Tyrant War God Chapter 2480

“You don’t need to feel too much pressure about this. The reason I set up a middle set up Sect system is to balance Tiankui and heavenly demon. You only need to be between them. You can deal with each other.”

Tianyue’s expression was slightly relaxed and said.

“Old Ancestor? Old Ancestor, this is their business, why do we have to deal with each other in the middle?”

The sky was a little puzzled and asked.

In addition to this Old Ancestor, the set up Sect department among them has almost no battle strength.

The set up Sect system in Heavenly Demon Clan is not strong.

“hehe, heavenly demon is too radical. If he is in charge of Heavenly Demon Clan, I am afraid that Heavenly Demon Clan will really be destroyed in his hands, but the power of heavenly demon is quite strong. If the two tigers are really fighting, then my Heavenly Demon Clan’s strength will inevitably be greatly damaged. At present, it is better for us to wait and see the changes. If there is a chance, we can also have enough strength to deal with it.”

Tianyue said with a point.

The sky is dark like nodded who understand or understand.

He knows that Tianyue can tell him that these are already very recognition of him.

And it is obviously not the time for Tianyue to tell him everything at this time.

But he believes that when his cultivation base is strong enough to know these things one day, Tianyue will definitely talk about these things and tell him

At this time, Chen Shaofeng is four people. Residence.

“Brother Feng! The first place this time must be yours. Let’s celebrate with a drink.”

Tian Kuang took out a wine jar and said with a smile.

With their cultivation base, naturally no one will hangover because of this kind of wine.

But at least they can still taste the taste of the wine.

There is no shortage of drinks in this world that allow high-rank cultivator people to experience the feeling of a hangover.

But not everyone can buy Immortal Wine like that.

And Tian Kuang they can only enjoy their mouths.

“hehe, as the saying goes there is Heaven beyond the Heaven, I still have two opponents, it is better to be more cautious.”

Chen Shaofeng slightly smiled The cup in front of him pushed.

Tian Kuang was also laughed and poured a glass of wine for Chen Shaofeng.

“Brother Feng, you can choose a treasure from the treasure house of the clan for the first place. What kind of treasure are you going to choose?”

Tianni looked towards Chen curiously Shaofeng asked.

Chen Shaofeng hearing this was also taken aback.

If you want him to choose, then he will naturally choose the pieces of the Jiutian Tablet.

But he felt that he could not rush for this matter.

After all, he doesn’t know whether anyone in Heavenly Demon Clan knows or has some understanding of the fragments of the nine-day monument.

If he wants to take it, he has to take all three pieces at a time.

If only one piece is taken away, it will inevitably make people suspicious.

After all, this thing looks useless, only indestructible.

And at this time, he was the most unsure.

Is the fragments of this nine-day monument hidden in the treasure house of Heavenly Demon Clan?

Although the pieces of the Nine Heavens Monument are indestructible, ordinary people simply don’t see any clues.

If no one in Heavenly Demon Clan really knew this stuff, it would probably be the same as the piece he got in Danfeng City, which was thrown by Zuo Tao as rubbish in the Secret Scriptures Palace. in.

If this is the case, then he just wants to find the fragments of the nine-day monument, which is hard to find.

After all, Guixu just told him that Heavenly Demon Clan had three pieces of nine-day monument, but he didn’t say where they were.

“hehe, let’s take a look. Anyway, the magic weapon is temporarily unnecessary. If the magic weapon in my hand is refined, it should be upgraded to Heavenly Grade top grade magic weapon. It is enough for the time being. If possible, find a divine ability.”

Chen Shaofeng hehe smiled and analyzed.

“Brother Feng, if swords, axes and sticks are better, there are not many Divine Ability related to guns.”

Pondered then said of Tianye browses slightly wrinkle.

The most used magic weapon in this world is the sword.

The reason is also very simple, these two magic weapons are the easiest to learn.

It is also the easiest to comprehend.

Especially related to these two magic weapons, Divine Ability cultivation is much simpler.

A cultivator is already very hard just increasing cultivation base.

And in the magic weapon, it will naturally save trouble.

In comparison, the two magic weapons, one momentum is big, power is deep, and the other light and flexible.

It can also meet the needs of overwhelming majority repairers.

The magic weapons such as whips, guns, etc. are relatively more comprehensible and require some innate talent.

Therefore, relatively few people use this kind of magic weapon.

With fewer people using it, naturally there will be less Divine Ability.

Although the repairer can create divine ability.

But divine ability is not so easy to create.

It can be said that 80% of Divine Ability in this world was created when a practitioner suddenly enlightenment.

If a cultivator is to create a divine ability by himself, and he is not inferior to himself, that is almost impossible.

At this time, Chen Shaofeng’s cultivation base has already reached the Void God Realm, and his perception has also reached the late stage of the human state.

This kind of strength naturally needs to match Divine Ability, and at least Heaven Middle Grade Divine Ability.

Even Heavenly Grade high grade Divine Ability.

Divine Ability of this level is relatively rare in the first place, plus it is still a long spear type.

“That’s right! When you said that, I suddenly remembered that the last time I went to the Heavenly Grade area, it seemed that I did see a long spear divine Ability of Heavenly Grade.”


Tian Kuang suddenly eyes shined and said.

“Hehe, isn’t it? The last time you actually went to the Heavenly Grade area? When did you get the Heavenly Grade treasure from the clan?”

Tianye Jokingly said on the side.

“Cough…actually the last time I got the Earth Grade treasure, I took a look at the Heavenly Grade treasure area…”

The sky is clear. Said in an awkward voice.

In the early years, he chose treasure in the Earth Grade treasure area, and after the selection was over, he looked at the Heavenly Grade area and feasted his eyes.

“Oh? What is the name of the divine ability? What is it?”

Chen Shaofeng also asked a little unexpectedly.

This long spear is different from a sword, and there are not many practitioners who use long spear magic weapons.

The low-level cultivation technique is also that’s all, but the high-level cultivation technique is different. ,

If you can get a high-level long spear divine ability here, it would be a worthwhile trip.

“It seems to be called Wandao Fire Dragon gun, grade?…I…forgot…hehe”

Tian Kuang thought about it carefully, Then a little embarrassed laughed.

This has been hundreds of years.

At the time, he was just looking at it casually, and he really didn’t pay attention.

It is not easy to remember the name.

Chen Shaofeng hearing this is also nodded.

When you enter the treasure house, you really have to take a good look.

There may be something in the treasure house of Heavenly Demon Clan that you can use.

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