Tyrant War God Chapter 2493

And this time, Chen Shaofeng’s time is obviously much longer than before.

So that in the end, the Hidden Scripture Pavilion was overcrowded!

In desperation, Tian Meng had to order everyone to quit Hidden Scripture Pavilion!

Those Heavenly Demon Clan’s dísciple is a bit unwilling, but they have to obey Tian Meng’s orders.

But with this, the Hidden Scripture Pavilion finally became quiet again.

But this has no effect on Chen Shaofeng.

Under the full dedication of the mind.

He really didn’t notice the all around situation.

In a blink of an eye, nearly a month has passed!

On the seventh path, he only spent the whole day.

At this time, a month has passed and he hasn’t even started to crack it.

Even Tian Meng himself couldn’t help but murmured.

Is this kid also good luck before?

But again and again, again and again, he didn’t even believe this idea.

But maybe this is also good!

Although Chen Shaofeng cracked the seven formations in a short time.

But if he gets stuck on the eighth road!

It is very likely that he has a certain foundation, and he is in the eighth formation.

His lack of strength cannot be solved quickly.

If this is the case, then he can breathe a sigh of relief instead.

At this time, Chen Shaofeng, who had been sitting cross-legged for a month, slowly raised his eyes.

And all his eyes are not in great spirits.

On the contrary, there is a deep exhaustion.

For a month, it is almost non-stop deduction, even his willpower! It also feels very unbearable.

The deduction in this formation is extremely exhausting, if it is not for his solid foundation and his own willpower is extremely strong.

Even he is impossible to do this.

But over time, he found some tricks instead.

Although this set is getting harder and harder, but this set also has some tricks that can be a little tricky.

This is also a trick he only discovered more than a day ago.

Although the difficulty of the recorded formation has soared at this time, as long as he knows this trick, he believes that the speed of his cracking determines the branch line to rise.

But the only thing he doesn’t understand now is that this array can be said to be the key point of the loophole.

Is it the person who wrote the record wrong? This array still has such a loophole.

But this is not what he is worried about at this time.

As he stretched out his hand to meet.

Hundreds of Spirit Stones flew out of the pile of Spirit Stones on the side.

With the hook of Chen Shaofeng Spiritual Consciousness.

Those Spiritual Consciousness gradually began to pile up.

This time, his lineup began to have some changes.

In the past, his formations were all flat.

At this time, his Formation is not confined to planes.

With the gradual formation of the array.

A weird but mysterious formation appeared in front of him.

Simply feel, Chen Shaofeng slightly smiled nodded.

He is still satisfied with this situation.

According to his expectations, there should be no problem with this set breaking the seventh set.

At this time, Tian Meng in the Hidden Scripture Pavilion looked a little gloomy.

He thought it had already happened.

But he didn’t expect Chen Shaofeng to really start breaking the eighth road in one month!

And if Chen Shaofeng really cracked the eighth way!

That even if he had some insights, he has to pay attention to it.

As the two arrays gradually collided.

This time there was no sound from the eighth circle, and all the Spirit Stones that made up the eighth circle fell silently.

Tian Meng’s face instantly became gloomy.

This scene is really beyond his expectations!

If it is normal.

The two arrays collided.

There must be some noise.

Even this formation does not have much actual attack power.

But it is also impossible, as silent as the ice and snow melt.

And this scene at this moment also means that Chen Shaofeng’s formation attainments have far exceeded the requirements of the eighth formation.

The most shocking thing in Tianmeng’s heart is that Chen Shaofeng’s perception speed seems to have improved again!

He spent seven days on the seventh.

Although this eighth course took a month!

But at this time Chen Shaofeng’s formation skills have already surpassed this eighth formation.

At this time, this eighth formation may not be a big deal in the eyes of an expert of Divine King Realm cultivation base.

But at this time Chen Shaofeng’s cultivation base is nothing more than Void God Realm.

And even if he has some insights before, but this eighth way is not a simple formation for Void God Realm.

Even the repairers of Deity Realm have not been impossible to develop a cracking method for a few years.

He doesn’t believe that the sky wind in front of him can hide so deeply.

And now he also picked up the jade slip without the slightest hesitation and informed the Supreme Elder heavenly demon of the situation in front of him. ,

After breaking the eighth line, Chen Shaofeng also began to arrange the ninth line without stopping.

And since knowing the loopholes in the eighth formation.

He also discovered through jade slip that there is also a very similar loophole in the ninth circle.

As long as he uses this loophole to reversely derive, he can quickly deduce a cracking method. ,

At this time, inside a cave in Heavenly Demon Clan.

Heavenly Demon’s face is already gloomy to the extreme.

He has been summoned by Tian Meng.

In one month, I actually cracked the eighth way!

According to this view, Tianfeng might really be a rare genius!

But what is going on with the wind this day?

Is it because this time he got a chance in the Forbidden Land of Reincarnation?

Heavenly demon has a whispered displeased in her heart.

I have to say.

At this time, he is really sour to Chen Shaofeng!

In the past, Tianfeng was just a mediocre person in the clan.

The ghost knows how this time, after returning from the forbidden land of Samsara, it’s like a new person!

It’s going to be against the sky!


Heavenly demon was suddenly taken aback.

It’s the same as a person…

Heavenly Demon’s brows are twisted into a lump.

“Is it changed? But even if it is changed, it is impossible to hide so deeply! Even the old man, Divine King Realm, can’t see the slightest strangeness!”

heavenly demon is somewhat whispered.

If he said that he really didn’t care about it before.

Because instinctively he is confident that no one can hide his deity in front of his eyes.

But once you have this idea, you can’t get rid of it anymore.

“hmph! patriarch Tiankui’s accomplishments in Spiritual Consciousness are extremely profound, can’t he see the slightest difference?”

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