Tyrant War God Chapter 2476

Although the four of Chen Shaofeng came not too late, it was too late for the young Heavenly Demon Clan who had waited all night.

At this time, everyone under the Martial Arts Competition Stage has already arrived early.

As the four Chen Shaofeng arrived, everyone turned their attention to Chen Shaofeng.

“Well, since everyone has arrived early, let’s start early. Today’s First Stage will be from the dark to the sky, and you two will be on stage.”

Tian Worry-free moved towards Chen Shaofeng nodded gentle said with a smile.

Compared with yesterday.

After a night of precipitation, the darkness of the sky at this time has no trace of fear.

Before this competition, he had always been the leader among peers.

At this moment, a Chen Shaofeng suddenly jumped out. Even if he knew that Chen Shaofeng might be better than him, he still had to defeat Chen Shaofeng.

With a leap of figure, the sky has been on the Martial Arts Competition Stage.

“Come on! Let me see how much ability you have!”

Tianding beckoned and said confidently.

Chen Shaofeng slightly smiled, he is not disgusted by the darkness.

Because this dark temperament is a carefree temperament.

Compared to a gentleman, he prefers the darkness in front of him.

At the moment, his body jumped up to the Martial Arts Competition Stage.

“Let’s get started, but both of you are the hope of the younger generation in the clan. I hope you will stop at it and not be too radical.”

Tian Wuyou calmly swept away The two said at a glance.

these two people Li Tiandang belonged to his set up Sect line, and Chen Shaofeng’s disguised Tianfeng belonged to the patriarch faction.

And the most important thing is that Chen Shaofeng’s potential and innate talent are really amazing.

Tian Wuyou actually doesn’t want to offend Chen Shaofeng.

The words fell, Tian Wuyou also took off and left the Martial Arts Competition Stage.

Chen Shaofeng took out the Haotian gun of pitch-black as ink without saying a word.

And Tian Yin also took out his magic weapon with the same solemn expression.

gu lu …

“Who do you think will win today’s contest?”

“Of course it is dark! You didn’t look at yesterday’s dark Is it powerful!”

“hmph! That’s not necessarily true. Tianfeng has also been comprehended yesterday. It is hard to say who wins and who wins!”


Looking at the two people on the stage, the youths of Heavenly Demon Clan also began to whisper.

For them, it doesn’t matter who wins and who wins, what they want to know is.

How strong are these two Heavenly Demon Clan’s best young clansman!

How big is the gap between them and the two young generation Heaven’s Chosen!

“Since you don’t do it, then I’m not welcome.”

Looking at Chen Shaofeng with a smile on his face, it seemed that he didn’t intend to do it directly.

It’s dark and you’re welcome.

After speaking, he moved towards Chen Shaofeng quickly and rushed up.

The big sword in his hand is a weapon for mid-to-close combat.

Compared with long spear, he has no advantage in medium and long distances.

Although divine ability can close the gap above.

But he still wants to see how powerful Charlotte is.


Just when the sky was dark and the sword came diagonally.

Charo shook his hands, and the long spear in his hand pierced the blade like a bolt of lightning.

And there was a loud noise.

The big sword in Tianan’s hand flew upside down.

Even the body with the dark sky was also moved towards behind and flung out.

“Really strong power! What’s the matter with this kid! It’s only a night, have you become so proficient in the use of Heaven Forbidden?”

Tian An was surprised secretly in his heart.

Although he is usually carefree in a rough look.

But he also belongs to the character of crude in most matters, but subtle in some.

Although the blow just now was only a test, he also used 70% of his power.

And the most important thing is that he also used the sky forbidden when the two weapons intersected.

Even with such strength, Chen Shaofeng was unscathed, but instead numbed his shocked right hand.

“Really strong! The dark sky hasn’t found the slightest cheap!”

“Yes! What the hell is going on this day? Why does it feel like he is stronger than before? “

“Yes…If it was the previous sky wind, he would at most be almost on par with the sky dark, even if it is strong, it will not be too strong. This day the wind has improved. The speed is too terrifying!”

At this time, the Heavenly Demon Clan youth in the audience was already serious.

Chen Shaofeng’s tyranny is beyond their imagination.

You can’t get anything cheap under Chen Shaofeng, let alone them?

The dark sword suddenly moved towards behind him with a wave.

With a harsh sound burst, his figure instantly stopped in the air.

“Okay! Tianfeng! You are really strong! But even so, you don’t want me to die.”

Tianan haha ​​said excitedly with a smile.

After speaking, his body shape hastened a bit faster moved towards Chen Shaofeng and rushed over.

While seeing the darkness rushing over, Chen Shaofeng also shook the head in his heart.

The fighting style of the dark sky is to open and close single force subduing ten meetings.

This fighting style is naturally very tough and very lethal.

But the shortcomings are also obvious, that is, not flexible enough!

Although the dark sky can rely on the sky ban to make up for this shortcoming, what if the opponent is the same comprehended the sky ban?

When the sky is dark, he must use the sky forbidden to make his attacks stronger, and in this way, his shortcomings are impossible to make up for.

His long spear is different.

Long spear can defend near, and attack far, and long spear attack is far superior to swords in terms of speed and variables.

At this time, Tianan’s probability of defeating him is basically zero.

If he hadn’t understood the forbidden sky before, the darkness might really bring him some threats.

But at this time, the sky simply didn’t pose any threat to him.


Charlotte suddenly rushed forward.

And the long spear in his hand was also moved towards the dark chest and swept out.

In the dark and panic, he hurriedly raised his left hand to block his chest.

But even so, with the long spear hitting his left hand.

The strong force also shook his whole body along his arm.

It was dark for a while and I felt my meridian tingling.

Fortunately, he is more proficient in the use of the sky forbidden!

At this moment, he was already using the sky forbidden to forcefully suppress the injuries within the body.

Not only that, but borrowing the last remaining power of Tianban, the big knife in his hand was also moved towards Charlotte and swept away on his neck.

At this time, Tian Wuyou, standing high in the sky, raised his brows.

Chen Shaofeng this spear only used the gun body instead of the spear tip. This is already a show mercy.

And the blow of the dark sky can be said that once the sky wind can’t dodge it, Feng Ke will be in a different place that day.

To their cultivation base, even if you lose your head, you may not die.

But it will take some time to recover from the injury.

And Chen Shaofeng also underestimated Tiandan’s determination to win.

At this time, the long spear is out, and it is too late to take it back.

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