Tyrant War God Chapter 2489

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And Chen Shaofeng himself was not idle. As the Tian Kuang three left, he simply left the residence and flew in the direction of Hidden Scripture Pavilion in Heavenly Demon Clan. .

Formation is already an urgent issue.

He must seize the time to study, and most importantly...he must first see how much innate talent he has in the battlefield.

Heavenly Demon Clan's Hidden Scripture Pavilion is comparatively richer than the collection in Danfeng City.

Chen Shaofeng, as the champion of this intra-clan tournament

The status is naturally incomparable.

As he showed his identity jade token, the guardian Heavenly Demon Clan Elder did not embarrass him.

As he entered the Hidden Scripture Pavilion, Chen Shaofeng was also stunned by the sight in front of him.

This Hidden Scripture Pavilion occupies a small area, but there are all kinds of jade slips on the densely packed shelves.

Even Heavenly Demon Clan also subdivided it.

For example, refining, pill concocting, Formation, engraving and so on.

However, to watch these jade slips, one of two conditions must be met.

Either it has a higher status and has the right to watch.

Either you need to pay for Spirit Stone.

And Chen Shaofeng also took a look at the price of Spirit Stone. These jade slips are really not cheap if you want to watch them.

But thinking about it, he was relieved.

This is an ethnic group after all. If there is not a good system, wouldn't the clansman of Heavenly Demon Clan really become a silver gun.

And such a system can also promote competition and self-motivated clansman among the clansman.

But for him, he doesn't plan to see any profound Formation for the time being.

After all, he doesn't have much control over Formation.

Since I came to learn at this time, I naturally have to learn from the basics.

Come to the Formation area.

Charlot picked up a piece of jade slip casually.

At this time, he also had to sigh. Winning the championship this time really brought him a lot of convenience.

It's not just that no one dared to make trouble for themselves.

Moreover, there are not low permissions, at least these low-level Formation does not need to pay Spirit Stone to watch.

Otherwise, he really has nodded pain. After all, most of his Spirit Stones are given to the three people of Tian Kuang, and at this time, what is left on his own body is not enough to be a few million Spirit Stones. .

And with the Spiritual Consciousness into the jade slip.

Charlotte also shook the head and put down the jade slip in his hand.

This jade slip records a number of primary level Formation.

What he needs now is whether there is any way to see if he has the corresponding innate talent.

And pick it up with pieces of jade slip.

Although he still hasn't found how to check the innate talent of the formation, he has a lot of understanding of Formation.


As he picked up a piece of jade slip again, he murmured excitedly.

According to the record in this jade slip.

The innate talent of this formation has a magic weapon for testing the innate talent of the formation.

In this jade slip, there are thirteen patterns of formation plates.

He only needs to lay it out according to the pattern on the jade slip.

He then needs to crack these patterns one by one.

For the first time, a practitioner who can crack three daos a year is qualified.

It is good to be able to crack the five ways, good to be able to crack the seven ways, excellent to be able to crack the nine ways, and a genius to crack the eleven ways.

And if the Thirteen Paths can be cracked, the future is already incalculable.

See the content in the jade slip.

Chen Shaofeng also smiled at hehe, this jade slip is really interesting.

After looking at the pattern, he also found that the pattern seemed to be somewhat similar to the pattern that he played with Zuo Tao that day.

It's just that he doesn't know how good he is.

At the moment, he sit cross-legged and took out a bunch of Spirit Stones next time.

Then I fiddled with the pattern in the jade slip.

Without much effort, a pattern appeared in front of him.

Charlotte only had a rough look at her heart and she already had a solution.

Xu is the reason why he had some insights from Zuo Tao before.

Chen Shaofeng is beckoned with him.

Dozens of Spirit Stones floated.

Then dozens of Spirit Stones formed a mysterious pattern.


With a slight noise.

The pattern opposite him was instantly breakthrough.

Chen Shaofeng touched his chin speechlessly, which made him feel a bit too simple.

At the moment, he slightly hesitated also decided to skip the first four patterns and arrange the fifth pattern directly.

At this time, the Elder guarding the Hidden Scripture Pavilion was also curious to explore the Spiritual Consciousness.

And when he saw the formation set by Charlotte, he knew it in his heart.

He has seen the overwhelming majority jade slip in the Hidden Scripture Pavilion.

At this time, I naturally knew what Chen Shaofeng was going to do, and it was interesting to watch now.

With the fifth formation completed.

Fifth Elder guarding the Hidden Gold Pavilion is also heart startled.

Chen Shaofeng just set up just the first one!

Although Chen Shaofeng cracked it quickly, it was still acceptable.

After all, the first dao chart case is really not difficult.

He also arranged this formation back then, so he has a deep understanding of it.

In those days, even he only cracked the fifth line of formation very hard.

It took him decades to crack Six Paths, and then he gave up.

After all, his cultivation talent is still good, and it is better to have more cultivation cultivation at that time.

Doing two things at the same time is not something everyone can do.

If there is not enough innate talent, it is likely to lead to picking sesame seeds and losing watermelon.

At this time, seeing Chen Shaofeng directly set up the fifth formation, he was a little surprised.

However, he did not remind Chen Shaofeng.

Chen Shaofeng is the champion of this competition, and the most important thing is that his Tian Meng is Supreme Elder lineage. At this time, he is also happy to see Chen Shaofeng suffer.

The layout of the fifth array is completed.

Chen Shaofeng also brows tightly frowns for a while.

This fifth formation is really not a blow.

Difficult Dao Idol has improved many times.

slightly hesitated, he waved his hand casually, and dozens of Spirit Stones flew over.

With those Spirit Stones, he connected them with auras.

For a while, a subtle breath appeared in the Hidden Scripture Pavilion.

"Yi! This kid is really a little way!"

Tian Meng glanced at Chen Shaofeng whispered a little unexpectedly.

At that time, I stared at this fifth way and studied it for half a year before daring to crack it for the first time.

And Chen Shaofeng is only a cup of tea, and he has already started to use it.

However, he is not optimistic about Chen Shaofeng. In his opinion, Chen Shaofeng is just trying his hand. The final result must be a failure.


However, with a light sound coming out.

Tian Meng's stared wide-eyed stared wide-eyed, shocked.

Although it was a bit reluctant, the formation set by Chen Shaofeng did break the fifth formation.

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