Tyrant War God Chapter 2512

The Saint Demon Race is different from the other three races.

The population of Saint Demon Race is very small.

Even compared with the Divine Beast group, it is not bad at all.

The total population of Saint Demon Race is only tens of thousands of people.

Compared to the clansman of Heavenly Demon Clan several millions, the clansman of Demon Race is billions.

The population of Saint Demon Race is too sparse.

However, Saint Demon Race also has a secret technique.

The bloodline of people who are not Saint Demon Race can be converted into the bloodline of Saint Demon Race.

And this secret technique is called bloodline baptism in Saint Demon Race.

What this bloodline baptism needs is a lot of blood essence of Saint Demon Race clansman!

Even if each Saint Demon Race clansman contributes a drop.

It can be said that there is only one baptism every 10,000 years.

It’s not uncommon for those common demons to be fancyed in the Holy Demon City.

But those bastards are only a few after all!

And more of them actually come from Demon Race and Heavenly Demon Clan.

Because these two ethnic groups are born to occupy this huge advantage.

For countless years. ,

St. Demon Race has also absorbed a lot of clansman with excellent talents.

But even so, the bloodline of Saint Demon Race is still difficult to inherit.

So in Saint Demon Race.

Except for the Lord of Holy Demons.

There is also a Holy Son and a Saintess.

These Holy Son Saintess are the two most outstanding and outstanding younger generation rookies in the Saint Demon Race.

In the contemporary Saint Demon Race.

A genius with an exquisite body with nine orifices appeared.

Her name is Sheng Mo’er.

Originally the choice of Holy Son and Saintess.

It was decided after the grand competition of the newcomers of Demon Race.

But the difference is that Saint Moer had been determined to be Saintess before he started the grand competition for the Demon Race newcomer.

No matter whether it is innate talent or spirit body, Sheng Mo’er is the impeccable number one in the contemporary San Demon Race!

And after the patriarch of Saint Demon Race discussed with Elder.

I also directly established Saint Moer as Saintess.

As for Holy Son’s choice.

It is necessary to wait until the grand competition of the newcomers of Demon Race.

Because there are three candidates for Holy Son in Saint Demon Race.

This time, if anyone can become the champion of the grand competition for the newcomer of the Demon Race, it is the Holy Son who can become the Demon Race.

For the past generations, Holy Son and Saintess will eventually become Dao Companion.

Because only in this way, the next generation of Saint Demon Race heirs will be the best innate talent in the race!

This is also a combination of the best innate talent in the family.

Continuously choose clansman with the best innate talent!

Only in this way, Saint Demon Race can stand in the Peak of the demons forever.

For Holy Son and Saintess.

Their future is already doomed!

With the breath of Chen Shaofeng gradually calming down.

He also slowly raised his eyes.

“What a mysterious feeling! This feeling of engraving a formation mark is like where water flows, a canal is formed.”

Chen Shaofeng whispered when he woke up.

Although he did not remember exactly how he felt when he engraved the formation mark in the sudden enlightenment.

But for the feeling between the illusory, it is very impressive.

“Hey! Do you know how long you have been asleep? This Miss is so boring!”

Sheng Mo’er exclaimed dissatisfied.

Chen Shaofeng hearing this was taken aback.

Suddenly, his face turned black.

Almost exposed!

After a sudden enlightenment, he has forgotten that there is a little demonic girl by his side!

“By the way! How long did my retreat this time last?”

Suddenly Chen Shaofeng joined in and asked.

“Ten days!”

Sheng Mo’er jumped onto the chair beside her and said.

“Well…fortunately, no delay!”

Chen Shaofeng is also slightly relaxed.

This cultivation person has no years.

It’s impossible to say that you can retreat for hundreds of years and thousands of years!

He was really afraid that he would miss the grand competition for the newcomer at Demon Race.

“What’s the delay? By the way! Why are you going to the Sacred Demon City? Aren’t you going to participate in the Demon Race newcomer grand competition, right?”

Chen Shaofeng asked with a weird glance.

“hehe! You guessed it right this time, I just went to participate in the grand competition for the newcomer at the Demon Race.”

Chen Shaofeng chuckled and said.

Sheng Moer was not surprised by this either.

With Chen Shaofeng’s innate talent and perception.

It is not surprising that Heavenly Demon Clan played this time in the mixed Demon Race grand competition.

“Boy! Let me remind you, with your cultivation base at this time, I’m afraid… even the top three may not be able to enter.”

Sheng Mo’er groaned. moment.

This just said casually.

Yeah! ?

Chen Shaofeng hearing this looked towards Sheng Mo’er with some consternation.

He naturally knew the identity of Sheng Mo’er, but Sheng Mo’er said so at this time.

He is really in doubt!

“Could it be that the comprehended Tianban can’t make it into the top three? The Demon Race is too outrageous?”

Chen Shaofeng’s somewhat absent-minded whispered.

“Sky Forbidden!? Are you comprehended Sky Forbidden?”

Sheng Mo’er looked towards Chen Shaofeng a little unexpectedly and asked.

“Yes, if you use Tianban, do you think I can enter the top few?”

Chen Shaofeng curiously asked.

Among the same generation.

He asked Chen Shaofeng that he has reached a peak.

Although his age is much younger than this gangster.

But he is disguised as Tianfeng after all at this time!

He asked himself if he could have the same cultivation time as these people.

He is definitely better than these people.

But there is not that many fairness in this world!

“en! If this is the case, you might be able to compete for the top three, but the first place is a bit hanged!”

Sheng Mo’er thought about it carefully , Then said slowly.

Chen Shaofeng hearing this was taken aback.

What! ?

The sky is forbidden!

Using Tianban can actually win the top three! ?

“The people who participated in the Demon Race grand competition are too perverted? With my cultivation base strength, I can only fight for the top three by using the sky ban?”

Chen Shaofeng Asked uncertainly.

“Yes, hi! If it weren’t for the fact that you are my client, I saved you some face, I would say that you basically don’t want the top three.”

Sheng Mo’er waved his hand casually and said.

Chen Shaofeng hearing this brows slightly wrinkle.

It seems that I still underestimated the Demon Race grand competition!

He originally thought that his cultivation base and ability to participate in this grand competition was very easy!

Can didn’t expect At this time, it seems that this grand competition is not simple!

“Do you know who is so powerful?”

Chen Shaofeng curiously asked.

as the saying goes know yourself and know your enemy.

I have such a powerful enemy! If you don’t first get the information out of this little girl’s mouth.

Then I am too bad! Anyway, thousands of Spirit Stones!

Sheng Mo’er’s original boredom suddenly stagnated, and then his eyes rolled.

“hehe! Want to know?”

The holy monster said with a smile.

Chen Shaofeng suddenly felt a bad fishing rod. ,

“Want to know…”

Chen Shaofeng said with some uncertainty.

“One question is one hundred thousand Spirit Stone! Is this a good deal?”

The proud thief with a smile on the face of Sheng Moer.

Chen Shaofeng’s face turned black. One question is 100,000 Spirit Stone?

You are afraid to rob!

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