Tyrant War God Chapter 2516

“Well, does it seem quite confident! Forget it, if you can get the first place this time, then I… ahem… wait for you to take the first place Say it again and again.”

Sheng Mo’er shook his head and said.

But in the end, he hurriedly covered his mouth.

Chen Shaofeng glanced at Sheng Mo’er weirdly.

“Let’s go, go to the Holy Magic City.”

Stand up and move around.

Chen Shaofeng said comfortably.

For the Shangxu Palace.

He is still very satisfied.

Because generally speaking, he is not only a perfect connection to the previous formation mark!

On the contrary, after optimizing it, not only is it extremely fast!

And even with defensive power is not bad.

Sheng Mo’er glanced at Chen Shaofeng unhappily.

But still obediently got up and walked towards the door.

More than half an hour passed.

The two of them walked out of the heavenly demon city swayingly.

At the same time.

Secretly, a figure also left the heavenly demon city.

“Hey! Where’s your flying palace magic weapon? How about keeping the cubs?”

Seeing Chen Shaofeng unexpectedly rise into the sky, Sheng Mo’er felt unhappy suddenly.

Isn’t it just a flying palace magic weapon?

As for such a hidden tuck?

“You don’t understand! I don’t want to expose this stuff for the time being.”

Chen Shaofeng said shrugged indifferently.

Sheng Mo’er moved towards, consciously or unconsciously, glanced in the distance.

In that shadowy corner.

At this time, a figure is quietly looking at Sheng Mo’er and Chen Shaofeng.

“Yi! The girl seemed to have a look at me!”

The silhouette in the shadows was a little whispered in surprise.

“It shouldn’t be!”

After a while, he said again with some uncertainty.

“I don’t understand? Hmph! I’m afraid I know better than you!”

Sheng Mo’er looked at Chen Shaofeng meaningfully and said without paying attention.

Since she dares to come out alone, she naturally depends on it.

Sheng Moer is not only its own high cultivation base terrifying!

Even the treasure she carries with her is extremely powerful.

Not to mention the person who was assassinated by a trifling, even if Tiankui came, it was a question of whether he could leave alive.

But since that person didn’t make a move at this time.

She didn’t bother to pay attention to that person.

And most importantly, she also wanted to see how Chen Shaofeng would choose.

For this moment.

She already took Chen Shaofeng as this time…

Choose the number one candidate of Dao Companion!

Although the news has not leaked out yet.

But wait for the grand competition for the newcomers of Demon Race to start.

Her father will announce that in addition to winning the first place in this session, Holy Son also needs to be recognized by Sheng Moer!

After all, Sheng Mo’er is his only daughter! As a patriarch, although this behavior has a taste of power for personal gain.

But even if he uses power for personal gain, he doesn’t care!

And the most important thing is that the father of Sheng Mo’er has this capital!

In the Land of Samsara today.

Her father is the only Taoist Peak!

This kind of strength is counted as the number one person even if it is put in Demon Origin World.

And in this Land of Samsara, no one dared to disobey his meaning.

Even the Elders of Saint Demon Race dare not take the slightest sword against his decision.

And following the two left the heavenly demon city.

The assassin sent by Tiancheng to kill Chen Shaofeng also touched it quietly.

At this time, it is too close to Heavenly Demon City.

Although Tiancheng belongs to the Supreme Elder faction.

But the City Lord of this heavenly demon city is Tiankui lineage.

So in order to prevent accidents.

For example, Chen Shaofeng was not killed in a short time.

In the end, things like the Heavenly Demon City Lord were attracted.

The best choice is to wait for Chen Shaofeng and Chen Shaofeng to move a little further away.

A few hours passed.

Chen Shaofeng’s speed is not too much.

Because he has to bring a holy demon.

I don’t know whether it was Sheng Mo’er deliberately or really didn’t understand.

This little girl actually said that she would not fly in the air.

In desperation, Chen Shaofeng can only carry her on his back and go all the way.

But let alone, this little girl doesn’t seem to have any hairy legs.

This weight seems to be heavier than the body looks a lot.

But Charlotte didn’t take seriously either.

After all, this kind of thing is not a good thing for women.

In case the holy devil bites him again, it will be troublesome.

As several hours passed.

Tianpu, who followed the two behind him, couldn’t bear it either.

At this time, the distance to heavenly demon city is quite some distance.

Even if the City Lord of Heavenly Demon City received the call at this time, it was absolutely impossible to rush over in a short time.

The Holy Devil, who was lying on Chen Shaofeng’s back, raised his brows.

Moved towards and glanced behind him. ,

Far away, she has already felt a gaze full of murderous intention!

“Do you want to do it?”

Sheng Mo’er murmured calmly.


Chen Shaofeng asked in a daze.

“Can I take a break? I’m a little tired.”

Sheng Mo’er said casually indifferently.

She just didn’t want to lie on Chen Shaofeng’s back and shield him from the knife.

But she can’t take off on her own, she can only do so now.

But this sounds a bit unacceptable to Chen Shaofeng.

Master, I am carrying you all the way! You are so tired!

Then Xiaoye, am I a mule?

I gave the holy devil on his back speechlessly.

Chen Shaofeng also fell directly on the ground right now.

He doesn’t know if Sheng Moer is tired.

But he is really tired.

After all these hours, it is not easy to carry the individual like this.

“I said you really can’t fly or did you deliberately?”

Chen Shaofeng moved his shoulders and said with some dissatisfaction.

Yeah! ?

I didn’t wait for Sheng Mo’er to answer.

Chen Shaofeng eyes slightly narrowed looked towards behind him.

Far away, a sharp breath has entered his sensing range.

The breath has no disguise.

And still moved towards him straight and rushed over.

“Sure enough! Looking at the breath, I am afraid it is the cultivation base of Deity Realm Early-Stage, right?”

Chen Shaofeng brows slightly wrinkle pondered then said.

Insights Realm can’t be so vaguely sensed.

But I can sense the cultivation base, but I can already guess some.

“Should we run away quickly?”

Sheng Moer looked towards Chen Shaofeng asked.

“Escape? Why do you want to escape? This person is obviously…Forget it, you don’t understand, but in short, I can handle such a cultivation base!”

Chen Shaofeng wanted to say that this was sent by Supreme Elder.

But just think about it.

This kind of thing in Heavenly Demon Clan, tell Sheng Mo’er that she can understand it?

Not to mention this is just a little girl movie!

The curl one’s lip that Sheng Moer is dissatisfied with.

She can guess too.

Charlot really regarded her as a child.

But this is the best way!


A figure appeared instantly.

Charlotte also took out her magic weapon casually.

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