Tyrant War God Chapter 2517

“Tianfeng, are you obediently surrender, or let me torture you and kill you after I capture you?”

Tianpu’s face is calm Said towards Chen Shaofeng.

In his opinion, what about Chen Shaofeng even if he is innate talent?

Age is here.

He still doesn’t believe that the young man in front of him can really go against the sky!

“You don’t think that a trifling Deity Realm’s cultivation base can kill me?”

Chen Shaofeng indifferently smiled.

“What about you? You don’t think that a trifling Void God Realm and the later Insights Realm of Earth Grade can compete with me?”

Tianpu gave a cold voice , The imposing manner burst out all over the body at the moment.

Chen Shaofeng brows slightly wrinkle.

Insights Realm later in Earth Grade.

This Insights Realm is comparable to him.

But the cultivation base is much higher than him.

Adding Heavenly Demon Clan’s battle strength is not bad.

From a comprehensive point of view, it seems that I really have no advantage.


At this time, the holy devil on the side cast his gaze on a mountain in the distance.

Where is it.

She actually sensed the existence of another breath.

“Didn’t expect him to be so chased by his clansman! It seems that Heavenly Demon Clan is really too unbearable.”

Shook of the Holy Demon’s speechless the head.

The population of Saint Demon Race is small.

Plus her father’s Peak battle strength.

So relatively speaking, Saint Demon Race can be said to be quite united.

At this time, I saw Chen Shaofeng being chased by two Heavenly Demon Clan clansman.

She is also very disdainful in her heart.

In her opinion, Chen Shaofeng’s innate talent is probably not under the two of Shengreincar and Shengmengfan.

In time, he is definitely someone who can afford the Heavenly Demon Clan card.

But Heavenly Demon Clan even had to start with his own clansman.

And for fear of not dying, two waves of people were sent!

If this kind of thing happened in Saint Demon Race.

Her father is about to kill those who shot on the spot.

And Heavenly Demon Clan keeps going like this, I am afraid that someday it will be worse than Demon Race!

“Crazy kid! Go to hell!”

Tianpu lifted his hand and held a big blade in his hand.

Flickering with Linggang. ,

A blade glow slashed directly on top of Chen Shaofeng’s head.


With a loud noise.

Chen Shaofeng smashed the long spear fiercely into the Linggang above his head.

The wind and dust swept across.

The figure of Chen Shaofeng was completely motionless in this blow.

“It seems that you are not as strong as you think.”

Chen Shaofeng faintly smiled and said.

In a flash there, he already used the sky forbidden.

Under the instantaneous eruption, he naturally won’t waste any strength when he takes this blow.

Tianpu narrowed his eyes.

He has already used 80% of his power in this blow.

But didn’t expect Chen Shaofeng to be so relaxed.

“hmph! What about your comprehended sky ban? You can’t make up for the gap in realm!”

Tianpu disappeared in a flash.

Since Linggang cannot kill Chen Shaofeng.

Then he relies on his fleshy body and strength.

His cultivation realm is much higher than Chen Shaofeng.

In any case, Chen Shaofeng will not be his opponent in his opinion. ,

Sheng Mo’er yawned a little boringly.

If Chen Shaofeng hadn’t comprehended the forbidden sky, he would really fall into a hard fight.

But at this time, under the ban of heaven.

Chen Shaofeng’s advantage is too obvious.

I am afraid that it will not be long before Tianpu will be killed by Chen Shaofeng.

At this time, Chen Shaofeng was just putting a long line to catch a big fish.

Although it may seem hard to resist, but in fact there is plenty of energy.

At this time, on the mountain top in the distance.

A figure calmly watched the battle in the distance.

“Hey…it seems that Tiancheng’s subordinates are only this.”

Tian Xun shook the head a little disappointed.

He originally wanted to see how many tricks Charlotte had.

But at this time, it seems that Tianpu couldn’t even force Chen Shaofeng’s methods out.

It can be seen naturally with his eyesight.

I’m afraid it will take a while, if it continues like this.

Temple will lose.

Chen Shaofeng resisted blindly, but was just looking for an opportunity.

A chance for one strike certain kill.

And once Tempo slightly made some mistakes.

Chen Shaofeng’s fierce offensive will kill him in an instant.

attack for a long time without any success.

Gradually, Tianpu felt a little anxious.

The cultivation base between the two is quite different.

With such a gap in the cultivation base, he could not win Chen Shaofeng quickly.

This is really shameful.

Although no one is watching here, it would be embarrassing if this kind of thing happens.

With the tribute again and again.

Temple finally couldn’t help it.

Sweep out with the big knife in his hand.

But he didn’t use much power with this blow.

And Chen Shaofeng dodged subconsciously.

“Go to death!”

Tianpu was shocking loudly, and the long knife in his hand suddenly retracted and followed Chen Shaofeng’s throat and stabbed it out.

The two are too close.

Such an unprepared blow, if there is no advance defense, it is almost impossible to avoid it.

Tianpu can almost see Chen Shaofeng whose corpse is separated at the next moment.

However, what made Tianpu didn’t expect is that Chen Shaofeng seemed to have expected him and first hand.

The figure shook slightly, and the tip of the knife slid out along Chen Shaofeng’s throat.

Temple feels cold.

This blow he made a full shot.

At this time, if the shot fails, there must be a momentary weak spot.

Although he has tried his best to move his figure.

But it will take a moment.

Fortunately, Chen Shaofeng’s long spear is not suitable for close combat.

At this time, he is already close to Chen Shaofeng.

But long spear wants to stab him.

Then you have to take it back first, and then here

With such a time, he can completely avoid Chen Shaofeng’s blow.

He definitely won’t give Chen Shaofeng a second time with such an opportunity.

“haha…boy, you are still too tender after all!”

Just when he was about to regain his power to dodge.


Temple lowered his head in disbelief and looked towards his belly.


Temple lifts the head looked towards Chen Shaofeng in a little shock.

At this time, there was a short sword sticking straight into his lower abdomen.

But he understood in an instant.

He understands the defects of Chen Shaofeng’s weapons.

How can Chen Shaofeng not understand.

In other words, all of this may not be Chen Shaofeng’s purpose.

He thought that after getting close, Chen Shaofeng could only block and not attack.

But it was when he was most relaxed.

Chen Shaofeng took out a magic weapon of Earth High Grade and pierced into his dantian.

At this time, he dare not use the aura in dantian.

Because this short sword has penetrated his dantian.

If once he invokes the aura in the dantian, then his dantian is likely to collapse instantly.

“Very surprised? Who said you can’t use a sword if you use long spear?”

Chen Shaofeng slightly smiled indifferently picking up the long spear and shaking it indifferently.

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