Tyrant War God Chapter 2481

Early morning on the 2nd day.

On the top of the mountain are clansman full of Heavenly Demon Clan.

Today is the last day of the competition.

If there is no accident, it should be Chen Shaofeng.

After all, Chen Shaofeng almost killed him even in the dark!

Not to mention them.

“Now that the people are all there, let’s start. There are three numbers on one of the three wooden tokens. Start the game in numerical order.”

Seeing that the people are all there. No, Tian Wuyou cleared his throat calmly and said.

And while speaking, three wooden tokens in his hand also flew out.

Charlotte slightly smiled casually held a wooden token in his hand.

As he stretched out his palm, the wooden token in his hand was marked with two characters.

He was really helpless for a while. It would be really bad luck to compare the number two in the order of wooden tokens.

Because No. 2 needs to fight continuously, you have to directly challenge No. 3 after playing No. 1.

But if this makes him get it, it will save trouble.

At this time, Tianxiong and Tianyong also took their wooden tokens. Tianyong’s wooden token is a three-character.

The wooden token of Tianxiong is number one.

I took a look at my number one wooden token.

Tianxiong’s face is also a little dark.

He originally thought that if Tianyong got the number one, he might not fail.

when the time comes waits for Tian Yongxian to fight Chen Shaofeng.

If Chen Shaofeng consumes a lot of money, he will shoot again, if Chen Shaofeng is too strong, then he simply surrenders.

But at this time, it seems that the sky is not what people want.

He actually got the number one by himself, which is actually cheaper than Tianyong.

Thinking of this, he browsed slightly wrinkle and glanced at Tian Yong.

At this time, Tian Yong was looking at himself with a smile and winking.

There was a sudden response in Tian Xiong’s heart.

“Want to play? I don’t fight that pervert! I save my strength. Although I can’t compete for the first place, I can compete for the second place! It’s better than letting you buy cheap and ready-made food.”

Tianxiong analyzed it in his heart.

His analysis is still sober.

From the current sober look.

His probability of defeating Chen Shaofeng is infinitely close to zero.

The death rate of Chen Shaofeng’s opponents is 100%!

Doesn’t this mean that if he really compares Chen Shaofeng with Chen Shaofeng, it means committing suicide?

He can’t do this stupid thing!

Obediently and honestly, doesn’t he like a cock?

If you get the Spirit Stone, you might be able to choose a treasure. It’s not a loss!

It’s better than losing his life to make Tian Yong a wedding dress.

“First Stage Tianxiong fights Tianfeng, let’s go to the stage.”

Tian Wuyou standing on the stage said in a tranquil voice.

Chen Shaofeng is also welcome, as he took the next leap to the Martial Arts Competition Stage.

The Haotian spear in his hand is casually carried on his shoulders.

Tianxiong’s mouth trembled slightly.

He also wants to board the Martial Arts Competition Stage so proudly.

But he dare not!

The two people who competed with Chen Shaofeng are dead! The mortality rate is 100%!

Whoever wants to do this job, anyway, Tianxiong was killed and didn’t want to be on stage.

“Elder, I surrender!”

Tianxiong simply did not even go to the Martial Arts Competition Stage to directly and respectfully salute moved towards Tian Wuyou.

When he heard Tianxiong’s words, Tianyong also moved towards Tianxiong with contempt and made a gesture.

He naturally understood what Tianxiong was thinking, even he had already thought about it beforehand.

If he draws the number one, then he just surrenders!

His last round was a direct bye. In the past two days, his state has been adjusted to a Peak.

And Tianxiong went through a big battle yesterday.

His second place is almost stable, why go to courting death?

For Tianfeng, the demon of killing without blinking an eye, a killer with a fatality rate of 100%, can you just be the second child? Why courting death?

However, he still wanted to stimulate Tianxiong.

What if Tianxiong can’t stand it?

When the time comes, when Tianxiong dies, he can get second as easy as blowing off dust. Isn’t that good?

“Tianxiong are you sure you want to surrender?”

Tian Wuyou confirmed on stage.

“It’s Elder, I think Tianyong seems to be gearing up against Tianfeng glare like a tiger watching his prey. I think Tianyong will definitely bring us a wonderful contest.”

Tianxiong corner of the mouth slightly raise and said with a smile.

And hearing this, let alone Tian Yong, even Tian Wu You can’t help but laugh.

The attitude of Tianyong just now is naturally in his eyes. How can he not know what these juniors think?

At this time, seeing Tian Yong suffered a big loss, he couldn’t help but smile.

Once upon a time, he was so young and energetic.

However, seeing Tianxiong shrinking, he did not despise Tianxiong in his heart.

After all, life is the most important thing in this Cultivation World.

Fate is gone, then it is the best cultivation technique divine ability for you. The best magic weapon medicine pill is no good.

At this time, Tian Yong’s face was green.

All Heavenly Demon Clan clansman in the audience are looking forward to Tian Yong.

These dísciples present more hope that someone can defeat Chen Shaofeng, rather than watching Chen Shaofeng dominate and be invincible.

Feel the look of expectation all around.

Tian Yong’s face suddenly became dark.

Tianxiong’s hand is too cruel!

If he surrenders now, then this person will be lost!

But if he doesn’t surrender, will he go up to courting death?

The death rate in the battle against Chen Shaofeng is 100%!

Even clansman with high status like Tianming and Tianan were killed! What about him?


Tian Yong originally wanted to find an excuse to perfuse the past, but before he could speak, a voice interrupted. his words.

“Tianyong brother, don’t be polite, we all know your strength is very strong, we believe in you!”

Seeing Tianyong speak, Tianxiong instantly understands the sky What Yong was going to say, now he hurried to speak first, and Tian Yong’s words were stuck in his stomach.

Tianyong complexion stiffened immediately looked towards Tianxing with some resentment.

Isn’t this driving yourself to death?

You don’t want to die, do I want to die?

“Tianyong! Your ranking in the clan is also very high! We believe in you!”

“Yes! Tianfeng may not be very good after several battles Yes, you still have hope.”

“Yes, the strength of Tiandi is very strong. After a battle with Tiandi, maybe the current Tianfeng is domestic demand and outer space. If you don’t take advantage of this opportunity to defeat him, you will never have another chance.”

The fellow practitioners all around for a while also started to cheer up.

They believe Tianyong can defeat Chen Shaofeng?


They just join in the fun, it’s not too big of a problem!

Hearing the words “all around”, Tianyong’s words fiercely twitched.

Isn’t this catching the ducks on the shelves?

If I said that, if I still shirk, then how will I get involved in the future?

At the moment, he brace oneself raised his head and glanced at Chen Shaofeng who was staring at him.

“Ma De! Fight it! at worst I just confess to the defeat, I just got on the stage anyway, Tianxiong didn’t even dare to go to the Martial Arts Competition Stage!”

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