Tyrant War God Chapter 2482

Now Tianyong’s figure jumped up to the Martial Arts Competition Stage.

“Brother Feng, I’m sorry, I just want to learn about the strength of Brother Feng, and I also ask Brother Feng to show mercy.”

Tian Yonghehe said sincerely with a smile.

Chen Shaofeng is very nodded.

He also knows almost about Tian Yong’s decision.

But he is not Tianfeng after all, and he has his own purpose here.

He doesn’t want someone to come out and challenge himself if he doesn’t move at all in the future.

He doesn’t have the time to teach a group of Heavenly Demon Clan youths here every day.

So now that Tianyong has taken a chance to board the Martial Arts Competition Stage.

Then he won’t be polite.

Especially last night he had learned from Tian Kuang that this Tian Yong was from the Supreme Elder faction.

He really doesn’t like the Supreme Elder faction.

“Well, let’s get started, but after all, this is just a competition within the clan, so don’t hurt each other’s lives.”

Tian Wuyou said this, although it is against two people. I said, but I looked at Chen Shaofeng intently.

The underlying meaning in this sentence is obviously for Chen Shaofeng.

Two of Chen Shaofeng were already dead. If they die again, he, Elder, will probably be criticized.

“Well, I get it.”

Chen Shaofeng was a little shrugged helplessly.

See Chen Shaofeng’s attitude.

Everyone was shivered for a while, and the spirit shivered.

According to Chen Shaofeng’s attitude, I am afraid that Shaofeng Che actually intended to kill Tian Yong?

For a while, Tian Yong felt a cool breeze blowing in the back of his head. ,

What kind of evil is he fighting against?

This hasn’t started yet, the other party is already preparing to kill him!

If this were not for Tian Wuyou’s temporary admonition, I am afraid he would really be dead!

For a while, Tian Yong regretted that he had taken the stage.

“Why don’t I just admit defeat at first? But this is too shameful!”

Tian Yong’s heartless pondered then said.

“Forget it! I can’t afford to lose that person if I just admit defeat! In this case, if I take a blow from him, his 1st Strike will definitely not be a direct killer move, and then I will surrender and flatter myself. He did it, so that my face will be completely saved.”

Tian Yong has already made a decision in his heart.

“Let’s get started.”

Tian Wuyou rose into the sky and said.

Chen Shaofeng looked at Tian Yong in front of him slightly.

When Tian Yong took out his magic weapon, he carefully guarded.


Chen Shaofeng said with a smile.

“en! Brother Feng, please enlighten me!”

Tian Yong said very proudly.

All he has to do is to take 1st Strike.

Then he surrendered directly, which he was quite confident.

After all, who is going to shoot directly on the Martial Arts Competition Stage?


However, as his voice fell,

Chen Shaofeng’s figure disappeared instantly.


Immediately afterwards, a deep but very loud muffled sound came out.


Tian Yong is incredibly stared wide-eyed, and his mouth is full of a mouthful of blood!

Charlotte did not use the tip of a gun this time.

But that violent blow hit his chest in a daze.

It was only a moment, Tian Yong felt the bones of his whole body as if it were shattered in general pain.

But I didn’t wait for him to yell out.

The powerful impact has made his body shoot out directly.


In the distant mountain range.

There was a burst of smoke.

Tian Yong was seriously injured with just one blow. I am afraid that life and death are unpredictable.

In midair’s Tian Wu worry-speaking fiercely shivered twice!

He could see clearly this blow, and it really wouldn’t kill Tian Yong.

However, Tianyong’s soul and Dantian are bound to suffer severe damage under this blow.

I am afraid that there will be no recovery for three to five years!

The mouth trembles slightly.

“Forget it! Anyway, I didn’t kill it! I didn’t say anything in the set up Sect department of Tianan who was killed by him. I want to come to Supreme Elder and I have nothing to say!”

No worries in the heart Constantly comforting myself.

gu lu …..

At this time, a group of Heavenly Demon Clan youths in the audience were completely dumbfounded.

They imagined countless.

But they really never thought it would be so simple.

Tianxiong was also extremely grateful for a while,

Thanks to his acquaintance! Fortunately I am smart!

If this is my first contest, then it is me who flew out.

In this posture, Tianyong may have to peel off even if he is not dead!

Unconsciously wiped the cold sweat from his forehead, Tian Xiong’s heart was full of awe for Chen Shaofeng.

A cultivator’s strength is not awesome.

In Cultivation World, a gentleman can only be a person who can be deceived

Only a vicious and merciless person can truly become a powerhouse.

“Elder, do you think you can announce it?”

Chen Shaofeng slightly smiled moved towards in midair.

Feel the countless awe-inspiring gazes in the audience.

He is also nodded in his heart.

At least his goal has been achieved.

In the future, at least there will be no clansman of the same age who dare to challenge him.

“Cough! I declare! The first place in this competition is Tianfeng.”

After that, Tian Wuyou’s figure disappeared into the sky.

He still has to hurry up to bring Yongji back from that day.

Tian Yong’s injury is not minor, if he let it go, he might really die!

Chen Shaofeng hehe smiled and jumped out of the Martial Arts Competition Stage.

“Brother Feng! Niu X! Too ruthless!”

Tian Kuang said excitedly.

Chen Shaofeng’s first place is too stable.

It’s simply crushing.

And now Chen Shaofeng has won the first place in the clan contest.

Next, Chen Shaofeng’s status in the clan must be greatly improved.

When the time comes, it’s much more comfortable for them to hold their thighs as the third!

The three of them, as the set up Sect, were neither treated by the patriarch group nor by the Supreme Elder group.

Normally, there are really no less people who despise it.

And with Chen Shaofeng in the future, their lives will be much better.

And Tianye and Tianni naturally understand that they are also full of joy at the moment.

At this time, many practitioners all around cast jealous glances at the Tian Kuang trio.

“Bah! Three dogs!”

I don’t know who it is. I really can’t understand the dog-licking behavior of the Tian Kuang three people, and yelled at the moment.


Tian Kuang was hearing this for a moment, then he proudly stood up and looked towards all around.

“What happened to being a dog? I am a dog and I am happy! I am willing! Am I proud? You don’t necessarily have that opportunity to be a dog!”

Tian Kuang is proud of He raised his head and said.

Seeing Tian Kuang’s appearance, Chen Shaofeng couldn’t wait to find a place to sew in.

Is this him really embarrassing!

How can this be such a thing! What a shame!

Tianye and Tianni were flushed a little and pushed a little away.

The two of them don’t want to stand with this idiot now, lest their IQ will be hit.

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