Tyrant War God Chapter 2497

He originally wanted to use other things to oppress Tiankui and let Tiankui be softened.

As long as Tiankui is soft, he will be fine.

But he was too persistent to find a reason to oppress Tiankui, but he didn’t notice.

Tiankui also has its limits of endurance.

If it is really urgent!

Tiankui is a Divine King Realm repairer! How could it be kind!

At this time, I heard Tiankui’s order.

Heavenly Void and Tianhong also took out their magic weapon in an instant.

For a time, Tianhong and Heavenly Void are ready to fight at any time.

Seeing the situation in front of him, Tian Wuyou hurriedly told Tianyue the news here.

However, Tianyue is very abnormal this time.

There is no plan to intervene.

Although Tian Wuyou was very puzzled, he did not dare to ask more.

At the moment, the two of them are also far away from Heavenly Demon and Tiankui.

At this time, with a match between the two.

This time, even Chen Shaofeng who was inferred was shocked.

But naturally he would not know.

At this time, the heavenly demon temple not far away. ,

Heavenly Demon Clan’s two factions are preparing to start a great decisive battle for him…

“Whether he is dead or alive! I’ll do my thing with peace of mind. .”

Chen Shaofeng murmured, and now he feels calm and deduced again.

At this time, the Heavenly Demon Temple.

Heavenly Demon’s face was also completely cold.

Tiankui’s strength is indeed inferior to him!

But Tiankui’s strength is not something he can kill casually!

However, Heavenly Void’s strength is much stronger than Tian Xing Kong.

If you really want to go to war! I’m afraid Tian Xing Kong won’t be able to stop how old it is.

And Tianhong’s strength is also much stronger than Tian Meng!

Although Tianmeng bears the name of Elder, he does not actually comprehend the prohibition of heaven.

And Tianhong is comprehended by Tianhong!

The battle strength of the two is almost not at the same level!

Don’t say that he is impossible to defeat Tiankui in a short time.

Even if he can be extremely fast.

But is it really faster than Heavenly Void and Tianhong?

This one, but the two sides are really torn apart.

It is extremely unfavorable for him.

He can naturally help Tian Xingkong and Tianmeng in the battle against Tiankui.

But don’t forget, there is a Tianyun Old Ancestor behind Tiankui!

This is a gap that he can’t make up anyway!

Once Tianyun makes a move, he will undoubtedly lose!

At this time, Tian Xingkong and Tian Meng are also in the complexion is gloomy standing behind Heavenly Demon.

They understand that once war starts today.

I am afraid something will happen to the two of them!

Heavenly demon certainly does not matter.

But the strength of the two of them is far worse than Heavenly Demon!

“Hehe, patriarch, what does this mean? I just hope that the Xiaoxiao of the Human Race will not appear in the clan.”

Heavenly demon stared at the sky with a serious expression. Kui, but his face gradually calmed down after a while, hehe said with a smile.

When they heard Heavenly Demon’s words, the two of Tian Wuyou in the distance looked at each other unexpectedly.

Suddenly they already understand.

Heavenly demon this time is indeed too much.

Not only did it give Tianyue Old Ancestor a set!

I even have to go into the water without any worries!

The reason why Tianyue Old Ancestor didn’t show up this time, I’m afraid I also wanted to take the opportunity to warn the heavenly demon.

Before doing! Think clearly and weigh!

Before, Tiankui was always forbearing.

That is entirely for ethnic considerations!

Tiankui really doesn’t want Heavenly Demon Clan to have huge internal friction for this kind of thing.

But this time heavenly demon did a little too much.

Even making Tiankui such a good temper is a bit violent.

“hmph! Tiankui belongs to my Tiankui! As for the verification, I will do it naturally, without Supreme Elder’s trouble! In addition, my Tiankui also said, if the sky wind is there There is no accident in my Heavenly Demon Clan territory! The two factions of you and me! There must be one dead!”

Tiankui coldly snorted, then said decisively and loudly.

Compared with before, Tiankui’s attitude is much tougher and decisive this time!

And his sentence equivalent to is also underlined.

As long as heavenly demon dare to cross this line!

There must be one death between the heavenly demon and the Tiankui faction!

And since Tian Kui said this in front of the two of Tian Wuyou at this time.

Then once Tianfeng has an accident, Tiankui will inevitably use Thunder to eliminate Heavenly Demon Clan!

Even if it’s broken bones! Must also completely eliminate Heavenly Demon Clan.

And heavenly demon’s face was cold again at this time.

People in the world often say.

all lay load on the willing horse! all bully the good person!

In the past, Tiankui used ethnic groups to restrict himself too much!

This is what made Tiankui continue to endure the provocation of heavenly demon.

And this time, heavenly demon knows!

I am afraid that Tian Kui will not continue his bottomless patience with his faction next!

Although Tiankui is still the same as before, as long as they don’t do too much.

But if he secretly killed Tianfeng, I’m afraid Tiankui will really go away!

“hehe! Good! Since Lord Patriarch has said so, let Lord Patriarch check it out! But I have to ask patriarch to pay attention! Don’t take a Human Race really Stayed in my Heavenly Demon Clan!”

Heavenly demon hehe smiled but said in a cold voice.

The figure of the heavenly demon disappeared in a flash.

And left with heavenly demon.

Naturally, the two of Tian Xingkong didn’t dare to stay here for a long time, and they also left the Heavenly Demon Hall shaking their bodies right now.

See Heavenly Demon and the three of them retreat.

Tiankui complexion is coldly snorted of gloomy.

Just as heavenly demon didn’t dare to really drive him to death.

He didn’t want to drive heavenly demon to a dead end.

Otherwise, with heavenly demon, the formidable person’s temperament, he must do his best to destroy everything he has.

At this time, since Heavenly Demon retreated, he didn’t intend to do too much.

“patriarch! You should have been like this a long time ago! Otherwise, why is the heavenly demon so arrogant!”

Tianhong said with great joy.

Over the years, he has been irritated.

Whenever he is angry, Tiankui will tell him that he can tolerate it for the sake of ethnic considerations.

And Tianhong has been suffering from internal injuries over the years!

At this time, I saw that Heavenly Demon finally left with humiliation.

He was naturally extremely excited.

“Tianhong, this is not a good thing. After today, the relationship between us and heavenly demon will be more subtle. Don’t try to tease that Old Guy because of today’s affairs.”

Heavenly Void slightly smiled immediately.

Tianhong’s temperament is relatively more straightforward.

He was really afraid that Tianhong would be fine and take it out to mock the heavenly demon.

In case Heavenly Demon Qi is so agitated one day and slaps his head, it will be really troublesome.

“Hey! Don’t worry! I don’t know about this yet!”

Tianhong rolls the eyes speechlessly, whispered he doesn’t care.

Tiankui glanced at the heavenly demon hall that had been turned into ruins all around.

He waved his hand.

For a while, the heavenly demon hall that had been shattered was once again restored to its original appearance.

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