Tyrant War God Chapter 2509

If the father of Tianfeng does not die, I am afraid that in a few years, the father of Tianfeng will become the new Heavenly Demon Clan patriarch.

Is this weak? !

Mo Shenger’s words are like a face-slapped Heavenly Demon Clan almost all clansman!

The balance is naturally one of them.

In terms of strength, the strength of the balance is far worse than the father of Tianfeng.

At this time, the devil said why Tianfeng’s father is so weak, what about them? I’m afraid it’s not as good as garbage, right?

And once again realized that he had made a mistake.

Mo Shenger hurriedly reached out and covered his mouth.

She then took a peek at the balance of the complexion ashen.

At this time, if the balance is not for identity.

I’ve slapped the Demon Sage a long time ago.

A trifling is just a lowly bastard!

How dare to humiliate Heavenly Demon Clan so much!

Because the meaning of Mo Shenger’s words is that I am not targeting individual people, I am saying that people in your clan are all rubbish posture.

Chen Shaofeng was also slightly frightened.

He is not really the wind.

He originally wanted to lure Demon Shenger to say something unkind, so that he would be able to prevaricate.

But didn’t expect his temptation is too effective!

Mo Shenger unexpectedly gave him a big surprise.

If this is the case that Tian Ping directly destroys Demon Sheng’er, he will really kill Demon Sheng’er.

Secretly glanced at the iron-green color of Tianping’s face.

Chen Shaofeng himself is slightly relaxed.

At least the balance is not held accountable.

After all, this is a heavenly demon Auction House. If he doesn’t take any reason here, he won’t be able to say anything even if he wants to speak for the demon saint.

“Senior, the Five Elements Spirit Stone has been delivered.”

Outside the door, a young man’s voice sounded.

“Come in!”

Tian Ping said coldly.

And speak with the balance.

A young man outside the door also walked in with a storage bag.

“Senior, this is the Five Elements Spirit Stone.”

The youth respectfully put the Five Elements Spirit Stone on the table and said.

“Go down.”

The balance waved his hand impatiently.

Here is a young man who will Demon Race.

The balance is too lazy to be polite.

The youth of Demon Race looked at the weird combination of Chen Shaofeng and Mo Shenger with some curiosity, and then left the room respectfully.

“Let’s check it.”

The balance dropped the storage bag to Chen Shaofeng and said.

Chen Shaofeng took the storage bag when he even penetrated Spiritual Consciousness into it.

I checked and confirmed that there is no problem with the Five Elements Spirit Stone in the storage bag.

Chen Shaofeng also waved a storage bag to the front of the balance.

And after checking the balance.

Nodded at the moment, and there is nothing to say.

Chen Shaofeng naturally knows what the balance means.

The balance has no plans to speak any more.

He and Mo Shenger can leave by themselves.

“Thanks Senior, Junior goodbye.”

Chen Shaofeng moved towards Mo Shenger winked.

Mo Shenger blinked playfully and hurriedly followed Chen Shaofeng and left the balance room.

And as the two hurriedly left Auction House.

Chen Shaofeng looked at the Demon Sage in front of him with a bad face.

“Do you feel uncomfortable if you don’t look for things for a second?”

Chen Shaofeng said fiercely fiercely.

“Isn’t it intentional! Besides, they are telling the truth!”

Mo Shenger knew that he was wrong, and explained the grievance at the moment.

“Not deliberately!? If you deliberately, it is estimated that you will be killed directly that day!”

Chen Shaofeng slapped his forehead. Wailed.

At this time he really regretted it.

Why do I have to trouble myself so much!

“hmph! Just rely on him? If he dares to touch me, I will let him peel off Heavenly Demon Clan!”

The Demon Sage heard Chen Shaofeng’s words, suddenly The dissatisfied coldly snorted and said.

Chen Shaofeng hearing this frowned and looked at Mo Shenger carefully.

The feeling this Demon Sage gives him is really amazing!

It’s just an ordinary bastard! Can actually be arrogant to such an extent!

If you say that if this Demon Sage is very beautiful and alluring, then it will be accepted by the expert of Saint Demon Race.

But Demon Sage is just an ordinary, even a bit ugly ordinary bastard.

Which Saint Demon Race expert Senior was blinded and looked at her?

Chen Shaofeng shook the head helplessly.

But suddenly he eyes shined.

“I pretended to be a Heavenly Demon Clan through the effect of the Cloud Demon Orb! What about this little girl? What if she also has a treasure that can disguise her identity? Demon Sainter… Demon Saint Er… this name is really explicit! Isn’t it the holy demon? Isn’t she actually a holy Demon Race?”

The breathing is slightly stagnant.

Chen Shaofeng looked towards the Demon Sage in front of him with a bit of astonishment.

“You! What do you want to do! Ben! This Miss is not for sale!”

The magic sage saw Chen Shaofeng’s inexplicable look.

There is a shivered fear in my heart.

“Ah? no no no! I suddenly thought that although you are looking for the first place, but the way to lead is a bit unambiguous, holy devil, do you say I want to give you more Spirit Stone As reward?”

Chen Shaofeng said with a gentle smile on his face.

The magic sage is hearing this for a moment.

She sneaked out of Saint Demon Race this time.

I just came out to play.

The goal she set for herself is not to use her own Spirit Stone.

Rely on yourself to earn Spirit Stone to make your life moist!

This idea is naive, but in her opinion it is a very simple thing!

So she pretended to be an ordinary Demon Race in this heavenly demon city.

However, it has been more than a month.

She didn’t earn a Spirit Stone. If this continues, she will starve to death on the streets.

This time, Sapo fooled Chen Shaofeng with great difficulty.

Now I hear Chen Shaofeng wants to give her more Spirit Stone.

Where does she care about the details in Chen Shaofeng’s words?

Currently busy nodded extend the hand, I am waiting to receive the reward.

“By the way, Sheng Mo’er, how much do you want?”

Chen Shaofeng smiled and said to the Mo Sheng’er in front of him.

“It doesn’t need much, you give me…this Miss is a Spirit Stone of 8,000, and this Miss is not a greedy person.”

The child said triumphantly.

“Well, Sheng Moer may not be, but Mo Shenger may be a greedy guy.”

Chen Shaofeng said with a smile.

“That’s natural! This Miss is…”

The Demon Shenger proudly raised his head and said.

But it suddenly happened at the end.

She also realized that something was wrong.

Extend the hand hurriedly and covered his mouth.

Chen Shaofeng is happy.

This little girl is so naive.

That’s how I exposed myself.

How did Saint Demon Race cultivate such an idiot?

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