Tyrant War God Chapter 2513

Ten Spirit Stones per question, no more!

Chen Shaofeng stretched out two fingers and gestured.

“What!? Ten Spirit Stones? You are too dark! You only give ten Spirit Stones for one question. Even if it is a bargain, you didn’t cut it like this, right? Cut the soleplate directly? “

Sheng Mo’er stared wide-eyed yelled in disbelief.

“Too little? Don’t forget it! Young master, I am afraid that I won’t be able to buy information when I arrive in the Holy Demon City?”

Chen Shaofeng slightly smiled simply ignore the Holy Demon.

But Chen Shaofeng’s words also reminded her.

Yes, there are people in the Holy Demon City who sell this type of information.

You don’t even need to sell the latter type of information!

You can hear it all over the street!

According to this statement, although I may earn a little less.

But it’s not a waste of work.

“One hundred Spirit Stones is a problem! Can’t be less!”

Sheng Mo’er pouted dissatisfiedly and reached out with a finger.

Chen Shaofeng slightly smiled: “Ten yuan!”

Sheng Mo’er stared at Chen Shaofeng angrily.

“Don’t give me a hundred yuan!?”

“Just ten yuan!”

Chen Shaofeng refuse to yield an inch.

He doesn’t have many Spirit Stones on his body at this time.

I can’t buy the treasure I’m using for this little girl.


Sheng Mo’er also almost cried out in a hurry.

In the clan, let alone one hundred yuan, it is one million yuan and ten million yuan, in her eyes it is like dung.

But now this kid actually refuse to yield an inch for a hundred Spirit Stones and her!

But suddenly she laughed.

“Tianfeng, these ten Spirit Stones have ten Spirit Stones answering methods, and 100 Spirit Stones have 100 Spirit Stones answering methods. Are you sure you want ten Spirit Stones answering? “

Sheng Mo’er raised his head triumphantly and said triumphantly.

At this moment, the tears in the corners of her eyes are still hanging. This pride seems to have no confidence.

Chen Shaofeng was taken aback for a moment, this is really…has been put together!

Does the ghost know that the answer of the ten Spirit Stones of Sheng Moer will be very good?

I’m not sure to ask myself what is the battle strength of these three people.

Sheng Mo’er will answer, it’s okay!

Then I collapsed.

“Cough! I thought about it. Although one hundred Spirit Stones are a little too much, it’s not bad to be able to buy detailed information, but a small profiteer! If your answer does not satisfy the young master, Xiao Lord also has the right to refuse to give you Spirit Stone!”

Chen Shaofeng said seriously.

“No problem! The deal!”

When I heard Chen Shaofeng, he was finally softened.

Sheng Mo’er happily jumped up and slapped her slap on Charlotte’s waist.

“What are the names of these three people?”

Charlot asked after thinking about it.

He wanted to ask if these three belonged to Saint Demon Race.

But after thinking about it, this is Demon Race!

Do you know the ethnic group by asking the name directly?

Why spend one hundred more Spirit Stones in one fell swoop?

“You are really a profiteer!”

Sheng Mo’er understood what Charlotte meant in an instant, and said with contempt at the moment.

But she still seriously replied: “Holy Revelation, Holy Reincarnation, Holy Mengfan.”

I heard Sheng Mo’er’s answer.

Chen Shaofeng’s heart is also a little tight.

The battle strength of this Saint Demon Race is quite extraordinary!

And all three of them belonged to Saint Demon Race.

This almost means that Saint Demon Race has a high probability of taking the top three this time!

“What realm are these three people?”

After thinking about it, Chen Shaofeng asked.

“Not good means, these are three problems!”

Sheng Mo’er said hehe with an evil smile on his face.

“What!? Three questions!? Why don’t you grab it?”

Chen Shaofeng stared wide-eyed speechless saying.

At this time, you asked three questions, so why didn’t you see you when I asked the name just now?

Now that my curiosity is aroused, this little girl is actually playing tricks with me!

Chen Shaofeng looked at the holy devil in front of him weirdly.

“You will not be a Tianshan child grandmother, are you?”

Chen Shaofeng asked a little puzzled.

“How old is the sky?”

Sheng Mo’er asked in a bit of astonishment.

“Forget it, you don’t understand after I’ve said it. Anyway, it means that you look like a doll, but you are actually an old hag!”

Chen Shaofeng put on a little impatiently Waving said without thinking.

Judging from his eyesight, the little girl in front of him does not look like a Tianshan child grandmother.

After all, this face can change, so can this personality change?

Although sometimes the little girl of Saint Devil is a ghost!

But this innocent appearance is not a fake.

“You are the old hag! Your whole family is the old hag!”

No matter how she is a girl…a devil!

How can you tolerate others saying that you are an old hag?

Especially at this time she really feels a little guilty!

Chen Shaofeng originally said this casually, but he really said it!

“Fine! I am an old hag! Let’s talk about business now, what are the cultivation bases of the three of them?” Chen Shaofeng asked silently.

However, Sheng Mo’er is now proud of his hands.

Chen Shaofeng was taken aback for a moment, and then he woke up.

This is the last question, Spirit Stone hasn’t given it yet!

At the moment, he took out a hundred Spirit Stones and placed them in the hands of Sheng Mo’er.

With a tap, Sheng Moer shook his head and said.

“Let’s talk about the Holy Apocalypse first. The cultivation base of the Holy Apocalypse is Deity Realm Early-Stage, and Insights Realm is the late stage of the situation.

His cultivation technique Leaning towards the type of attack, if you want to compare Heavenly Demon Clan, even if it reaches the Early-Stage with the same cultivation base Insights Realm, it may not be his opponent.”

Sheng Mo’er said proudly.

It’s just like the ordinary gangsters are stronger than the same-level cultivators of Human Race.

The Saint Demon Race is also stronger than the Heavenly Demon Clan of the same tier.

The most terrifying aspect of Saint Demon Race is that although he possesses a heritage comparable to the top Divine Beast race.

At the same time, the population is much larger than that of the top Divine Beast.

This is the key to why Demon Race can suppress Monster Race and Human Race on this continent.

“Aren’t you underestimating me?”

Chen Shaofeng faint smiled and said while looking at Sheng Mo’er.

If you talk about battle strength, Chen Shaofeng is also very rare in his class.

a trifling Deity Realm Early-Stage Insights Realm is the same Saint Demon Race like him.

If you really want to do it, Sheng Tianqi may not be his opponent.

“Oh? You seem to be very confident!”

Sheng Mo’er looked at Chen Shaofeng pondered then said unexpectedly.

He originally thought that Chen Shaofeng’s headache would be enough for Chen Shaofeng just to be a Holy Revelation.

But didn’t expect Chen Shaofeng, it seems that battle strength is also extremely extraordinary.

“hehe, let me tell you about Shengmengfan next. He is Deity Realm’s mid-term strength, and Insights Realm has also reached the early-stage of heaven! Do you still have confidence?”

Sheng Mo’er smiled and jumped on a chair beside him and said

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