Tyrant War God Chapter 2491

More than a hundred Spirit Stones not far away slowly moved towards him and flew over.

“The seventh way! Break it!”

Following Chen Shaofeng’s confident words.

More than one hundred Spirit Stones rapidly changed their position at a time.

In just a moment, those Spirit Stones have been grouped into their own.

Not only that, one after another thin aura thread also connects all the Spirit Stones in series.


With a slight buzzing sound.

The seventh formation was broken.

Chen Shaofeng was satisfied and nodded.

He feels that his speed does not seem to be slow.

This seventh way is really difficult.

As everyone knows, Tian Meng is already in horror at this time!

He thought that Charlotte was just pretending that’s all.

But this time he saw it really.

There is absolutely no problem with Charlotte’s formation!

But he actually broke the seventh formation in only seven days.

There are only two explanations in this case.

Either Charlotte is already proficient in Array Dao.

Otherwise, Charlotte is a decided genius!

Sounding Charlotte is still the first place in the competition this time.

Tian Meng feels that his heart is all twitching.

If such a guy grows up.

That was a disaster for the Supreme Elder cultivators.

“No! This matter must be immediately let Supreme Elder know!”

Tian Meng’s heart pondered then said.

With a decision in his mind, he also directly took out the jade token.

At the same time, in a Cave Mansion of Heavenly Demon Clan.


Heavenly demon raised his brow and picked up the jade token.


heavenly demon said in a tranquil voice.

“Supreme Elder! There is a big trouble!”

Tian Meng said solemnly.

“What’s the matter? What can you do with Hidden Scripture Pavilion?”

Heavenly Demon asked casually, carelessly.

“It’s not my Hidden Scripture Pavilion! It’s our lineage, I’m afraid we will be in big trouble!”

Tian Meng said with a wry smile.

Up to this moment, he still couldn’t believe that Chen Shaofeng could actually crack the seventh formation in seven days.

This is simply a nightmare.

“hmph! Heavenly demon, you are also Fifth Elder anyway, you are so flustered when something happens, how decent you are.”

Heavenly demon scolded displeasedly.

“Yes! Supreme Elder, but the wind…it changed too much!”

Tian Meng said a little helplessly.

He doesn’t want to panic.

But the patriarch faction has such a monster, he can’t do it without panic!

“Heavenly demon? Hmph! He went to Hidden Scripture Pavilion!? What? The big trouble you said is him?”

heavenly demon coldly snorted gloomily said.

“Yes, Great Elder, do you remember the formation that tested the innate talent?”

Tian asked fiercely.

“The formation? Why is the wind innate talent amazing that day, and now I still want to do two things at the same time? Hmph! It’s really act recklessly.”

heavenly demon said with a sneer.

How many geniuses are in this world! ?

doing two things at the same time There may not be one out of a hundred people in the last one.

Even if there were, I gave up some things in the end and studied them wholeheartedly.

In his opinion, Chen Shaofeng is a broad and open road. You must go to courting death if you don’t go.

“Great Elder…he only took seven days to crack the seventh formation…”

Tian Meng said bitterly in his heart.

However, as his voice fell, heavenly demon was also heart startled.

He Heavenly Demon Clan, many young talents of the past have also tried.

To this day, the fastest cracking of the seventh formation took 13 years!

Not to mention the former Six Paths array.

If it is the first to the seventh, the fastest Heavenly Demon Clan clansman also took 17 years.

How long did Charlotte study at this time?

How long has this contest ended!

Isn’t it half a month? Is this the seventh way?

Is this kid a man or a ghost?

“It’s fierce? You didn’t wake up and talk to me in sleep, right?”

Heavenly Demon frowned and asked.

“Great Elder, I also wish I was talking in a dream, but I saw this nightmare before my eyes. If it were a nightmare, I would have woken up a long time ago.”

Tian Meng helpless said with a bitter smile.

Heavenly demon’s face was completely gloomy at this time.

He understands better than Tian Meng!

The patriarch faction has so many evildoers!

With time, the cultivation base is bound to Heavenspan, when the time comes, it is absolutely impossible to suppress with his strength.

Even he will be planted in the hands of Cha Shaofeng sooner or later.

Such a monster! Have to be divided!

Supreme Elder, who had been exposed to Chen Shaofeng’s murderous intention, was even more gloomy at this time. ,

“Staring at him, tell me immediately if something happens.”

Heavenly Demon said the last word to Tian Meng and then put down the jade token in his hand.

His faction is not very good in the younger generation.

And the only Tianming that can still be seen is dead.

But he is not worried!

After all, the young generation of patriarch Tiankui has no newcomers who can hold the banner.

But now it’s different!

The ghost knows what’s going on, the originally unremarkable Tianfeng suddenly turned into a monster!

And this evildoer is stronger than the dark sky except I don’t know how many times.

Compared with Chen Shaofeng, the darkness is not even bullshit!

“Kill! You must kill! Even if you can’t shoot in the clan, you have to participate in this time’s mixed Demon Race newcomer grand competition, Tianfeng! Blame yourself if you blame it!”

heavenly demon said solemnly with a gloomy look.

At this time, Chen Shaofeng, who does not know all this, is still arranging the eighth array.

Although this deduction cannot increase cultivation base, it can improve Insights Realm.

This Insights Realm is more important than the cultivation base.

If he can upgrade Insights Realm to Early-Stage in Void God Realm.

Then his strength will increase sharply!

And with the cultivation base getting higher and higher.

The accumulation of aura will gradually affect less and less.

And perception is the key to the final decision on the cultivation base.

And the increase in perception at the time of this deduction is even faster than in those cultivation rooms.

If this is the case, why should he go to the cultivation room?

This deduction is nothing more than a waste of mind.

But with his will, he insisted on it.

Moreover, it is not only the improvement of Insights Realm.

With seven days of deduction.

At this time, he feels that his soul is much more tenacious.

This time it took him an hour to finally put out the eighth formation.

The difficulty of this eighth set is once again greatly improved.

He even saw some clouds and deep mist around him for a while.

But after this period of deduction, he also has some experience.

This derivation cannot directly derive the market.

You can only slowly peel from one corner and draw out all the key points in this array first.

Then set up your own array for those places.

And this time is the time for real deduction.

After a simple breath adjustment.

He also entered into concentration again.

And as he began to study the eighth formation.

He faintly felt that this formation seemed to fit the Heaven and Earth Rule more closely.

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