Tyrant War God Chapter 2477

At the crucial moment, Chen Shaofeng’s long spear rose slightly.

At the same time, the sky forbidden is also carried out instantly.

Tianan smashed the long spear with a big knife in his hand, caught off guard.

The long spear in Chen Shaofeng’s hand also hit his neck directly.

Chen Shaofeng felt a sharp pain for a while, and then flew out.

He did block this blow, but this blow was really beyond his expectations.

He didn’t expect Tianan to be so obsessed with winning or losing.

“The sky is dark! This is just a martial arts competition in the clan. You can’t kill people, do you understand?”

in midair Tian Wuyou reprimanded with a cold face.

Martial Arts Competition Stage has reached a critical moment. This situation is indeed understandable.

After all, it will only exist in the high-rank cultivator who points to the low-rank cultivator.

And the battle between the same rank, simply does not exist until the end, unless two people do not give their full strength.

As long as the same tier takes out a full-fledged battle, the point of simply non-existence will end, because simply cannot hold back the attack.

“Hehe, it’s okay, even the competition should be Life and Death Battle! Otherwise, what is the meaning of this competition?”

Chen Shaofeng slightly smiled Thunder Dao.

He is really show mercy just now.

He could have pierced the darkness in front of him with a shot, but he just shot it towards the darkness with the gun.

But the sky is too obsessive about victory.

Especially when the sky was dark, the knife smashed without even leaving the slightest hand.

If he hadn’t moved the gun body a little while in a flash just now, maybe his head would have been hacked off.

Although his cultivation base is dead, it will not be enough, but the injury is enough for him to recover for a while.

And if once it gets dark, I really want to kill him.

Destroy his Sea of ​​Consciousness, then the trouble will be big!

The soul is in the Sea of ​​Consciousness, and if the soul is not protected by the fleshy body, it is very weak.

When the time comes, I’m afraid I will really be in trouble.

At this time, hearing Tian Wuyou reprimand Tianan, he also denied Tian Wuyou’s words at the moment.

Regardless of whether it is dark or just eager to win, or deliberately.

At this moment, since the sky is dead, then he is not prepared to be merciful.

For Chen Shaofeng, there are only three kinds of people, friends, passers-by, and enemies!

If the sky is only a passer-by, that’s all, but at this time Chen Shaofeng has defined the sky as an enemy.

He doesn’t hate the darkness, but he doesn’t plan to keep his hands on those who dare to attack himself.

“Yes! Sixth Elder! Even if it’s a martial arts contest! Then you should go all out! How can you stop at this time?”

The sky was also solemnly said.


Tian Wuyou face somewhat gloomy and looked at the two people on the Martial Arts Competition Stage.

He doesn’t want any one of these two people to be unexpected.

But at this time, it seems that the dark behavior of the sky just now obviously angered the sky.

And the sky is dark, although it is normally carefree, but in the bones it is also a character that does not admit defeat.

This time I am afraid that the two of them must die!

Even if it was Tian Wuxian for a while, he hesitated.

He originally wanted to reprimand Chen Shaofeng for some darkening.

But looking at the posture in front of him, Chen Shaofeng said directly that it doesn’t get in the way.

Clearly Chen Shaofeng is going to kill!

And in the worries of the sky.

On the Martial Arts Competition Stage, Chen Shaofeng has moved towards the sky and rushed out.

“So fast!”

The dark eyes condensed slightly and the big knife in his hand instantly absorbed the aura.


Play this time.

Chen Shaofeng didn’t use the gun body anymore, but directly pierced the brows of the sky with the tip of the gun.

In the dark, he also hurriedly raised his hand to defend with a big sword. ,

At this time, Chen Shaofeng’s speed instantly increased by several grades, which made it impossible to even counterattack in the dark for a while.

After one blow, Chen Shaofeng’s figure has disappeared in front of the dark sky. He just wanted to use his divine ability, but he couldn’t see where people were.

Moreover, the long spear in Chen Shaofeng’s hands is also extremely powerful.

Even if it was dark, I felt that my hands were a little numb.

Looking at all around, even Chen Shaofeng who can only see an illusory shadow is so fast.

Tianan’s heart also became cold.

It’s just in a flash, the rays of light flashed in the hands of Tiandang.

All around the aura madly gathered in his sword.

However, Chen Shaofeng naturally would not give him this opportunity.

Long spear is like a poisonous snake hiding in the dark and rushing towards the enemy. The heart that moved towards the dark is stabbed out.

I feel the evil wind behind me.

Tian An’s heart tightened.

At this time, he could no longer take in the spiritual energy, and his backhand sword moved towards and swung out behind him.

However, what makes him uncomfortable is the moment when the sword will go out in his hand.

Chen Shaofeng’s figure has disappeared behind him.

This time Chen Shaofeng was just a feint and didn’t really want to attack him.

But the sky was dark but the body flew out after this hit.

“Life and Death Samsara!”

Just before the new power is born in the dark and the remaining power is still not eliminated.

A voiceless voice rang in his ears.

At the same time, the spiritual energy between Heaven and Earth fluctuates violently.

All around the aura is also crazy moved towards Chen Shaofeng. The long spear in the hands surges.

At this time, Chen Shaofeng, who has been comprehended, can absorb aura at an even more amazing speed. ,

In the dark sky, his eyes are always shocked.

A horror cut through the space and came to him in an instant.


The dark Haotian spear pierced the dark dantian in an instant.

Tian Wuyou in midair stared wide-eyed in amazement.

The dark sky is the hope of the set up Sect department among them!

At this time, if the sky is really abandoned!

Then he is also responsible for the set up Sect Elder who presided over the game!

“Tianfeng! Show mercy!”

Tian Wuyou loudly shouted

but it was too late.

With the Haotian spear pierced through the dark dantian.

A violent aura on the Haotian Spear also rushed into the body of the sky in an instant.

It’s just a blink of an eye.

The dark dantian collapses and meridian is destroyed!

Although for the practitioner, the destruction of the fleshy body does not necessarily lead to death.

Especially in their realm, as long as the soul is not scattered, it is completely possible to body possession a new body.

But body possession is a new body, it doesn’t want to be original after all.

The potential of innate talent must be greatly reduced!

At this time, the sky looked desperately at Chen Shaofeng.

He can’t do it even if he wants to fight back now.

Because there is no dantian as the support of aura.

He now has no aura to call.

What is the difference between a cultivator without aura and a mortal?


Just one or two breathing effort.

The body of the dark sky doesn’t have the dantian to guide those auras.

Those riotous spirits instantly shattered his fleshy body.

gu lu …

A bunch of Heavenly Demon Clan in the audience swallowed and sputtered and looked at Chen Shaofeng on the stage in horror.

If you talk about the Tianming before, it is your own courting death.

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