Tyrant War God Chapter 2511

“Boy! Listen! If you dare to move, great aunt will chop off your paws and feed the dog!”

Having finally earned some Spirit Stone.

Sheng Mo’er is really unwilling to use it, and the fiercely warned Chen Shaofeng.

He glanced at Sheng Mo’er silently.

Chen Shaofeng closed his eyes right now and began to reason.

Chaos! ?

Move you! ?

With your respectable face, I am afraid that I will startle myself when I open my eyes in the middle of the night!

Chen Shaofeng almost said: You stay in this room, the air in this room exudes an ugly smell.

Seeing Chen Shaofeng, I didn’t bother to take care of myself.

Sheng Mo’er is also slightly relaxed.

At this time, I was tired for a day.

Sheng Mo’er is also a little tired.

I was lying on the bed now, and fell asleep when I was not too old.

And Chen Shaofeng started to derive.

The formation mark engraved on the virtual palace is very extraordinary.

The person who wanted to come to the engraving was also an expert in the formation.

Even Chen Shaofeng’s attainments at this time, it is very difficult to derive this formation mark.

At this time, although he still has one and a half months to use.

But this time is also very urgent.

He didn’t dare to delay.

After all, the grand competition for the newcomers of Demon Race is the key point.

And with the deduction of the purpose of the formation mark.

Chen Shaofeng also hesitated in his heart.

The previously engraved formation mark has no meaning for defense at all.

Almost all is to increase speed.

This goes on like this, and the next formation mark must be careful.

At present, one of the issues he has to consider is whether it is balanced or extreme.

According to his thinking, this flying palace magic weapon is better balanced.

After all, this thing may be life-saving when it is critical.

But if this speed is fast enough, it can get rid of the opponent’s tracking.

That can also save your life.

But what he fears is that if the formation mark is all about speed, then the defensive of this magic weapon is too bad.

I am afraid that a Divine King Realm can be defeated.

Although Divine King Realm repairers may not be able to catch up.

But just in case.

As the deduction continues.

Chen Shaofeng also fell into a deep sense.

At this time, he has no concept of time.

There is only a single thought in my heart, and that is deduction.

And his hands.

The upper virtual palace is also constantly ups and downs.

The Spiritual Consciousness of Chen Shaofeng is tightly wrapped around the upper virtual palace.

Zhengdao is the embodiment of Heaven and Earth Rule.

The use of the array is like the Creator’s use of the Heaven and Earth Rule.

The engraving of the formation mark is also the engraving rule.

Although drawing rules does not mean creating rules, it is also of great benefit to the practitioner.

Three days passed in a blink of an eye.

The Shangxu Palace in Chen Shaofeng’s hands has already begun to be engraved.

With his Spiritual Consciousness turned into a chisel.

The formation mark of one after another slowly appeared on the Shangxu Palace.

Suddenly, Chen Shaofeng’s Spirit Stone stopped suddenly.

His breath also fell silent.

At this time, the holy devil, who had been holding back for three days, was about to go crazy for a moment.

“Sudden enlightenment?”

The holy devil is a bit sluggish and whispered. ,

“Didn’t expect that he still has such a chance.”

Shen Moer is slightly hesitated, at this time she has no such naive stupidity on her face Bai Tian’s appearance.

On the contrary, it is more mature.

After thinking for a while, she got up and came to Chen Shaofeng’s side.

Chen Shaofeng This is the second start.

The formation mark is obviously different from the previous one.

At this time, the formation mark engraved by Chen Shaofeng is obviously much more complicated than before.

Sheng Mo’er watched carefully, and then lifts the head a little surprised and looked at Chen Shaofeng.

“What the hell is this kid? Haven’t heard that Heavenly Demon Clan has such an enchantment before?”

After a long while, she stood up and smiled slightly.

“It seems that he has entered a deep level of sudden enlightenment, hey…this look really makes this Saintess work hard.”

while speaking, the original holy magic Only as high as Chen Shaofeng’s thigh, he actually slowly lifted up.

After a while.

A girl with an extremely plump body and a face like a fairy appeared in the room.

And where is this girl who has the grotesquely shaped appearance ahhhh before!

Even the Human Race repairer watched it! I can’t even tell that she is a bastard! It’s almost the same scene as the ordinary Human Race.

And as she opened her eyes.

Her eyes are different.

The left eye looks like a triangle, and the right eye is a crescent-shaped purple pupil.

In conjunction with her beautiful appearance.

It is estimated that even if Chen Shaofeng saw it, he would be shocked in his heart.

Restored to the original appearance.

Sheng Moer briefly moved his body.

I just did it next to Chen Shaofeng.

And with watching.

For a while, Sheng Mo’er’s heart became more and more surprised.

Although in the sudden enlightenment, the understanding of the practitioner will increase very quickly.

But that also has a limit!

At this time, Chen Shaofeng’s sentiment on the road has improved rapidly.

She was a little surprised.

“Although it is in the sudden enlightenment, the innate talent on this enlightenment can almost be compared with me. This time the sudden enlightenment is over, I am afraid it will not be a few years before his accomplishments in the enlightenment. It’s not under me anymore!”

Sheng Mo’er touched his chin pondered then said.

At this time, Chen Shaofeng simply didn’t know that the ugly little girl had turned into a beauty.

With the deepening of sentiment.

He is also becoming more and more curious about Battle Dao.

In his opinion, this formation is almost a form of expression independent of the rules.

It’s not so much a manifestation of rules, it’s more of an outline of a World Rule.

And in this kind of sudden enlightenment.

His thinking is becoming more and more open.

The speed is getting faster and faster.

On the upper virtual palace, one after another formation mark is quickly outlined.

The Five Elements Spirit Stone is also embellished to become a formation eye.

Seven days passed in a blink of an eye.

At this time, the formation mark on the upper virtual palace has reached the final stage.

Sheng Mo’er stood up, and followed her pinch to make a decision.

For a time, her body shrank again.

Not much effort.

The original ugly little girl is back.

“Hey…in order to come out and play, I really can fight! Even pretending to be this ugly look!”

Sheng Mo’er sighed helplessly .


And at this moment.

The Shangxugong in Chen Shaofeng’s hands shook slightly.

Then the masterpiece of rays of light appeared on it.

The above formation mark flickers reveals extraordinary!

“This kid is really an alien! The speed of the increase is beyond my expectation. It’s really evil! How could Heavenly Demon Clan come out such a monster? But if it is his aptitude, he can It was taken as my own by my Saint Demon Race.”

The Saint Demon looked at Chen Shaofeng whispered.

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