Tyrant War God Chapter 2494

heavenly demon brows slightly wrinkle whispered.

In terms of cultivation base, he is slightly better than Tiankui.

But Ruoyun’s manipulation and research on Spiritual Consciousness.

He is really not as good as Tiankui.

hmph! Tiankui! I don’t know what tricks you are playing! But the old man has to see if you know the details of Tianfeng!

sneered, heavenly demon’s figure has disappeared in the Cave Mansion in a flash.

At this time, in the heavenly demon hall.

Tian Kui sat on a throne indifferently from the front.


The figure jumping on the Elder heavenly demon suddenly appeared in the great hall.

“Oh? It turns out that Supreme Elder is here. Supreme Elder, please sit down.”

Tian Kui looked at Heavenly Demon in surprise, and then said slightly smiled calmly.

Heavenly demon glanced at Tiankui indifferently.

At this time, I had the idea that Tianfeng might have been replaced.

He feels hypocritical about Tian Kui’s expression at this time!

“patriarch, this seat is here today to ask you, do you really not know about the replacement of the sky wind?”

Heavenly demon stood dead in place Staring at Tian Kui indifferently asked.

Yeah! ?

Tian Kui narrowed his eyes, but he didn’t show off his expression.

How easy is his Tiankui! This little trick is naturally impossible to let him show his feet.

“Supreme Elder, what do you mean by this?”

Tiankui seems to be a little angry coldly said.

“hmph! What do you mean!? Tiankui! Even this seat can see that the wind is no longer the original sky wind, can’t you see it?”

heavenly demon sneered sneered.

“Supreme Elder! You are too far! You and I have been fighting for so many years! Why? Now you even want to start my Junior of this lineage!?”

Tian Kui stared at heavenly demon icily said coldly.

Although he is indeed not the opponent of Heavenly Demon if it is solely on strength.

But he is the patriarch of the heavenly demon group!

And even if he is not an opponent, there is still Tianyun sitting behind him!

He is not afraid of heavenly demon.

And when Heavenly Demon heard Tian Kui’s words, her heart suddenly became even more puzzled.

The same as old fox.

He didn’t even expect that he would be able to show Tian Kui’s feet by cheating.

What makes him puzzled is whether Tianfeng is Tianfeng after all!

And Tiankui does not know whether it is true or not!

What he is most afraid of right now is what Tian Kui’s scheme is, and all this is secretly manipulated by Tian Kui.

Although his strength is stronger than Tiankui.

But there is a Tianyue in the set up Sect department! Tianyue is the Heavenly Demon Clan powerhouse of the previous generation, and his strength is naturally not comparable to him!

And in the patriarch Tiankui faction, there is another Old Ancestor such as Tianyun. ,

As long as these two people do not die, even if his strength is stronger than Tiankui.

Then he can only lie down in the clan!

At this moment, seeing Tian Kui was already a little angry, he didn’t really want to give Tian Kui to Bihuo.

“hmph! Lord Patriarch, since you don’t know that this seat will say nothing, as long as patriarch lets me search for the soul of that day, I will naturally know who he is!”

heavenly demon coldly snorted corner of the mouth slightly raise said with a sneer.


He really didn’t expect to see anything from Tiankui.

But what about Tianfeng?

Tianfeng does not have the strength and status of Tiankui.

He only needs to seize the sky wind to search for the soul.

When the time comes naturally, everything is clear.


However, Tian Kui was angry roar when he heard this.

The strength of the Divine King Realm also burst out instantly.

For a time, the entire Heavenly Demon Clan’s territory was under the panic Heavenly Might.

Those clansman of Heavenly Demon Clan raised their heads in amazement and looked towards the direction of the heavenly demon hall.

They are naturally no strangers to this breath!

The breath of Tiankui! But why is it so angry?

This is not everyone knows.

At this time, the six Elders in Heavenly Demon Clan also immediately moved towards the heavenly demon hall and galloped away. ,

sou! sou! Whoosh…

Just a moment.

In the Heavenly Demon Hall, all the Heavenly Demon Clan high-levels have arrived.

Except for the two previous generation powerhouses, Tianyun and Tianyue.

Heavenly Demon Clan patriarch Supreme Elder, and the six Elders have all gathered again.

“patriarch? What are you?”

Tian Hong looked at Tian Kui staring at heavenly demon in a little amazement.

At this time, Heavenly Demon’s face was also a little gloomy.

His actions today can indeed be said to be excessive.

But he didn’t expect Tiankui to be so furious.

It’s really impossible to go on like this!

Although he is not afraid of Tiankui’s faction. But he didn’t want to really go to war with Tiankui’s faction!

As long as Tianyun is still a day, he must be patient!

“hmph! heavenly demon! Tianfeng is the best clansman of innate talent in my school of this year! You still want to search for souls!? Why? Do you still want to take this seat? Search the soul again!”

Tian Kui stared at heavenly demon gloomily said fearlessly.

“What!? Heavenly demon! You want to search for the soul of Tianfeng! You! You are so capable!”

Tianhong heard these words instantly Understand the key. ,

No wonder Tiankui is so angry.

This soul search is not something you can use casually.

Because the soul searchers only need to have such a trace of evil thoughts, or mistakes.

The soul of the person who was searched for the soul instantly collapsed.

Even if you don’t end up with the soul flew away and scattered, there is bound to be no hope in the future.

Heavenly demon Since he said he wanted to search the soul of Tianfeng.

This is almost the murder of Tianfeng face to face.

In such a situation, Tiankui can still bear it. ,

That can really endure Green Feather Turtle!

Even Tian Xingkong and Fifth Elder Tian Meng under Supreme Elder’s command were a little bit pondered.

Heavenly demon’s words are indeed a bit too much.

But now that things have become like this, they can only follow the instructions of the heavenly demon.

“Why? Don’t you know? Tianfeng has already been replaced by someone! Maybe Tianfeng at this time is just a Human Race! Are you trying to shelter a Human Race repairer?”

Heavenly Demon swept across the crowd with a cold expression and said.

“What! Tianfeng is Human Race!?”

“This! How is this possible! If he is Human Race, how can I find no abnormalities even when I wait?”

As the words of heavenly demon were exported, several Elders were complexion greatly changed at a time.

This is the hinterland of their Heavenly Demon Clan!

A Human Race repairer has infiltrated! Is this okay?

“Just be quiet, be quiet.”

Great Elder Heavenly Void slightly hesitated opened the mouth and said.

Heavenly demon’s meaning is something worth thinking about.

Isn’t this guiding others to treat Tianfeng as a Human Race repairer?

“I don’t know what Supreme Elder’s words mean, but is there any real evidence?”

Heavenly Void cup one fist in the other hand asked inexplicably after saluting.

And following his words.

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