Tyrant War God Chapter 2503

Tianhong scratched his head in confusion.

“Tianhong, how about you mad as a dísciple that day?”

Tiankui hehe smiled helplessly and shook the head looked towards Tianhongdao.

“What!? That kid’s innate talent can only be regarded as improvised, let me accept him as a dísciple? Isn’t that blinding my real gold?”

Tianhong yelled with difficulty.

Hearing Tian Hong’s words, Tian Kui and Heavenly Void immediately rolled the eyes together.

Are you really an unpolished jade?

It’s just a silly white sweet!

Fortunately, this is in my own faction.

If you put it on the heavenly demon side, I’m afraid it would have been eaten without bones.

“I think the mad temperament that day is very suitable for you. Why don’t you accept him as a dísciple? You have never received a dísciple in these years. It just so happens that this time can be considered as inheriting your mantle. “

Tian Kui waved his hand instructed.

“Let him inherit my mantle? Then my mantle is completely gone!?”

Tianhong collapsed on the chair in despair.

“Hehe, second child, don’t tell me, that kid is very right with you, maybe you will be surprised if you accept him as a dísciple.”

Heavenly Void hehe smiled and jokingly said.

“Heavenly Void, I will leave it to you that day.”

Tiankui smiled hehe looked towards Heavenly Void.

“Well, it doesn’t matter who I accept.”

Heavenly Void hehe smiled indifferently.

He has almost guessed what Tiankui thinks.

Their three people have been together for tens of thousands of years.

This tacit understanding is still there.

“haha! The second child! I took a male disciple anyway, you actually took a female disciple, you are an old male, but you are a good match! hahaha…”

When Tianhong saw Heavenly Void and promised to accept Tianni, haha ​​smiled and teased.

Don’t look at his normally carefree, he is quite grudges.

Heavenly Void ridiculed him just now, and his backhand is just looking back.

Heavenly Void gave Tianhong a speechless glance.

In their faction.

Naturally, Tiankui is the leader.

And his Heavenly Void is nominally the Great Elder of Heavenly Demon Clan.

So he normally calls Tianhong the second child. ,

But this caused Tianhong’s dissatisfaction.

Why the three of us, you Great Elder are not the second child?

At this time, he returned to his residence.

The three of Tian Kuang were not there.

Chen Shaofeng continued to comprehend in Secret Scriptures Palace this year.

And the Tian Kuang three people did not stop in the cultivation at all.

At this time, there is only one month left in the grand competition for the rookie of Demon Race.

According to the distance, he had to trigger the past few days.

If it is too long, I am afraid it will be too late.

At the moment, he took out the jade token and said it to the three people of Tian Kuang, and asked them to come back first.

The Tian Kuang trio will likely become his three most loyal irons in Heavenly Demon Clan in the future.

This time Tiankui’s affairs made him a little unpredictable. He had to at least ventilate the three of them in advance.

After he sent the message, the three of them returned to the small courtyard without much effort.

“Brother Feng! You are finally back!”

Tian Kuang said with carefree excitement as soon as he came back.

Especially he is still trying to leak some of his own breath.

Chen Shaofeng looked at Tian Kuang speechlessly.

As soon as the three of Tian Kuang came back, he had already seen their cultivation base.

The entry is pretty good.

It can be seen that the three of them were doing desperate cultivation during this period of time.

At least he is still very satisfied.

“Don’t show off when you are done! What is your cultivation base in front of Brother Feng!”

Tian Ni muttered silently.

Tian Kuang scratched his head in embarrassment.

If Chen Shaofeng tells this kind of thing, he will naturally have face.

But let Tianni come back so embarrassed, it would be embarrassing.

“Brother Feng! Have you cracked the thirteenth path?”

Tianye curiously asked.

Even they had heard of Charlotte more than once during the secluded bitter cultivation.

Although their three people have not really gone out to see Charlotte, they are still curious.

“I don’t know. It happened that I was called away by patriarch when I cracked the thirteenth line. No matter what, at least I have an innate talent for the line. That’s okay.”

Chen Shaofeng said indifferently.

The three Tian Kuang looked at each other and they all saw the envy in each other’s eyes.

Do you see if this is human!

It’s okay to study and deduct it.

Ordinary people just want to have no chance yet. Because he doesn’t have that innate talent!

“By the way, I may be going to participate in the grand competition for the newcomer of the Demon Race soon. If patriarch or whoever finds you afterwards, please pay attention to it.”

Chen Shaofeng said casually .

“Don’t worry, Brother Feng! What is there to pay attention to, we are messing with you, what are you afraid of! Even if it is Tian Wuyou Elder, I dare to tell him like this!”

Tian Kuang said proudly in his chest.

When they heard this, Tianye and Tianni trembled.

The two of them want to remind Tian Kuang now.

“Boy! Be smart! You are in the set up Sect department anyway! Be careful not to die!”

Chen Shaofeng took a deep look at Tian Kuang.

Although Tian Kuang is normally carefree, he believes that even now!

Tian Kuang knows that he is Human Race! He will never do anything to him!

This is Tian Kuang! Although it looks like a nerve, but Pure Heart only recognizes him Chen Shaofeng!

“Brother Feng, don’t worry, you suddenly have such a strong innate talent this time. To be honest, we just know that you got the chance in the Forbidden Land of Samsara. We just want to say nothing. I know.”

Tianye slightly smiled calmly said.

Charlot looked towards Tianye nodded with satisfaction.

This day industry is really too smart!

Although the three innate talents in front of you may not be the best.

But at least it’s not thankless wretch.

“Okay, I will do some repairs in the past two days, and then I am ready to leave. You should go back and continue the cultivation. Be careful in all cases.”

Chen Shaofeng laughed at hehe Said.

But he suddenly remembered what Tianhong said just now.

Tiankui helped himself a lot…

Recalling at this time, the thirteen formations, although he is still uncertain whether the last one was broken.

But at least he has broken twelve points for sure.

The identity of Tianfeng belongs to the Tiankui faction. ,

If you say heavenly demon, then Old Guy really didn’t bother him, I’m afraid it’s unrealistic.

The Tiankui whom Tianhong said did a lot for him.

Thinking about it, it is probably due to some reasons from heavenly demon.

Now he looked at the three Tian Kuang in front of him.

He doesn’t think Heavenly Demon will involve the three people in front of him because of him.

Because these three are in the set up Sect department.

“Be careful of heavenly demon, I’m afraid he might attack you because of me, so please keep an eye on you normally!”

Chen Shaofeng reminded him earnestly.

“en! That’s true. The innate talent that Feng brother showed at this time is indeed a bit beyond everyone’s expectations. Heavenly Demon will probably do everything possible to deal with Feng Feng, and the three of us are just in the middle. Set up Sect is the three clansman of rateless. I really don’t know if Heavenly Demon will do anything.”

Tianye browses slightly wrinkle pondered then said

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