Tyrant War God Chapter 2499

In the next two months or so, Chen Shaofeng finally cracked the Twelfth disk.

At this time, he already has a lot of insights into the formation.

Even his Insights Realm has reached the peak of the late stage.

At this time, his Insights Realm has already surpassed its own cultivation base.

This is very rare in Cultivation World.

He asked himself if he could have ten or eight years of effort.

He can completely rely on his insights in the formation to make his Insights Realm successfully advanced to Heavenly Grade Early-Stage.

But that can be a bit outweighed.

And as he once again began to comprehend the thirteenth formation.

In the heavenly demon hall at this time.

“patriarch! This time’s Demon Race newcomer grand competition, are you sure you want Tianfeng to go out?”

Tianhong asked with frowning.

In his opinion, Tianfeng might be able to provoke the leader of their faction in the future.

At this time, they knew exactly what Tianfeng was in Hidden Scripture Pavilion.

Such a monster! If they were killed by the old fogey of heavenly demon after they really went out, then their faction would really be at a loss.

“Yes, if he doesn’t experience wind and rain, what’s the use of his is innate talent?”

Tiankui hehe smiled and calmed down.

“But patriarch, judging from the state of heavenly demon at this time, I am afraid that if Tianfeng goes out, he will have to die!”

Tianhong said helplessly with a bitter smile .

“Well…I’ll go to see Tianyun Old Ancestor.”

Tiankui thought about it carefully before opening the mouth and said.

Hearing Tianyun Old Ancestor, Tianhong’s face looked much better.

The cultivation base of Tianyun Old Ancestor is the strongest one in Heavenly Demon Clan.

If Tianfeng can be taken care of by Tianyun Old Ancestor, you can really rest assured.

At the moment, Tiankui was just a figure and left the heavenly demon hall.

A ten thousand zhang mountain top.

Tianyun with his eyes closed slowly raised his eyes.

“What do you want the old man to do for you this time?”

Tianyun said slightly smiled looked towards before.

“Tiankui, see Old Ancestor!”

Tiankui first saluted Tianyun, and then said: “I want Tianfeng to participate in the Demon Race grand competition, I don’t know Old What do you think of Ancestor?”

Tianyun shook the head slightly smiled.

“You have already decided why you should ask me?”

When Tian Kui heard this, he touched his nose in embarrassment.

“Old Ancestor, although I intended to let him go out to experience, but Heavenly demon Old Guy Old Ancestor also knows, so I think…”

“Oh So you want me to guarantee and protect him?”

Tianyun shook the head.

His time limit is not far at this time 1

If it were not for the extermination of the clan, he would not easily go down the mountain.

“Don’t dare! Tiankui just wants Old Ancestor to give him some means to save his life.”

Tiankui respectfully saluted.

Tian Yun sighed and looked at Tian Kui deeply.

He still understands what Tiankui thinks.

The reason why he can support Tiankui is because Tiankui’s heart is the entire Heavenly Demon Clan clan!

And heavenly demon is different! What heavenly demon needs is an obedient Heavenly Demon Clan who can create value for himself.

It is precisely because of this that he has been supporting Tiankui all these years.

As for Chen Shaofeng, Tian Kui had already told him about it.

Although from the bottom of his heart, he feels that this matter is very risky.

But I have to say.

For the entire Demon Origin World.

This may be the last and only chance.

If even Hongmeng Primal Chaos Dao Body cannot defeat that existence.

The Demon Origin World was shattered, and there was no hope anyway.

“Well, this thing is for you, this is because I sealed some of my own divine ability in it in the early years, but as time goes by, there is not much formidable power left, but It’s enough if you want to. Even if Heavenly Demon takes the shot himself, this thing can save his life. If he can’t save his life, then just give up.”

Tianyun then wanted a piece of it. Jade slip threw it to Tian Kui and said.

“many thanks Old Ancestor!”

Tiankui hurriedly ended up saluting the jade slip respectfully.

For Tianyun, Divine Ability may not have much formidable power.

But he can understand that not much formidable power is relative.

At the moment, Tiankui also left Tianyun and returned to the Heavenly Demon Hall.

At this time, Tianhong and Heavenly Void who have been waiting here are also curiously looked towards Tiankui.

They also want to know if Old Ancestor will help Tianfeng.

“It’s done! Old Ancestor gave him a piece of jade slip, this jade slip seals a divine ability of Old Ancestor, even the heavenly demon boy can’t bear it!”

Tiankui hehe smiled and took out the jade slip and said.

“patriarch! Tianyun Old Ancestor has never loved us so much, right? This kid is really lucky!”

Tianhong looked at Tiankui with greedy eyes Said jade slip.

Although Tianyun is nominally from their faction.

But in fact, Tianyun didn’t give them any help.

It will only show up on the matter of heavenly demon.

But they also understand in their hearts.

Tianyun is also for them!

After all, there is not much left of Tianyun’s life essence.

If Tiankui and the others are really allowed to rely on him, then Kui and the others can leave directly that day.

“Tianfeng is still in Hidden Scripture Pavilion?”

Tiankui asked casually.

“Yes! But it is estimated that it will be soon, he will be there for a year soon.”

Tianhong hehe said with a smile.

“Forget it, wait a minute! When the one-year deadline is up and call him, I also want to see if this kid can break thirteen lines in a year!”

Tiankui hehe smiled pondered then said.

Tianhong and Heavenly Void also glanced at each other to see the meaning in each other’s eyes.

Tiankui wants to see, they also want to see.

At least in this reincarnation within the realm.

This thing has never been done before.

And if Chen Shaofeng can really do it.

That’s also a good story.

Even if… he is not Heavenly Demon Clan clansman!

And as time goes by.

Two months have passed.

Today is the last day in a year when Chen Shaofeng began to crack the array.

However, Chen Shaofeng was really not sure at this time.

This thirteenth formation only took 99 Spirit Stone.

But the Heaven and Earth Rule contained in it surprised him.

For two months, it has been inferred non-stop.

Even he felt a little dizzy.

However, he is still not sure about this thirteenth formation.

“It’s the last day! Can I really not completely crack the thirteen lines?”

Chen Shaofeng was a little disappointed pondered then said.

Although he does not pursue perfection in everything.

But this is the last shiver!

It is always a stalk in my heart!

The sky is forbidden! Forbidden!

Suddenly Chen Shaofeng eyebrows slightly frowned.

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