Tyrant War God Chapter 2495

For a while, several other Elders also suddenly realized.

That’s right!

Heavenly demon This is just to say that Tianfeng may have been replaced by a Human Race repairer.

And in the end he also used a sentence, are you trying to protect the human race repairers? Let everyone subconsciously regard Tianfeng as a Human Race!

Because Heavenly Demon Clan and Human Race are feuds. ,

When they first heard it, they were really biased by the anger in their hearts.

At this time, with Heavenly Void’s sentence, everyone’s thoughts were pulled back, and they were also looked towards heavenly demon by browsing slightly wrinkle.

That’s right, Tianfeng really did the show this time.

It can be said to be a huge transformation.

But the sky wind at this time can’t even see the slightest strangeness from their experts of Divine King Realm.

So what is the basis for Supreme Elder?

If this is said without evidence, then it is a bit of a suspicion of plotting the young generation leader of the patriarch Tiankui faction.

Thinking about it at this time, they also understood a little bit why Tiankui was so angry.

If there is evidence, then even Tiankui would not dare to speak out if he wanted to protect him.

But Tian Kui is so angry at this time, maybe there is really no evidence to jump on Elder.

And heavenly demon saw the other Elder’s eyes cast on him, and for a while, his face was a little uncontrollable.

He really has no evidence, this time he just wanted to take the opportunity to oppress Tiankui.

But didn’t expect Tiankui, the movement was so loud that everyone was brought in directly.

“Evidence? Is this evidence not obvious? What kind of innate talent is Tianfeng? Can you not know? What kind of temperament Tianfeng is in these years? At this time, Tianfeng suddenly increased in strength. Said, temperament has also changed drastically, do you really think that Tianfeng is still the same one before?”

Heavenly demon’s face said in a tranquil voice.

He knows it himself, he can only say that this is an analysis.

But this analysis can’t pick out any faults.

Sure enough, even Heavenly Void and Tianhong both hesitated when Elder was there for a while.

The changes before and after Tianfeng are indeed a little too big!

If it is to be on the safe side, Tianfeng should indeed be searched for souls.

At least make sure that Tianfeng is not sent by Human Race!

However, Tianfeng is the best contemporary innate talent of the patriarch Tiankui faction.

I am afraid that Tiankui will not agree to this matter anyway?

Furthermore, Tiankui’s use of Spiritual Consciousness, even the two Old Ancestors, Tianyun and Tianyue, are ashamed.

If Tianfeng is really strange, wouldn’t it even be obvious to Tiankui?

Elder was also a little unsure about being there for a while.

“Everyone, Lord Patriarch’s use of Spiritual Consciousness is clear to everyone. If the wind is really Human Race but the face that can be disguised, Lord Patriarch can’t see the slightest clue, then you think this Is it possible?”

Heavenly Void glanced at Tiankui for the uncheckable.

Now he argued out loud.

In spite of this, he was already 80% certain.

It is very possible that Tianfeng is really not a real Tianfeng!

Otherwise, why did Tiankui stop them from sending people to protect Tianfeng?

Combined with what happened at this time, Heavenly Void also understood in her heart.

Tiankui is afraid that Tianfeng’s identity will be exposed.

It’s just that at this time he really wondered what Heavenspan Kui wanted to do!

But he belongs to the Tiankui faction after all.

At this time, no matter what Tian Kui wanted to do, he had to help Tian Kui deal with the things in front of him.

Then I was communicating this with Tiankui.

And heard Heavenly Void say so.

Several Elders who were present at the same time were secretly nodded.

Tiankui’s use of Spiritual Consciousness has almost surpassed the limit of Divine King Realm.

If Tiankui was unable to detect the strangeness of Tianfeng.

Who else can find out?

Furthermore, heavenly demon has always been at odds with Tiankui.

At this time, it is difficult to say whether heavenly demon wants to use this seemingly unreasonable thing to abolish Tianfeng!

At this time, Tian Wuyou and Fourth Elder Tianling, who belong to the set up Sect department, also looked at each other and decided not to speak.

Among them, the set up Sect system is to survive in the cracks.

At this time, this is obviously a game between two forces, and it is not easy for them to check it.

Instead of having to offend one side, it is better not to speak, so that at least none of them will be guilty!

Second Elder Tian Xingkong and Fifth Elder Tian Meng, who belonged to heavenly demon’s command, looked at each other nodded at this time. ,

They have understood the meaning of heavenly demon.

Ruotianfeng is really sent by Human Race! That feeling is better! Kill the matter directly!

If Tianfeng is not sent by Human Race, it is easy to handle it, and Tianfeng will be abolished when searching for souls!

The faction of theirs is nothing short of a loss!

And the faction of Tiankui is determined to die a Tianfeng, this trade makes money!

“Great Elder, what you said is reasonable, but we can’t take a glimpse of the practitioners of Human Race. Besides, it’s just a search for souls, and it’s not killing Tianfeng, Great Elder is so resistant! Is it possible that there has been collusion with Tianfeng?”

Tian Xingkong said with a faint smile looking at Heavenly Void.

Although he said this jokingly, but what he meant was that he had pointed the mold at the Great Elder Heavenly Void.

“You! Hmph! The sky is empty! Why? The comprehended sky makes you feel like you are doing it again!”

Heavenly Void sneered twice with a cold face. .

A few years ago, Tian Xingkong had a trial with him.

However, the match between the two was conducted in private.

At that time, Tian Xing Kong can be said to be full of confidence!

However, after a lot of fighting, Tian Xing Kong was a fiasco!

However, Heavenly Void has never mentioned it to anyone. ,

Although they belong to two factions, they are of the same race after all, there is really no need to tear their faces.

At this time, seeing Tian Xingkong dare to ridicule himself.

Heavenly Void suddenly didn’t want to hide it for Tian Xingkong.

And when Tian Xingkong heard the suggestive words at this time, his heart suddenly became cold.

He then glanced at Heavenly Void at the complexion is gloomy, and then stopped talking.

heavenly demon eyes slightly narrowed glanced at Heavenly Void.

Heavenly Void, the Great Elder, is really good.

Heavenly Void was the champion of his grand competition back then!

And Heavenly Void really did not disappoint his innate talent!

Over the years, his strength has hardly been worse than Tiankui!

Although Tian Xing Kong’s strength is also very good, after all, it is still a line behind Heavenly Void.

At this time, I saw Tian Xingkong languishing and not speaking with a cold face.

He naturally guessed some of these things.

But he didn’t care about it.

Isn’t it just that you lost the battle?

Count it as a fart!

He has a heavenly demon shot, it is not difficult to kill Heavenly Void!

But it’s just that he doesn’t want to tear his face at this time that’s all!

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