Tyrant War God Chapter 2514


Chen Shaofeng also raised his head unexpectedly.

Deity Realm is in the mid-term, and Insights Realm has also reached the Early-Stage.

Such an innate talent really made him look a little off.

Although according to the age of the younger generation of Heavenly Demon Clan, it is undoubtedly much older than him.

But it’s really unusual for such an age to have such a cultivation base.

Furthermore, Saint Demon Race was already tyrannical in battle strength. At this time, with the addition of Saint Mengfan, there is still such a cultivation base, which really made him feel a little confused.

Looking at Chen Shaofeng’s pensive look.

Holy devil laughed.

“Let’s talk about Saint Reincarnation finally, he! Very terrifying! The last time he shot was more than a hundred years ago, at that time he and Sheng Mengfan were tied!”


For the first time, Sheng Mo’er narrowed her face and said solemnly.

“What’s wrong with this..?”

Chen Shaofeng asked a little puzzled.

Isn’t it just a tie with Sheng Mengfan? As for making a fuss about nothing like this?

“Hehe, what if he was more than 120 years younger than Sheng Mengfan?”

Sheng Mo’er laughed thiefly.

Chen Shaofeng hearing this was cold in his heart.

The gap is a bit big.

According to the situation of mixed Demon Race.

The repairers who participated in the Demon Race grand competition are all under the age of one thousand years old.

One hundred and twenty years!

This time difference is enough to reverse everything!

But this saint reincarnation was able to cross the one-hundred and twenty-year gap with the monstrous talent level of the other Sheng Mengfan and reached a tie.

This is already quite impressive.

If you look at that battle a hundred years ago,

The Holy Reincarnation at this time, I am afraid that the strength has long surpassed Sheng Mengfan!

“How? Do you feel the pressure?”

Sheng Moer chuckled and said.

“en! The pressure is not small!”

Chen Shaofeng said nodded with a dignified expression.

If Sheng Mengfan just made him a little stressed.

Then this holy reincarnation is a bit terrifying!

Even he is somewhat unsure in his heart.

One hundred and twenty years, it is difficult to say to what extent the cultivation base of the saint reincarnation has been elevated.

“Do you know what cultivation technique of this holy reincarnation cultivation?”

Chen Shaofeng touched his chin curiously asked.

“Holy Demon Reincarnation Sutra!”

The holy demon’s complexion is gloomy said.

Chen Shaofeng hearing this eyes slightly narrowed did not know what he was thinking for a while.

He has heard of this saint demon reincarnation scripture.

It is a terrifying cultivation technique in Saint Demon Race.

Its grade is beyond the category of Heavenly Grade top grade.

Look at the history of Land of Samsara for countless years.

The Saint Demon Race clansman who can cultivation this cultivation technique is definitely no more than a palm.

This cultivation technique is not something that is innate talent can cultivation.

At the same time, it is necessary to have a high perception of this cultivation technique.

But it is undeniable.

This cultivation technique is very powerful.

The Saint Demon Race clansman who cultivated this cultivation technique eventually became the Holy Son of Saint Demon Race.

“From this point of view, this holy reincarnation is already strong enough to crush peers?”

Chen Shaofeng asked inexplicably.

“no! Ordinary bastards are inferior.

But those ordinary bastards are too huge!

And this time, There is also a junior with super innate talent in the mixed demons. If he can achieve the top three results, Saint Demon Race will make an exception to replace bloodline and accept him as Saint Demon Race clansman!”

Sheng Mo’er said solemnly.

Chen Shaofeng brows slightly wrinkle, this is not three strong enemies.

There are already four powerful enemies!

In this case, it is a bit too difficult to get the first place.

“Tianyun, Old Guy, didn’t plan to let me choose his treasure at all, right?”

Chen Shaofeng rubbed his chin and asked suspiciously.

From this point of view, how can Tiankui know the news? Does Tiankui know that Tianyun does?

If Tianyun knew the news, but let him participate and win the first place, wouldn’t it embarrass him?

“Isn’t this Old Guy just to tie me here and give me a condom?”

Chen Shaofeng was also a little surprised in his heart.

“Is there no one who can match the saint reincarnation this time?”

After a long while, Chen Shaofeng lifts the head looking thoughtful and asked.


The Holy Magic thought for a moment, and then lifts the head earnestly.

“en!? And there!? How many evildoers are there in the Demon Race!”

Chen Shaofeng was also a little stunned.

There are four of these, and there are?

This mixed Demon Race is also too strong, it is simply outrageous.

“Who is it this time?”

Chen Shaofeng stared wide-eyed asked.

“Now I have answered your four questions, please settle it for me first.”

Sheng Moer extend the hand said crisply.

Chen Shaofeng silently rolled the eyes.

This little girl can be regarded as squeezing herself to death.

Whenever it’s critical, she sells her for Spirit Stone!

I can really pick the time!

Throw a storage bag to Sheng Mo’er.

Chen Shaofeng pursed his lips speechlessly.

“hehe! You know this person too! Far in the sky and close in front of you! Although I don’t know why you can be much stronger than ordinary Heavenly Demon Clan, but if you can be with the holy reincarnation At the same level, then I think you still have a good chance of winning.”

Sheng Mo’er laughed and said meaningfully.

Chen Shaofeng almost sprayed out.

This set is good!

Under this set, I have nothing to say.

This cultivation base is just a flaw!

My own cultivation base is only in the late stage of Void God Realm.

Even Insights Realm is just seeing half of the foot into the Early-Stage.

If it is normal cultivation.

I am afraid that there is no realm that has not reached the holy reincarnation for hundreds of years.

Isn’t it nonsense to say the same level at this time!

If it’s the same level, I will hang and beat that saintly reincarnation!

Chen Shaofeng’s heart is whispered.

“You must be thinking that the same level is unrealistic, right?”

Sheng Mo’er asked with a smile.

“Do you mean that the same level can be achieved?”

Chen Shaofeng was slightly taken aback, and asked in a little astonishment.

He also came to wake up at this time.

Since the holy demon said so, I am afraid that there are some variables in the grand competition of the demon race rookie this time.

Sheng Mo’er stretched out his hand, it was called a chic.

Chen Shaofeng was speechless and threw a storage bag directly.

“The competition at this time! It’s postponed!”

Sheng Mo’er corner of the mouth slightly raise, and said lightly.

“What!? It’s postponed! Then why don’t I know!”

Chen Shaofeng asked in astonishment.

He just left Heavenly Demon Clan.

How can he not know if such a big thing is really delayed?

Tiankui would definitely send someone to tell him about such things.

“Hey! Where did you want to go! What I’m talking about is not that the time to go to the Sacred Demon City is delayed, but that the time for the newcomer grand competition of Demon Race at this time is delayed.”

Sheng Moer glanced at Chen Shaofeng speechlessly.

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