Tyrant War God Chapter 2502

But Chen Shaofeng can guarantee that his Heavenly Demon Clan incense will not go out!

Although this is not the answer Tiankui wanted.

But it is still an acceptable answer.

“Tianfeng, do you know how much patriarch has done for you?”

Tianhong said a little displeased.

His temperament has always been a job.

The temperament of Tian Kuang has several points of similarity.

Heavenly Void has already speculated something faintly at this time, but Tianhong is not aware of the problem at all.

Or he might have guessed something subconsciously, but his head directly gave up thinking about this option.


Chen Shaofeng was taken aback. For more than a year, he has spent most of his time in the Hidden Scripture Pavilion.

The rest of the time is basically in the clan contests of Heavenly Demon Clan.

I didn’t do anything! What did Kui do for himself this day?

Chen Shaofeng looked towards Tiankui with some confusion.

“Tianhong! Shut up!”

Tiankui reprimanded face turned cold.

If you are letting Tianhong continue.

How can the sky wind in front of you fail to hear the problem?

He was really afraid that Chen Shaofeng would leave directly because of the doubts in his heart.

His only idea now is to constantly help Chen Shaofeng.

And it’s not clear to help! He wants to help Chen Shaofeng secretly.

Because of the clear help, I am afraid that Chen Shaofeng will give up directly at Heavenly Demon Clan in surprise.

If he secretly helps, Chen Shaofeng will know all this one day.

The supreme existence of Demon Origin World, even the dead can be rescued from the long river of time.

Going into the long river of time is clearly understood. In the past, it was nothing difficult!

At this time, everything he sits for Chen Shaofeng, if Chen Shaofeng can cultivation to that realm one day.

Then Chen Shaofeng will naturally know all this.

And if Chen Shaofeng can’t cultivation to that realm.

Then he can only say that a mud that Hongmeng Primal Chaos Dao Body can’t support! I really take it!

So in general, he is not asking Chen Shaofeng to remember him and reward him.

It’s that he wants to keep Chen Shaofeng owing favors without knowing it, and let Chen Shaofeng clearly understand all this one day.

Naturally think of his help, so as to help Heavenly Demon Clan get rid of the control of that existence.

What he did was the entire Heavenly Demon Clan! It’s not just Heavenly Demon Clan from Land of Samsara.

Heard Tiankui’s reprimand.

Heavenly Void glanced at Tianhong seemingly.

Looking at the three unfathomable mystery in front of them.

Chen Shaofeng feels a little bit bottomless in his heart.

But at least at this moment, it seems that these three people don’t want to be disadvantageous to themselves.

“Tianfeng, it’s good that you can keep me Heavenly Demon Clan immortal, but I hope you can live in Heavenly Demon one day in the future, otherwise I’m afraid one day, you will do it for today It’s difficult to say that.”

Tiankui said with a smile.

Chen Shaofeng frowned and looked at Tian Kui.

He always feels that Tiankui has hidden meaning.

But Tian Kui didn’t say it broke, he didn’t dare to say it! After all, this is the hinterland of Heavenly Demon Clan!

Exposing your identity at this time is courting death.

Furthermore, since Tiankui didn’t intend to make a move, why should he rush to expose himself?

“Please rest assured, Lord Patriarch, Tianfeng is under Lord Patriarch’s command and will naturally do something for us this lineage.”

Chen Shaofeng also said vaguely.

Tiankui was stunned for hearing this, and then shook the head with a wry smile.

He reminded Chen Shaofeng vaguely.

Chen Shaofeng This is good, but he also gave him a vague sentence.

The two of them are tacit, but they don’t point out.

“Take this jade slip, this jade slip is given to you by Tianyun Old Ancestor, and a Tianyun Old Ancestor Divine Ability is sealed in it. Once it is displayed, even the heavenly demon will be old fogey. It has to be hit hard, but you can’t use it until it’s a critical moment. Even I can’t ask you for a second copy of this thing.”

Tian Kui casually threw a piece of jade slip to Chen Shaofeng without caring.

“many thanks…”

Chen Shaofeng took the jade token and wanted to say many thanks patriarch.

But looking back, what Tiankui meant, the reason why Tianyun Old Ancestor gave him this jade slip is because of Tiankui!

Chen Shaofeng really couldn’t see through this Tiankui for a while.

If this is the case, then Kui seems to be too much for him this day, right?

Although his innate talent is excellent.

But Tiankui only needs to keep himself from leaving the domain of Heavenly Demon Clan.

Why go and ask Tianyun to give him such a life-saving trump card?

Tian Kui, who knew that he had fumbled, looked at the strangely smiling Heavenly Void, and then touched his nose speechlessly.

He didn’t take this matter seriously, and just said it casually.

You can see Chen Shaofeng’s shocked expression at this time, he can also guess it.

Chen Shaofeng is probably already aware of something.

“The innate talent you showed must attract the attention of heavenly demon. This time you go out and do everything carefully. Tianyun Old Ancestor has promised that you can choose one from him. treasure, I hope you can get what you want from Tianyun Old Ancestor when you come back this time.”

Tiankui hehe smiled and restored calmly and said.

Knowing that I just made a mistake.

He is also telling Chen Shaofeng about changing directions.

What you need is still in Tianyun Old Ancestor.

You can’t just leave like this.

“Yes! Lord Patriarch.”

Chen Shaofeng got up and saluted.

At this time, the things that should be explained have been explained.

He also knew that at this time he just had to leave.

At the moment, he turned and left the heavenly demon hall after retiring and saluting.

Get out of the heavenly demon hall.

He turned his head and looked at the heavenly demon hall with weird gaze.

He always feels that Kui always seems to speak meaningfully this day.

But he was not sure whether Tian Kui was testing him or he already knew.

Slightly hesitated, he turned and moved towards his residence and flew away.

“You two, how about the three crazy people that day?”

When Chen Shaofeng left, Tian Kui laughed and said towards Heavenly Void, looking towards Heavenly Void.

“Tian Kuang? Are those three little rookies who mingled with Tianfeng all day?” Tianhong asked puzzledly.

“Lord Patriarch, if you have something to say directly, why do you have to talk like this with us?”

Heavenly Void hehe shrugged helplessly with a smile.

“haha…As expected, nothing can be hidden from you.”

Tiankui haha ​​smiled and admitted carefreely.

“What are you talking about? Is that kid called Tian Kuang also a genius?”

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