Tyrant War God Chapter 2479

He really didn’t know how Tianyue Old Ancestor suddenly popped out such a sentence.

“Old Ancestor, I don’t know if the sky is dark.”

Tianan said immediately.

“hehe…this secret is my Heavenly Demon Clan’s Supreme Elder and patriarch’s word of mouth. I also told you this misin, but you remember, even if it is death, you can never tell anyone! Do you understand?”

Tianyue hehe said with a smile, but At the end of the talk, his face was also very solemn.

“Yes! Tianan understands!”

Tianan was overjoyed. He thought he had lost his fleshy body, and both his is innate talent and his potential would be greatly reduced.

Even if Tianyue doesn’t give up on him, it is estimated that he will not be reused.

But he didn’t expect mountain road twists around each new peak, Tianyue actually wanted to train him to become a man.

Although the set up Sect system cannot compete with the other two factions.

But it is also very powerful in Heavenly Demon Clan.

He can become the young master of the set up Sect department, which is very helpful to him.

“Well, before the endless time, I, Heavenly Demon Clan, came to this land! However, no one knew, before the endless time! We were not Heavenly Demon Clan!”

Tianyue’s eyes Said in remembrance. ,

And when the sky secretly heard this, he was slightly taken aback.

All clansman of Heavenly Demon Clan only knows the history after Heavenly Demon Clan descended on this land.

I really don’t know the history even more distant.

At the moment, the sky is dark and listening quietly and curiously.

“Once…there was a battle destroying heaven extinguishing earth…and we were defeated…”

The pondered then said of Tianyue browses slightly wrinkle.

There are some things that he can’t figure out even for himself.

Speaking out at this time, even he himself feels seemingly true and seemingly illusory.

At this time, the soul of the dark sky was slightly taken aback.

Lost in the battle?

Does this defeat refer to Demon Race or Heavenly Demon Clan?

“And we who were defeated, were the terrifying power of Heavenly Dao that existed to reverse Heavenly Dao…”

At this point in Tianyue’s words, our face was pale and trembling slightly. Up.

At this time, Tianan’s heart is also curious.

He really wants to know who can scare his Old Ancestor into this way.

After a long period of brewing.

Tian Yuecai said slowly: “He melted all living creatures!”

At this time, Tiandang was very puzzled.

What does it mean to melt?

But looking at Tianyue’s pale face, he did not dare to ask.

After a long while, Tianyue came back to his senses slowly.

“Do you know that we weren’t what we are now, we are the same as those Human Races, but the terrifying existence brings all our creatures together, so… All kinds of Demonic beasts, beasts, Human Races, Spirit Races…so we have become the grotesquely shaped look like we are now!”

Tianyue finally spoke this time coherently.

And Tianan was slightly surprised when he heard Tianyue’s words.

If this is true, then this incident is really going to subvert his three views!

He Heavenly Demon Clan has always looked down upon those Human Race repairers.

But he absolutely didn’t expect if he spoke according to Tianyue’s words.

Heavenly Demon Clan was also a Human Race long ago!

“Elder! But if so, why does Heavenly Demon Clan, Demon Race, and Saint Demon Race exist?”

The sky asked in a puzzled way.

“hehe…These three ethnic groups are the three strongest ethnic groups that have emerged from the alien species after the fusion, that’s all! We named Heavenly Demon Clan, which is just a distinction. With those low-level bastards! Those low-level bastards, whether they act or cannot, are more inclined to Demonic beasts and fierce beasts. They do not deserve to coexist with me, Heavenly Demon Clan, under the same name!”

Tianyue was also very arrogant when he said this.

Heavenly Demon Clan, Saint Demon Race and Demon Race are the three races with the strongest potential and strength of innate talent after countless creatures are compatible.

At the same time, these three races are also the races that retain the most Human Race characteristics.

And ordinary mixed Demon Race, their instinct tends to be more similar to the instinct of demonic beast and demonic beast.

Killing is their instinct carved into their bones.

When the sky was dark, I couldn’t accept this reality in my heart.

“But Old Ancestor! Our innate talent is far stronger than Human Race! Aren’t we an evolutionary leap?”

Think carefully in the dark Said later.

“no! You are wrong! Although my Demon Origin World is half a level higher than Cultivation World, do you know that my Demon Origin World was once the real upper bound? We were merged by that one Afterwards, although the potential and strength of the innate talent were far stronger than the average Human Race repairer, Heavenly Dao did not approve of us! And when our cultivation base reached a certain limit, our race was simply impossible. The slightest improvement! But the Human Race repairers are Heavenly Dao’s darlings, their potential! Far above my Heavenly Demon Clan!” Tianyue said solemnly.

In this Land of Samsara, his cultivation base is almost the top of the pyramid.

Even in Saint Demon Race, there are only a handful of people who are stronger than him!

However, their cultivation base is higher! The more difficult it is to break through!

And once their cultivation base reaches a certain limit, their cultivation base will no longer be impossible.

This is the recognition that Heavenly Dao does not give them!

They mixed up with Demon Race, and the way forward was broken.

Although they seem to be high-spirited and vigorous at this time, their end is already not far.

And Tianan was slightly surprised when he heard Tianyue’s words.

He has never heard of this before!

Heavenly Demon Clan will be stuck in a realm unexpectedly.

At least at this time, he hasn’t cultivation to that realm yet, he really doesn’t understand this. ,

“Old Ancestor! Haven’t the seniors in the clan figured out any solution for countless years?” Tiandan asked unwillingly.

“The way…the three tribes now have become the supreme existence thugs, what else can I think of?”

Tianyue shook the with a bitter expression on his face. head said.

It’s been too long since they came to Land of Samsara!

Perhaps ordinary clansman has forgotten the memories in Demon Origin World.

Under the deliberate blockade, all the demons in the forbidden area of ​​this reincarnation no longer have the record of Demon Origin World inheritance.

Only their high-level Missin passed on word of mouth!

They constantly want to get rid of the shadow of the supreme existence…

However, the day fails.

More than 100,000 years ago.

In the territory of Saint Demon Race, a portal suddenly opened.

The message of Demon Origin World is delivered again.

And this is once again awakened the Three Great Clans group.

They can choose to forget.

But the supreme being will not forget his subordinates.

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