing Kong had a deep understanding of the forbidden sky under the opportunity of the early years.

If this is not the case, even with his cultivation base, it is impossible to enjoy such a right of speech and status in the clan.

And some other knowing Heavenly Demon Clan clansman also looked towards Chen Shaofeng with envy.

Once the ban is comprehended, even the is innate talent will be cultivated vigorously by the clan.

And even a genius! If it is not forbidden, it can only be regarded as a genius.

Because of the realm in the legend, there must be a comprehended ban before there is hope for a breakthrough.

And among peers.

At least for this generation, the only known person is the darkness of the sky.

But at this time there will be one more.


The two Heavenly Demon Clan youths in the sky are just about to start their hands.

Suddenly all around the space was slightly shaken. ,

Then Chen Shaofeng, whose eyes were slightly closed, suddenly opened his eyes.

“Break through the air!”

Chen Shaofeng shouted in a low voice.

As his voice fell, the long spear in his hand was pierced instantly.

What’s surprising is that at the same time as his long spear pierced out, the spirit all around was like sea water flowing into a bottomless abyss and moved towards the point of his spear. Go in.

For a while, the point of his gun and even the space all around was slightly distorted.

“really strong!”

Tian Wuyou looked at Chen Shaofeng with furrowed brows.

At this time, Chen Shaofeng is only Void God Realm Early-Stage, and Insights Realm is only a late stage.

However, the strength of this attack has far exceeded the limit of this realm.

Even if it is also a comprehended sky forbidden, it has its limits.

The deeper the comprehension, the stronger the power to break through your own limits.

The deeper you comprehend, the longer it will take to break through your own limits.

At this moment, as the sky is dark, he just had a spiritual object forbidden.

He can only break through his own limit in an instant.

At this time, Chen Shaofeng, although he has a little bit of sweetness. ,

But this does not deny that Chen Shaofeng’s blow at this time is not an instant use of the sky forbidden.

This is also what surprised Tian Wuyou. 】

“Why this kid has changed so much in less than two years! Is this a coincidence?”

Tian Wuyou is somewhat incredibly whispered.

At this time, the Tian Kuang three people standing beside Chen Shaofeng were already stunned.

They only know that Chen Shaofeng is in sentiment.

They don’t know what Chen Shaofeng is feeling.

With the innate talent and identity of their three people, I really don’t know much about this day of prohibition.

At this time, I feel the terrifying pressure on Chen Shaofeng’s gun.

In addition to awe, the hearts of the three of them were ecstasy!

In the future, Chen Shaofeng will probably have a very high status in the clan. ,

when the time comes as long as they hold this thigh firmly!

hehe! I’m afraid I won’t have a bright future in the future?

And followed Chen Shaofeng a spear thrust.

He also gradually woke up.

However, Chen Shaofeng, who was sober, was not dazzled by the joy, but directly sat cross-legged and began to taste the feeling just now.

He didn’t fully comprehend the feeling at that moment.

Even so, his strength has been greatly enhanced.

And if you can comprehend the feeling of that moment.

Then his strength must be a qualitative leap!

He must make good use of this time.

At this time, he has not completely forgotten the mysterious feeling just now.

Now that I have a good memory, maybe I can still understand more of the mysterious forbidden and count the patches.

When I saw Chen Shaofeng didn’t show any joy, he started cultivation very calmly.

Tian Wu You also secretly sighed in his heart.

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