Tyrant War God Chapter 2501


Chen Shaofeng glanced at the array in front of him.

What the young man said was right. Anyway, this lineup was arranged by himself, so he can do it again afterwards.

At the moment, he waved his hand and put away the Spirit Stone.

“Let’s go.”

Chen Shaofeng faintly smiled and said.

And with Chen Shaofeng leaving Hidden Scripture Pavilion.

Tian Meng frowned and looked at where Chen Shaofeng was sitting.

“I want to see if you really broke the thirteenth way!”

Tian fiercely rubbed his chin whispered.

After speaking, he stretched out his hand and waved, the Spirit Stones scattered on the ground were also connected by his aura.

He really couldn’t see the layout of Charlotte in some places.

But he can still draw a gourd in the same way.

After all, with his Divine King Realm’s cultivation base, I saw it last time, not to mention the complete comprehension, but it is still possible to make it as it is.

Not much effort.

In front of Tian Meng, a formation is slowly taking shape.

“This brat is really a bit of a trick! It’s mysterious and tight.”

Tian Meng simply glanced at the whispered formation in front of him.

Then both of his hands were pinched, and the formation was also led by his aura to the thirteenth formation opposite.


As the two formations collided.

There are two battles at a time. You come and I am stuck in a deadlock.

Tian Meng’s face also became gloomy.

Being able to stand in such a stalemate, it means that Charlotte has succeeded!

Because these thirteen formations do not require breaking the formation to be successful.

Even if it can be deadlocked, as long as the aura in this array is exhausted, it can be considered as a crack.

Because these thirteen formations test whether the cultivator has reached the level of this song, and whether the non-cultivator has surpassed this level.


However, he was distracted.

With a slight noise in front of him.

Wait for him to lower his head again.

The thirteenth circle in front of him has turned into Spirit Stones scattered all over the ground.


Tian Meng sucked in a cold breath.

“Unexpectedly! It was really broken!!”

Tian Meng’s face instantly turned pale.

Normally speaking, as long as you can withstand it, it is enough to exhaust the aura in this array.

But the breaking the formation disk also means that it has surpassed this realm.

“One year! Crack the thirteen ways!”

Tian Meng felt desperate in his heart.

This kind of innate talent, even the cultivation talent is against the sky.

Is there still such a person in this world?

How unfair this God is!

Especially he also knows that Chen Shaofeng has been comprehended to ban at this time.

This is something he hasn’t even realized for tens of thousands of years.

After a short absence.

He took out the jade slip decisively.

At the same time.

In a Cave Mansion.

Heavenly Demon sitting cross-legged suddenly opened his eyes.

“Okay! What a heavenly wind!”

Heavenly demon eyes slightly narrowed murderous intention pouring out. ,

For a while, even the flowers and grass plants on the surrounding mountains began to wither and turn yellow.

The terrifying murderous intention has cut off the vitality of these plants.

This is the only time his murderous intention has been so powerful in tens of thousands of years.

At this time, he has already decided in his heart, no matter how much it costs!

Tianfeng must die! Otherwise, his faction will be finished sooner or later!

At this time, in the heavenly demon hall.

“Tianfeng pays homage to Lord Patriarch.”

Chen Shaofeng stood outside the great hall respectfully.

“hehe, the wind is here, come in.”

Tiankui said with a smile hehe.

At this time, Chen Shaofeng only knew there were three factions in Heavenly Demon Clan, and as for the origins of hatred between the three factions, he really didn’t understand deeply.

As for Tian Kui, his heart is still a little hairy.

Although his Cloud Demon Orb was improved by the old fart.

But it is not guaranteed that there is such a pervert in Heavenly Demon Clan that can be seen through!

At the moment, he stepped vigilantly into the great hall.

“Tianfeng, sit down aside.”

When Tian Kui saw Chen Shaofeng coming in, hehe smiled and pointed to the stool beside him.

“many thanks patriarch.”

Chen Shaofeng was also welcome, and immediately sat down on the stool.

Only then did he have the mind to move towards all around and look around. ,

At this time, in this great hall, except for the patriarch of Tiankui.

There are two more people, one of them is white hair white beard, but he can’t see the slightest oldness!

The other is the appearance of a middle-aged man, staring at Chen Shaofeng with two eyeballs about to come out.


The hairy Chen Shaofeng who was seen by Tianhong cleared his throat.

“hehe, Tianfeng, you are the best clansman of this lineage contemporary innate talent. I think if the future Heavenly Demon Clan can be handed over to you, I can wait too. Don’t worry.”

Tian Kui hehe smiled and said relaxedly.

Yeah! ?

Chen Shaofeng looked at Tian Kui unexpectedly.

He was really a little surprised. Tian Kui actually asked him to come, that’s it?

“Back to Lord Patriarch, Tianfeng doesn’t want to command Heavenly Demon Clan.”

Chen Shaofeng slightly hesitated then said.

And I heard Chen Shaofeng’s words.

Tian Kui also couldn’t help showing a faint look on his face.

When seeing the expression on Tian Kui’s face, Chen Shaofeng’s heart tightened.

“Broken! This really hit a pig!”

Chen Shaofeng’s heart was cold.

He inadvertently answered the question according to his own thoughts.

He is not the clansman of Heavenly Demon Clan after all!

If he is really the clansman of Heavenly Demon Clan, then would he be unwilling to lead Heavenly Demon Clan! ?

This is probably the wish of every Heavenly Demon Clan clansman?

“Back to Lord Patriarch, although Tianfeng does not want to be the patriarch of Heavenly Demon Clan, it is because I do not want to analyze things in the clan, but I may not be able to keep Heavenly Demon Clan immortal.”

Chen Shaofeng slightly hesitated, and hurriedly remedied it again.

And what he said is not very full.

He just said that Heavenly Demon Clan will not be destroyed.

But if he is capable of suppressing Heavenly Demon Clan one day, he only needs to open up an area for Heavenly Demon Clan to inhabit.

When the time comes, this area is directly shielded by Formation so that it cannot be connected to the outside world.

Although he does not intend to lead Heavenly Demon Clan by himself, he is interested in cultivating someone who can lead Heavenly Demon Clan.

If Heavenly Demon Clan can control him, then the situation will naturally be different.

When the time comes, even if Heavenly Demon Clan is not sealed, it is completely possible.

For now, at least, the three Tian Kuang three people feel not bad for him.

Heavenly Demon Clan is just like Human Race, which also includes Seven Emotions and Six Desires.

Greed, hatred, and hatred, but there is also loyalty and affection.

The hatred between the two races is only driven by their own interests.

I can’t say who is really right.

And I heard Chen Shaofeng’s words.

Tiankui also brows slightly wrinkle and pondered.

He naturally knew that the sky wind at this time was no longer the sky wind.

At this time, the meaning of Chen Shaofeng’s words is very obvious.

He is willing to be the patriarch of Heavenly Demon Clan.

Because he is a Human Race after all!

The spread of this kind of thing will not benefit Chen Shaofeng in the slightest.

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