Tyrant War God Chapter 2484

“Yes! I understand, please rest assured Sixth Elder, I will be careful.”

Chen Shaofeng faintly smiled and said.

Tian Wuyou just clicked: “Let’s go, you should also go to receive your reward. For most people, such an opportunity may not be a few times in a lifetime. “

Tian Wuyou is actually very envious of Charlotte.

He only won the second place in the competition of the same age.

Although he has a chance.

But in the end he failed the trial, so he just chose a magic weapon of the same rank as himself.

At this time Chen Shaofeng is different.

He can be chosen in the treasure house of the clan.

Although the treasure treasury does not include treasures above Heavenly Grade top grade.

But even if it is Heavenly Grade top grade, it is already very good.

At least, the treasure he uses at this time is still Heavenly Grade top grade.

As for the treasure of the holy rank, that is simply not what he can expect.

Except for the leaders of the three factions of Heavenly Demon Clan, only Great Elder and Second Elder have them.

Now Tian Wuyou took Chen Shaofeng and left his residence.

Approximately touch the little one hour over.

The two also came before a huge cave.

Rao is Chen Shaofeng who is also a little amazed at the height of this mountain.

The towering mountain simply cannot be seen how high it is.

“Worry-free, this is the champion Tianfeng of this time, right?”

Suddenly, an old and powerful voice sounded.

Tian Wuyou hurriedly saluted with a respectful face and said: “Yes, this is the champion Tianfeng of this time competition.”

“Junior Tianfeng, meet Senior .”

Chen Shaofeng was so respectful when he saw Tian Wuyou.

He also replied after hurriedly saluting.

Although Human Race and Heavenly Demon Clan are enemies of the world.

But his identity is Tianfeng after all. If he doesn’t do enough, he would be wronged if he is killed.

“Yes, yes, Tianfeng, the old man asks you, what do you think of me Heavenly Demon Clan?”

The voice illusory said in an unpredictable voice.

Chen Shaofeng hearing this frowned.

For a while, he was also a little surprised.

What does this old man mean by asking this?

Does every practitioner who is brought over to receive treasures have to ask this question?

Chen Shaofeng looked back towards Tian Wu You with some confusion.

However, when he saw Tian Wuyou’s expression, he was even more puzzled.

At this time, Tian Wuyou was also a little surprised, so he scratched his head and said, “This is not the way the script is written.”

And the person who asked the question didn’t seem to be. Anxious look.

Although Chen Shaofeng pondered for a long time, he did not urge him.

“Lao Yun, this kind of thing Tianfeng is just a junior, I’m afraid I can’t answer Yun Lao’s question.”

Tian Wuyou looked at Chen Shaofeng and frowned. , Now speak for Chen Shaofeng to explain.

“hehe, I believe he will answer well.”

The old Yun’s voice calmly hehe said with a smile.

Tian Wuyou looked at Chen Shaofeng next to him in a bit of confusion.

At this time, he was also a little confused about the meaning of Mr. Yun.

But he didn’t dare to confront this old Yun.

The reason why the patriarch faction can occupy this absolute leadership position in the clan is naturally due to the strength of Tiankui.

But this veteran Yun is the killing move of the trump card.

Lao Yun’s strength is even slightly stronger than that of Zhi Tiankui.

If it weren’t for Yun Lao’s strength, maybe Supreme Elder really has the courage to rebel!

And he is just an Elder in the set up Sect series after all.

This veteran Yun can answer his questions is enough to give him face.

At this time, if he keeps chattering, it will be somewhat impossible to tell good from bad.

At the moment, he can only stand quietly and wait for Chen Shaofeng to reply.

“Senior, Junior thinks Heavenly Demon Clan and Human Race are no different.”

After a long time, Chen Shaofeng lifts the head said in a tranquil voice.

He really couldn’t figure out what the old man was thinking.

It’s just a blessing, not a curse, or a curse!

Just leave him a ghost!

“What!? Cough…Tianfeng, you can think about it before answering!”

Tian Wuyou on the side was taken aback and hurriedly spoke out to persuade him.

Heavenly Demon Clan as a race standing on the Demon Race Peak of the too mixed.

They have always looked down upon those ordinary chaos and Human Race. ,

Because at the same level, Human Race may not be able to beat even ordinary gangsters.

At the same level, Human Race hardly hopes to compare to Heavenly Demon Clan.

But at this time, Chen Shaofeng’s words are obviously saying that Heavenly Demon Clan is no different from Human Race.

This is simply discrediting Heavenly Demon Clan. He is really afraid that Mr. Yun will kill Tianfeng directly.

After all, Tianfeng was brought by him. Although Lao Yun is also in the patriarch faction, it is difficult to say whether patriarch Tiankui will be angry at him.

“Hehe, interesting, no worries, just wait there, if you can’t wait, you can also go first, Tianfeng, you continue to say.”

Cloud Old hehe said with a smile, it seems that Mr. Yun is in a good mood at this time.

I didn’t blame Sintian Wuyou for interrupting at the moment.

Tian Wuyou hurriedly knelt on the ground, afraid to speak.

And cold sweat is already on his forehead.

Because he has guessed what Chen Shaofeng will mean next.

But such a statement is simply an insult to the entire Heavenly Demon Clan!

Heavenly Demon Clan has always regarded himself highly and never put Human Race in his eyes.

“Yes! Senior! I, Heavenly Demon Clan clansman, will also be envious, jealous, flattering, hateful, revenge, etc., etc., this is no different from Human Race.

Like Monster Beast Race, those low-level Demonic beasts reproduce very fast! But they are almost like that throughout their lives. Very few can break through the upper limit of their own race’s cultivation base.

The Divine Beast Race in Monster Beast Race, although their strength is very powerful, but their number is extremely rare. This is due to the rules of Heavenly Dao. There are pros and cons, and there are pros and cons. Heavenly Dao is well known for reincarnation.

And my Heavenly Demon Clan is far superior to Human Race at the same level, and even not worse than Divine Beast Race, but my Heavenly Demon Clan has a very large population, although Junior does not know about this. What is the reason, but Junior believes that there must be a price here.

I, Heavenly Demon Clan, is also one of the creatures in the world. It is impossible to escape the constraints and constraints of the Heavenly Dao rules. There are pros and cons, Human. Race may not be my Heavenly Demon Clan clansman opponent at the same level, but there are also genius evildoers in Human Race, and their individual power is not inferior to my Heavenly Demon Clan!

And Human Race’s There are so many more than my Heavenly Demon Clan!

It’s hard to say which one is better, which one is better, and what is the difference between Heavenly Demon Clan and Human Race?”

Chen Shaofeng calmly replied.

He is not a cultivator born in this World!

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