Tyrant War God Chapter 2496

“Great Elder! I think what Second Elder said makes sense! Why are you so excited when you talk about Tianfeng? is it possible that you already know Tianfeng Is it Human Race? And you want to protect him?”

Heavenly demon asked with a smile looking towards Heavenly Void.

And he was blocked by the sentence heavenly demon.

Heavenly Void’s face also became cold.

Heavenly demon is no better than the sky.

He’s really not good at going against heavenly demon.

“Great Elder! Although there is no outstanding clansman under your command of this generation, you are not so frantic, right!? Do you still want to break your face with me!?”

When Tian Kui saw heavenly demon talking, he said with a cold face at the moment.

Heavenly demon originally wanted to buckle the shit basin on the heads of Tiankui and Heavenly Void to make these two people soft.

But didn’t expect Tiankui. This is too decisive and straightforward!

But this way it will be more difficult for him to do it.

Do you really want to break up here?

A Tianyun came forward, and he was abandoned!

Furthermore, even if Tianyun didn’t come forward, Heavenly Void and Tian Kui both shot at the same time, he could only draw a tie.

In the high-end battle strength, his this lineage is still a bit worse after all.

If Tianyun hadn’t had anything to say, unless Heavenly Demon Clan was extinct, he would not interfere with things in the clan.

Heavenly demon really dare not be so arrogant.

But he didn’t dare to really push Tiankui to an end.

In case when the time comes Tianyun really makes a move, then his troubles may be hit.

“hehe, since I search for souls and you are afraid that I will kill Tianfeng, how about letting Tianyue Old Ancestor do it?”

Suddenly, his eyes rolled and smiled hehe Said.

Originally, he was going to retreat, but when he saw Tian Wuyou two people moved in his heart, he had an idea again.

If Tianyue Old Ancestor accepts this matter once.

Then if Tianfeng is not an alien!

Then he also borrowed the donkey from the slope! But if Tianfeng is really a foreign race, then he will get what he wants.

And when the time comes, Tiankui is bound to have a gap with the set up Sect department, when the time comes, he will lobby again.

Maybe he can really recruit Tianyue to his lineage.

And if in the process, Tianyue Old Ancestor shook his hand! hehe! That would be interesting.

And heard the words of heavenly demon.

Tian Wuyou and Tianling on the side also looked at each other with frowning,

They hadn’t planned to blend in.

But at this time heavenly demon is forced to attack them!

Tiankui raised his brows.

Heavenly demon this move is really disgusting.

Tianyue Old Ancestor has never intervened in matters between the two of them over the years.

At most, they will come forward to persuade them when the two of them fall out and cannot stop.

At least for now, it seems that Tianyue Old Ancestor should be no problem.

But once something goes wrong this time! Then his faction has to completely fall out with Tianyue Old Ancestor!

When the time comes, if one is bad, it may be cheaper. Heavenly demon.

He really didn’t want this to happen.

But at this time, the battle between them let a Tianyue Old Ancestor from the set up Sect department preside over justice. It seems reasonable that there is nothing wrong with it!

Heavenly Void brows tightly frowns glanced at Tiankui.

After this glance, he also understood the worries in Tian Kui’s heart.

This is not a good thing.

Once Tianyue Old Ancestor searches for the soul, shake it.

Feng Ke was completely finished that day!

“Two Elders, why don’t you ask Tianyue Old Ancestor what do you mean?”

Heavenly demon said with a smile looking towards Tian Wuyou.


Tian Wuyou two laughed helplessly.

What else can they say? At this time, I can only tell Tianyue Old Ancestor what happened here.

And with no worries, take out the jade slip.

Just a moment later.

A smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.

“Supreme Elder, Tianyue Old Ancestor said, the fleshy body of the dark sky has not yet fully adapted, and he is currently in retreat teaching the dark sky, so I am afraid there is no time to be distracted.”

Tian Wuyou said respectfully.

And hearing Tian Wuyou’s words, the three Tiankui were also slightly relaxed.

At least Tianyue Old Ancestor is easy to handle as long as you don’t get involved!

And heavenly demon browses slightly wrinkle and glances at the sky without worries.

Suddenly he eyes shined.

Tianyue has no time?

What about you? You are also in the set up Sect department! It’s the same for you to search for souls on behalf of the set up Sect department!

“Sixth Elder, we are all clear about what you are. Why don’t you have to search for the soul on behalf of the set up Sect department at this time?”

heavenly demon slightly smiled said .

Worry Tian was slightly taken aback when he heard the words of heavenly demon.

He is not stupid!

Tianyue Old Ancestor is not willing to get involved this time.

He jumped in by himself? Isn’t he a second fool!

Although Tian Xingkong asked him for a little help.

But it doesn’t matter if you are busy!

Can you help me at this time?

Once there is an accident, Tian Kui can’t strip himself alive?

And when the time comes, I am afraid not only Tiankui, even Tianyue has to punish him!

At this time, the representative of the set up Sect department is doing this, which is really unwise!

“Supreme Elder, I’m just a normal Elder. I am really unable to represent the Sect system. Please forgive Supreme Elder.”

No worries, slightly smiled, very polite Said.

Although he knew in his heart that this was a heavenly demon and gave him a set!

But he didn’t dare to say anything.

After all, the strength of Heavenly Demon is not comparable to him.

Heavenly demon glanced at the sky playfully.

“Since you can’t represent the set up Sect department, then you represent yourself as…”

However, this time does not wait for Heavenly Demon to finish.

Suddenly, the pressure of all around burst out.

Tearing the Void’s blade light flashed past.

Heavenly Demon’s face instantly became gloomy.


With a loud noise.

The heavenly demon temple burst into a pile of ruins in an instant!

The other Elders also hurriedly backed away.

“Heavenly demon! You are too much! Since you want to play, then I will play with you! Heavenly Void! Tianhong! Do it!”

Tiankui The complexion is gloomy is like dripping water.

Heavenly demon This is a bit too much.

Failed to do anything, let Tian Wuyou represent the set up Sect system to search for the soul.

After Tian Wuyou refused, Heavenly Demon even asked him to search for the soul on his own behalf!

This is really crazy!

Originally, Tiankui was just doing something.

But at this time, Tiankui was really a little irritated!

Heavenly Demon’s attitude is simply to face his provocation in front of him.

He Tiankui can become the patriarch of Heavenly Demon Clan, so naturally he is not a soft-footed shrimp!

And heavenly demon heard Tiankui’s order.

His face also instantly became cold.

He didn’t expect Tiankui to actually tear his face at this moment!

Because Tiankui has always been relatively restrained.

As long as he doesn’t do too much.

Tiankui can bear it, so he can bear it.

At this time, heavenly demon felt a little regretful.

This time it seems that Tiankui is really pressing!

But what should I do now?

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