Tyrant War God Chapter 2515

“What’s the difference?”

Chen Shaofeng scratched his head incomprehensibly and asked.

What is the difference? Isn’t the reason to go to the Sacred Demon City to participate in the grand competition?

Is it going to the table?

“Just forget it! I mean, this time there is a foreplay before the grand competition of the newcomer of Demon Race, but the formal grand competition has been postponed.”

Sheng Moer silently rolled the eyes and looked at Chen Shaofeng like an idiot and said.

“Foreplay? What foreplay?”

Chen Shaofeng sat up curiously.

Sheng Mo’er stretched out his hand.

Chen Shaofeng silently threw a storage bag over.

What is this called!

Chen Shaofeng was a little speechless.

This was originally asked by myself.

Now it’s fine, I have become a fully automatic cash machine!

As soon as he stretched out his hand over there, the Spirit Stone went out.

But he still has to listen to the news that Sheng Moer said!

Because this news looks very important.


Sheng Moer looked at the Spirit Stone in his hand and laughed into the space ring. Then he continued: “This time the newcomer grand of Demon Race Before the competition, all participants must go to the Sacred Domain!”

Sacred Devil also said with a very solemn expression this time.

When it comes to Sacred Domain, her little face doesn’t have the slightest kind of playfulness.

Sacred Domain?

“bauble! You say that you can’t complete it once you speak? What’s the matter with this Sacred Domain?”

Chen Shaofeng asked a little speechlessly.

Sheng Mo’er, in order to let herself dig out some Spirit Stone, she really took this intelligence station to its extreme.

Speaking is half talking, you can’t do it without paying for it.

For a while, Chen Shaofeng really suspected that this was a young Tianshan grandmother who was pretending to be tender.

Received the storage bag thrown by Chen Shaofeng.

“This news is top secret even in my holy Demon Race. If you dare to leak this news before the start of the grand competition for the newcomer Demon Race! Then you are dead!”


Sheng Mo’er’s face is very solemn and said

Chen Shaofeng glanced at Sheng Mo’er strangely, and then he was nodded.

He felt that this news should be very important.

Because even Sheng Mo’er put away a laugh.

Furthermore, he just wanted to say!

Who does he tell?

He is unfamiliar with this place, and he is afraid of revealing his identity.

“Sacred Domain is the ancestral land in my Saint Demon Race! Hundreds of years ago! Sacred Domain! Missing!” Sacred Domain said solemnly.

“The ancestral land of Saint Demon Race? Missing? What is this? According to what you said, the Sacred Domain should be a small space, right? How could it disappear without opening its legs?”

Chen Shaofeng asked puzzledly.

“No legs? Hehe, you underestimate my Saint Demon Race. After countless years, Sacred Domain has already produced its own will! You are really right! It is Long legs escaped by themselves!”

Sheng Mo’er hehe looked at Chen Shaofeng with a joke and said.


Chen Shaofeng is already in his heart.

A piece of Small World actually gave birth to its own will.

Is this too outrageous?

“No, if according to what you said, we went to Sacred Domain but Sacred Domain has disappeared, then what are we going to do?”

Chen Shaofeng asked inexplicably .

“In fact, only the core area of ​​Sacred Domain is missing. No one knows where it escaped.

But other parts of Sacred Domain are still there, so your mission is Enter into it to find the core of Sacred Domain, and if you can find the core of the Demon Race clansman, you can get the reward of my Saint Demon Race!”

The Saint Demon said here again. Get proud.

“Reward? The opportunity you mentioned is not the reward, right?”

Chen Shaofeng thought about it for a while, slowly said.

According to the meaning in the words of Sheng Moer just now, the reason why he had the opportunity should be related to this Sacred Domain.

But at this time, it seems that this opportunity may have something to do with this reward!

“Yes, the reward given by Saint Demon Race this time is to enter the highest-level cultivation room of my Saint Demon Race!”

The highest-level cultivation room of Saint Demon Race is also lifts the head proudly.

Chen Shaofeng brows slightly wrinkle.

This really surprised him.

He has been to the cultivation room of Heavenly Demon Clan, and it is indeed extraordinary.

And this Saint Demon Race’s highest-level cultivation room looks much better than Heavenly Demon Clan’s cultivation room!

“The cultivation room, even me… Saint Demon Race patriarch is not qualified to enter it. Only the previous team leader can enter it once when he takes over. In that cultivation room, Cultivation is on top of the outside world for ten years!”

Sheng Moer raised his head confidently and said.

Chen Shaofeng heart startled.

Cultivation One day is the best outside cultivation for ten years.

This really deserves to be the strongest cultivation room in Saint Demon Race!

“Did you know that even if this cultivation room is only opened for one day, the consumption of Spirit Stone alone is 50 million! If you count the consumption of materials, the daily consumption is almost 200 million? Spirit Stone on the left and right.”

Even the holy devil is very longing for the cultivation room.

Because even her patriarch’s daughter, she never went into cultivation through childhood.

Even the heavenly demon group has extremely strict control over it.

Because of some of the materials, the Land of Samsara has been scarce, and it may not even be seen in a hundred years.


Chen Shaofeng heard the words of Sheng Mo’er, he was also sucked in a cold breath.

The cost of two billion Spirit Stones a day.

The price is really amazing.

“Then how much is the reward you mentioned?”

Chen Shaofeng curiously asked.

“Ten days!”

Sheng Mo’er followed Chen Shaofeng’s appearance and stretched out two fingers and gestured.

Chen Shaofeng also moved in his heart.

These ten days can mean the cost of 2 billion Spirit Stones!

If it’s just the Spirit Stone, that’s not a problem.

However, according to the meaning of the words of Sheng Mo’er, some of the materials in this may simply be priceless!

Things you can’t buy even if you have money.

And this is probably the point, if it’s just two billion Spirit Stones.

dignified Saint Demon Race! Get it out!

But those rare materials are not in stock even for Saint Demon Race.

It’s pretty amazing to let a clansman enter it for ten days.

Especially for clansman who is an excellent innate talent.

Don’t say it is ten days, even one day is likely to be the change of Heaven and Earth turning upside down.

“Okay! This time, I’m trying my best!”

Chen Shaofeng slapped his thigh and said heavily.

“Hey! It’s not that I underestimated you! Just your cultivation base, I am afraid I want to fight with them, you are still a little bit close.”


“How do you know if you don’t try? Besides, you think I don’t have a hole card? If I don’t have Vajra drill, I dare to participate on behalf of Heavenly Demon Clan?”

Chen Shaofeng slightly smiled confident Tao.

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