Tyrant War God Chapter 2505

This is too crazy!

It’s a heavenly demon city!

And when I heard Chen Shaofeng’s words, all around, all the gangsters took a few steps back again.

“Look! That Heavenly Demon Clan clansman seems to be angry!”

“Yes! I dared to bump into Heavenly Demon Clan! It was courting death!”

“Hey…that little girl seems to be simply not that old, didn’t expect her life was lost here.”

For a while, everyone in the distance whispered.

“Hey! Tell you! Ben…this Miss I’m not afraid of you! Why! You still want to eat me!”

The little girl proudly raised her head and patted disdainfully Said the airport of the chest.

Ha! ?

Chen Shaofeng looked at the little girl in front of him in astonishment.

This what the hell is that!

Is it really so arrogant?

Chen Shaofeng was really a little confused for a while.

After all, this is a Demon Race!

Maybe there is something he doesn’t know.

If you follow the normal routine, the little girl in front of you might be… an idiot?

Chen Shaofeng looked at her regretfully.

“Forget it, what do I care about with an idiot?”

Thinking about it, Chen Shaofeng had some speechless shook the head and then turned around and left.

“Hold on!”

But he wants to leave! The little girl was not happy anymore.

Chen Shaofeng looked back at the little girl in confusion.

“hmph! Do you want to go? No way! Today you must let me show you the way, or I want you to look good! Also! You are an idiot! Your whole family are idiots!”

The little girl said with a full face.

However, with this weird scene here.

all around The demon races who are onlookers are all dumbfounded.

Has the world changed?

Their ordinary bastards turned over and became the masters!

For a while, even these bastards felt like they were dreaming.


I don’t know which expert it is, a loud slap slapped his face.

“Oh! It’s not a dream!? What’s the matter?”

“Hehe, what’s your name?”

Some Chen Shaofeng Curiously squatted down and asked.

“My name is… My name is Moshenger!”

The Moshenger lifts the head proudly.

“Moshenger? Hehe, I don’t know if you thought you were called Shengmoer.”

Chen Shaofeng glanced at the head of Moshenger shook the head and said with a pursed mouth.

Just like the clansman surname of Heavenly Demon Clan, the clansman surname of Demon Race will be the same.

Saint Demon Race! Their surnames are the holy characters!

At this time, Chen Shaofeng felt happy when he heard the name Moshenger.

This is really the same in every world, please!

“Well, since you want to lead the way, what kind of reward do you want?”

Chen Shaofeng asked with a smile.

“Well…you can just give me tens of thousands of Spirit Stones for a while.”

The magic sage gnawed his fingers for a while and said seriously.


Hearing what the Demon Sage said, the Demon Race clansman all around were stared wide-eyed in horror.

What do you mean by giving tens of thousands of Spirit Stone?

You mean too interesting, right? Tens of thousands of Spirit Stones! Think of it as tens of thousands of pigs!

If you can get tens of thousands of Spirit Stones if you lead the way, please let me lead the way. I don’t want tens of thousands. I only need a few thousands.

For a time, all the bastards were curiously looked towards Chen Shaofeng.

And Chen Shaofeng was also a little surprised and looked at Mo Shenger.

This tone is really not small,

A few tens of thousands of dollars is just the meaning.

If this is not interesting, I am afraid that all my wealth may not be able to it!

“Hey! It’s stingy! You are also a Demon Race anyway. You can’t even get tens of thousands of Spirit Stones out, right?”

The devil screamed dissatisfied. Yelled.

Chen Shaofeng trembled a few times.

When he first met the three of Tian Kuang.

There are only a hundred thousand Spirit Stones on the three people of Tian Kuang.

If this is to let the Tian Kuang three people come over.

After taking a few trips, they went bankrupt!

This fee is too expensive!

“Ten Spirit Stones, don’t bring them.”

Chen Shaofeng stood up and was about to leave.

“What!? Ten yuan!? Hey! They all say that they are asking for a lot of money, and they will pay back, but you can’t directly smash through the ground!?”

Looking at Chen Shaofeng’s simple figure, Mo Shenger grabbed Chen Shaofeng’s sleeve and complained.

“The logic is okay. You are asking the price so wildly. I cut directly into the ground. This is fair.”

Chen Shaofeng shrugged indifferently and turned around.

All around the gangsters are nodded.

Leading the way is a matter of Spirit Stone!

These ten Spirit Stones are considered to be a rich landlord!

Many of them are now considering whether they will come here too!

Directly open the cost of the Spirit Stone of one hundred thousand yuan and one million yuan.

In the end, as long as they can earn ten Spirit Stones, they are very satisfied.


Mo Shenger was choked by Chen Shaofeng’s words.

But her eyes rolled.

“hehe! Ten yuan is ten yuan! I will show you the way for one year, you give me ten yuan a day, 3650 yuan a year, settled in one lump sum, no arrears.”

Moshenger stretched out a hand and said proudly.

“Yeah! Am I professional or are you professional? You brat knows a shit! Give me another year, do you know where I am going?”

Chen Shaofeng said something that didn’t know whether to cry or laugh.

This demon sage is really a talent if he doesn’t do business!

If this is to do business, I am afraid that the whole Demon Race will be hers sooner or later!

“You are brat! You know Ben! Girl! How old is it?”

Mo Shenger grinned disdainfully.

“Well…I think your hair is still not full of legs.”

Chen Shaofeng looked at the Demon Sage in front of him seriously and said with a serious face.

“You! hmph! This Miss doesn’t care about you! If you say yes, I will show you the way for a year, and Spirit Stone will give it to me.”

Coldly snorted extend the hand said.

Chen Shaofeng was also a little confused when he saw this scene before him.

What is this?

Forced to be led the way?

When did you agree, did you lead the way so horribly?

“I’m going to Saint Demon Realm, why? Would you like to show me a way?”

Chen Shaofeng stroked his chin, and his eyes shined immediately.

“Holy Demon’s Domain?”

The devil’s son heard this term immediately complexion stiffened. ,

Then he glanced at Chen Shaofeng with furrowed brows.

“Why are you going to that ruined place?”

After a long while, Mo Shenger frowned and asked.

“Broken…broken place?”

Chen Shaofeng was also taken aback.

The Saint Demon Domain is the territory of Saint Demon Race.

And the Saint Demon Race is the most Supreme race among the demons.

Even if he is Heavenly Demon Clan don’t dare provoke!

The little girl in front of her dared to talk about the broken place!

If this is spread out by the people of Saint Demon Race, I’m afraid I don’t know how it died!

When the time comes, Tiankui can’t help if he wants to help himself.

And all around those bastards who heard this, suddenly disappeared, and there was no root hair left on the scene.

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