Tyrant War God Chapter 2485

So his thinking mode is naturally very different from the practitioners in Cultivation World.

In the eyes of the repairmen in Land of Samsara, Heavenly Demon Clan is an irreconcilable feud!

In Chen Shaofeng’s view, Heavenly Demon Clan is just one of the creatures in the world that’s all.

And following Chen Shaofeng’s words fell.

All around the surrounding area fell into silence for a while.

Only Tian Wuyou was sweating with fear and sweat on his face.

He is now in the heart with horror.

What he fears most now is that if Chen Shaofeng annoys this Old Ancestor, it would be really wrong to carry him with him.

And at this moment on top of the mountain.

A withered face but a very energetic old man is Chen Shaofeng looking at the place with a complex face.

“Is there no difference? Hehe…maybe…patriarch’s decision is right…that’s all! I will be old, so why not gamble?”

Tianyun suddenly looked whispered.

“Tianfeng, your answer is very interesting. Old man allows you to choose one more treasure.”

Following Tianyun’s words, he said.

The door in front of Chen Shaofeng has slowly opened a gap.

At this time, Tian Wuyou, who was about to lose his strength, was taken aback for a while. ,

This answer? very funny?

Tian Wuyou lifts the head looked towards that towering mountain.

I can’t do this job in the future! I can’t do as many Spirit Stones as I can!

These Heavenly Demon Clan youngsters are getting more and more mad now, and there will be no surprises in the future!

If your own life catches it, it’s not worth it!

Tian Wuyou secretly made a decision in his heart.

Chen Shaofeng brows slightly wrinkle.

He just said it according to his own ideas.

According to his knowledge of Heavenly Demon Clan, his answer may not be the answer that the old man is satisfied with.

Although his identity as Tianfeng at this time, It shouldn’t be punished.

But it’s not a reward instead!

It took me a few days to get a chance to choose treasure.

It’s fine now, and I got another chance after talking.

But leave it alone!

At least now I really have the opportunity to choose three treasures.

As long as you get three nine-day monuments, the others don’t matter to you.

He doesn’t have much dislike for Heavenly Demon Clan.

And the reason is because the three people of Tian Kuang made him feel that Heavenly Demon Clan and Human Race actually didn’t talk about it.

It’s nothing more than the ideology of the two ethnic groups is different, and this has gradually become a feud!

In essence, Heavenly Demon Clan and Human Race are no different. ,

This is the same as the war between two countries on the earth and the planet. There is no absolute right and wrong, only absolute interests.

Now Chen Shaofeng also stepped into the cave.

And Tian Wuyou is standing up tremblingly.

“No worries, the old man is very satisfied with the result of this competition. I will reward you with this medicine pill.”

As the door closes.

Tianyun’s voice sounded again.

At the same time, a streamer shot to the sky without worries.

The stunned Tian Wushou instinctively took the streamer.

“Five seeking imperial pill!”

Tian Wuyou saw the medicine pill in his hand and fell into ecstasy.

These Five Search Imperial Pills are Heavenly Grade top grade medicine pill.

It can temporarily improve a person’s perception.

Although it is only a short-term improvement, it is at least one month away.

And the reason why these Five Xun Imperial Pills are so precious!

It’s because after taking this medicine pill, there will be a certain bonus to comprehend the ban.

With his sentiment at this time.

If there is a five-hunting imperial pill, he has a 30% probability of comprehending the mysterious heaven forbidden within a month.

Although it is only 30%, once he understands the forbidden sky.

Then his status in the clan will rise by a cliff!

Although impossible is comparable to Second Elder, at least his status can be second only to Second Elder and the others.

That is much better than the usual Elder.

Especially he is still in the set up Sect department.

In the middle set up Sect series, except for the Old Ancestor, no one else comprehend the sky forbidden.

At this time, if he can comprehend the sky forbidden, then his status in the set up Sect system may be even higher than that in the clan.

“Many thanks Yunlao’s reward! This is what Junior should do!”

Tian Wuyou excitedly put away medicine pill respectfully.

At this time, Chen Shaofeng, who entered the cave, was also stunned by the sight in front of him.

The size of this cave! It was even far beyond his imagination.

He thought this place was just a small cave.

But what he didn’t expect was that after coming in, he found that this cave had almost hollowed out the bottom of the mountain.

And there are countless treasures in it.

Even the treasures of Heavenly Grade top grade are piled up.

But unfortunately, there is a light mask on these treasures.

After the surprise, he also quickly dispersed the Spiritual Consciousness and looked it up carefully.

There are too many treasures here.

It is his Spiritual Consciousness that is also impossible to find three pieces of the nine-day monument at a time.

However, as time passed, one hour passed in a blink of an eye.

His Spiritual Consciousness has already explored every corner of this space.

However, he did not find the pieces of the Jiutian Tablet, not even one piece.

He who doesn’t believe in evil also releases Spiritual Consciousness again to investigate.

In a blink of an eye, another hour passed, this time he was completely desperate.

That’s right!

The fragments of the nine-day monument are indeed not here!

It’s just that he still can’t guess whether it is the top of Heavenly Demon Clan who thinks this thing is not qualified to appear here or who among Heavenly Demon Clan sees the extraordinaryness of the Nine Heavens Monument and left it.

If the former is okay, he still has a chance to get it.

But if it’s the latter… then it’s a big trouble!

Even if he wants to find it, it might be a problem!

And even if he finds it, he can’t get it!

“Forget it! Let’s take one step at a time! First choose the three treasures.”

Chen Shaofeng brows slightly wrinkle whispered.

Three treasures of Heavenly Grade top grade are also very good.

There are a lot of treasures here, and many things are useful to him. It is not in vain to choose three of them.

At the moment, his Spiritual Consciousness swept aside a pile of jade slips.

The jade slips everywhere are of the divine ability and cultivation technique.

And this pile is all Heavenly Grade top grade.

With Spiritual Consciousness, it was just a few breaths.

He couldn’t open his eyes suddenly, and then he reached out and grabbed it.

He holds a piece of jade slip in his hand.

This jade slip records the divine ability “Fire Dragon Gun” mentioned by Tian Kuang.

“Yes, didn’t expect it is actually Heavenly Grade The top grade cultivation technique, this time is really not a loss.”

Chen Shaofeng hehe smiled and incorporated this jade slip into his space ring.

At this time, there are two choices left.

His eyes swept across the cave.

He has no shortage of cultivation techniques, and the Nine Spirit Imperial Sutra taught to him by the Nine Heavens Tablet has absolutely no cultivation technique to compare.

As for the divine ability, he has just seen it in the pile of divine ability in Heavenly Grade top grade.

That’s just one copy, and he really doesn’t want Heavenly Grade high grade.

Wasting such an opportunity to choose a Heavenly Grade high grade Divine Ability is not worth it.

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