Tyrant War God Chapter 2478

What about the darkness now?

Chen Shaofeng can almost be said to have killed Tiandang head-on.

Although it was Tiandang who made the kill first.

But Chen Shaofeng was not killed by the dark after all.

But at this time, Tianding was really killed by Chen Shaofeng on the spot.

A clansman who was originally ranked 1st Ranked with unlimited potential in the family.

At this time, he was killed in public on the Martial Arts Competition Stage!

At this time, Tian Wu You in midair is also buzzing with melon seeds.

Even the Old Ancestor of the set up Sect department is very concerned about the dark matter.

Because the Old Ancestor life essence is not much.

And Tianan is likely to be a newcomer to the set up Sect department in the shelter that will take over from him.

At this time, as the sky dies, the Old Ancestor is likely to punish him!

“Elder, can you announce it? Or do you have to connect with his soul and kill it to win?”

Chen Shaofeng held a shiver coldly soul in his hand and said lightly .

This soul is naturally the dark soul that flowed out of his Sea of ​​Consciousness after the fleshy body of the dark sky crumbled.

The dark sky is also the cultivation base of Void God Realm.

The cultivation base achieves such a realm, even without the warmth of Sea of ​​Consciousness.

The soul can also leave Sea of ​​Consciousness.

It’s just that the soul that leaves the fleshy body will be very fragile that’s all.

“no! No! You have already won this game!”

Hear the culture of Chen Shaofeng.

Tian Wuyou also came back to his senses from panic.

Said hurriedly now.

At this time, there is still a soul in the sky, and once the sky is dark, even the soul is gone.

Then I am afraid he will be to blame for his death.

Chen Shaofeng slightly smiled and threw the soul of the dark sky at the in midair’s Tian Wuyou.

It’s just that the moment the soul let go, a faintly discernable brand quietly infiltrated the soul of the dark sky.

At this moment, the sky was dark, and he didn’t even notice that there was something more in his soul.

Chen Shaofeng glanced meaningfully at the soul of the dark sky.

Then turned around and left the Martial Arts Competition Stage.

He originally wanted to kill him along with the soul of the dark sky.

But the moment he held the soul of Tiandang, he changed his mind.

Destroying the soul of the dark is bound to cause him a lot of trouble.

And if you can control the darkness…

The benefits that the dark future can bring are too many!

Tian Wuyou carefully held the dark soul of the sky in his hand.

So far he is a little relaxed.

Different from Tianming, the darkness of the sky is just the destruction of the fleshy body.

The soul hasn’t suffered much damage, and it can be completely restored with a little repair.

As for the fleshy body in the dark sky…

There are countless treasures in the clan, when the time comes, as long as the Old Ancestor of the set up Sect series comes forward, it will naturally It’s okay.

When the time comes recreates a fleshy body for the dark sky, although it may not be able to compare with the original fleshy body of the dark sky, it will not be much worse if you want to.

At this time, although the fleshy body is gone, at least it is not dead.

Although he, this Elder, cannot escape the blame, he will not be severely punished!

“Brother Feng! Are you too cruel? If one day later, if you secretly hate you…”

Seeing Chen Shaofeng coming back, Tian Kuang is carefully in his ears Whispered.

“hehe, it’s okay.”

Chen Shaofeng slightly smiled waved his hand indifferently.

At this time, he has already imprinted a brand in the soul of the dark sky.

And that brand is usually that’s all.

And once he activates that brand, the soul of the dark sky will instantly collapse.

When the time comes, even an expert of the order of Heavenly Demon Clan patriarch Tiankui is absolutely impossible to save the sky.

With such a back hand, the dark sky will not only become his enemy.

On the contrary, it will become one of his most powerful cards.

Looking at Chen Shaofeng with a confident expression.

The three of Tian Kuang looked at each other, shook the head a little helplessly.

“The next contestant will be on stage.”

Tian Wuyou can’t wait to leave here immediately to meet the Old Ancestor.

But he has a mission here after all.

At the moment, he resisted the impulse in his heart and ordered.

And the words of worry-free follow the sky to export.

The two talents who were going to compete came back to his senses.

This scene was originally crucial.

No matter who wins, the two of them can directly enter the top three.

But they don’t want to win now!

Because I won, I must face Chen Shaofeng.

Two consecutive games, two died.

Are you going to be the third to die?

In the end, the competition ended with Tianxiong’s victory.

“Let’s go away, all dísciples will come here tomorrow morning.”

Tian Wuyou casually ordered, then turned around and left the Martial Arts Competition Stage.

In a Cave Mansion from Heavenly Demon Clan beyond a thousand li.

An old man with an old face is sitting cross-legged.

“Old Ancestor! Tian Wuyou begs to see Old Ancestor!”

Outside Cave Mansion, Tian Wuyou’s voice came in.

“Come in and talk.”

Tianyue calmly opened the mouth and said.

Tian Wuyou got permission to enter the Cave Mansion in a hurry.

“Old Ancestor! Please also Old Ancestor to save the sky!”

Tian Wuyou said with some shame.

“Let it go.”

Tianyue said calmly.

“Old Ancestor…”

Tian Wu You put down the soul of the dark sky, a little ashamed to say something.

But Tianyue directly interrupted: “You should withdraw first. This incident is due to the fate of Tiandang. This is not necessarily a bad thing for him.”

No worries about hearing this.

He thought that Tianyue was bound to punish himself.

But didn’t expect Tianyue actually jumped out such a sentence.

But he didn’t ask much at the moment. After all, he was lucky to be free from punishment.

At this time, he doesn’t want to stir Tianyue’s mind anymore.

Now he hurriedly left Cave Mansion.

And leave with no worries.

Tianyue opened his eyes and stretched out his hand to hold the soul of the sky in his hand.

“What a very ruthless kid… he has secretly placed such a restriction.”

Tianyue faintly smiled and said.

However, although he saw the passive hands and feet in the soul of Sky Dark, he did not get rid of the brand for Sky Dark.

“The sky is dark, do you know that there is Heaven beyond the Heaven?”

Tian Yue calmly looked at the soul in his hand.

“Old Ancestor! I see…”

There was a weak voice in the dark.

Although he had already understood in his heart, his tenacity was not after Chen Shaofeng’s death.

But he is not reconciled!

He has been Ranked 1st in the clan for hundreds of years!

At this time, I was surpassed by a sky wind that was once rateless.

Moreover, it’s still a crushing transcendence, how can he accept it in his heart.

However, after this time’s failure, he was relaxed in his heart.

I don’t have to worry about the false name of No. 1 anymore.

Tianyue is slightly nodded.

“Do you know the origin of our clan?”

Tian Yue said slowly after he pondered for a while. ,

The soul of the dark sky was obviously taken aback.

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