Tyrant War God Chapter 2490

“What kind of thing is this? My Ancestral Grandfather! You won’t tell me that this kid innate talent has inestimable potential, is he even a genius in the battle?”

Tian Meng’s mouth is whispered and whispered. ,

That’s how the fifth way, which he had tossed for so many years, was actually solved like this.

“No! There must be something wrong with this kid’s fifth formation! Otherwise, it’s absolutely impossible! It’s so easy! That’s right! hmph! didn’t expect to steal and play slippery, or else! this child Oh no!”

Tian Suddenly, his eyes lit up and his heart was bright.

At this time, he understood why Chen Shaofeng was able to crack the fifth formation so quickly.

After cracking the fifth formation, Chen Shaofeng also directly arranged Six Paths.

It’s not good enough, he copied the Six Paths array.

After experiencing the Six Paths set, Chen Shaofeng is also slightly frowned by eyebrows.

The difficulty of this Six Paths has been greatly improved.

If you continue to improve like this, how difficult it will be in the end!

At the moment, he is also staring at the formation in front of him, and in his mind he has begun to derive quickly.

This Array Dao uses aura to manifest the Heavenly Dao rules in substance.

Formation is actually the use and understanding of the Heaven and Earth Rule.

But the aura of the same-level practitioners is simply not enough to support those Formation nodes.

That’s why Spirit Stone is used as a node, and its own aura is only used to communicate aura and engrave the Heaven and Earth Rule.

And Array Dao, the changes are endless.

Even a slight change can bring a great change.

The derivation of this is very difficult.

At this time, Chen Shaofeng thinks that this array is not so much a test of the innate talent of a cultivator.

Rather, it is a test of the derivation ability and perception of a repairer.

And this time, Tian Meng was also stared wide-eyed curiously and stared at Charlotte again.

However, this wait is a full day.

Chen Shaofeng sat there as if he was completely motionless.

Even then, even Chen Shaofeng’s breath began to weaken.

This is a deep state of concentration.

Tian Meng knew in his heart that even the champion of the clan competition in front of him had a problem.

“It seems that the fifth way is nothing but good luck, even if it wasn’t for his sneaking and slippery.”

Tian shook the head shook the head in disappointment.

But not so much he is disappointed, it is better to say that he is ecstatic.

What happened to the genius! ?

Aren’t you still stuck in the fifth channel?

Same as me! In other words, I am also a genius!

In Tian Meng’s heart, he turned over and lay on the rocking chair and raised Erlang’s legs.


However, at this moment, Chen Shaofeng shook slightly.

He then slowly opened his eyes.

This Six Paths set is indeed a sudden increase in difficulty.

But he is also increasingly discovering that the chess played at Zuo Tao that day is similar to the Array Dao.

The appearance confirms that he can also say that he has accumulated knowledge and deliver it slowly.

In just one day, there was a way to crack the Six Paths array.

With a wave of his hand.

Hundreds of Spirit Stones were rolled by him. ,

Continuously hooking with the wispy aura.

Hundreds of Spirit Stones gradually formed a mysterious pattern.


As the two arrays touch.

The Six Paths array burst instantly.

Tian Meng, who heard the faint voice, was taken aback for a moment, and then hurriedly got up and looked towards Chen Shaofeng.

However, all he saw at this time was only a pile of Spirit Stones that had been scattered on the ground.

“Broken.. Broken?!”

Tian Meng’s heart was somewhat whispered unbelievably.

He studied this Six Paths for hundreds of years!

Now Chen Shaofeng has only used it for one day!

Even if constantly comparing oneself to others will only make one angry, it is not such a huge gap, right?

“This kid didn’t show me a show deliberately, right? Why did he break when I lay down?”

Tian Meng glanced at Chen Shaofeng with some disbelief.

This is a coincidence.

The Spiritual Consciousness suddenly locked Chen Shaofeng.

He wants to see if Chen Shaofeng is really broken or pretending!

And Chen Shaofeng, who is still unaware here, started to set up the seventh set after cracking the Six Paths set.

One hour past.

He finally arranged the seventh formation.

The difficulty of this seventh formation can be said to have risen in a straight line.

Don’t talk about cracking it.

He can’t even set up a lineup. ,

“It is estimated that some have played this time.”

Chen Shaofeng helplessly shook the head.

According to this jade slip, there is a total of one year.

Although he now knows that he has an innate talent, it should be okay to just assist in learning.

But he also wants to see where his limits are.

So at this time, he also intends to try his best to crack the array within a year.

With the layout of the array completed.

Chen Shaofeng also fell into meditation once again.

And his mind is crazy about how to crack this seventh formation.

In a blink of an eye, it has been seven days of joy.

Chen Shaofeng didn’t open his eyes from beginning to end as if he was decayed in these seven days.

Such deduction is extremely exhausting and extremely boring.

It is also different from cultivation. When you breathe in, you are actually sleeping.

I don’t feel too much.

At most, it means to work hard and consciously to manipulate the aura within the body, which can speed up a lot of ascension speed.

The often-speaking asceticism is actually like this.

But compared with the deduction array.

This penance is not painful at all.

Even at this time, Tian Meng admires Chen Shaofeng a little.

It’s not boring to be able to be so motionless for seven days.

The consumption of mind and energy alone is enormous!

If it weren’t for great perseverance, I simply couldn’t persist.

Just when Tian Meng thought Chen Shaofeng might not be able to wake up today.

Chen Shaofeng’s eyes slowly lifted.

A wise rays of light flashed in his eyes.

“so that’s how it is…this dao fruit is so mysterious, the avenues of the world have the same goal by different routes…maybe the avenues of this world can really get the same result by different routes..”

Charlotte browses slightly wrinkle’s pondered then said.

These seven days of deduction have faintly improved his Insights Realm.

Although it was only a little bit, it was enough to excite him.

Because at this time his perception has reached the same level as the cultivation base.

However, under normal circumstances, the Insights Realm and the cultivation base are of the same level, so it is difficult to continue to understand the rules!

At this time, his deduction array actually improved Insights Realm, which really has to be said to be an unexpected surprise.

Now he reached out and beckoned.

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