Tyrant War God Chapter 2518

long spear is indeed not suitable for close combat.

Especially close combat! At this distance.

Long spear simply cannot be swung away, only resistance is quite good.

Because the long spear has enough length, and can flexibly place the gun body in any direction of its body.

But in close combat, long spear is simply impossible to attack!

Because the length gives it flexibility and variability.

It also gave his attack some restraints.

Once the distance is too close, the kill range of the long spear is only the tip of the gun after all.

If he wants to attack, he needs to retract the long spear first, and then attack.

As for the repairers of the same level.

This kind of behavior has already fallen short.

He understands naturally, but although this is a drawback of long spear.

But who can say that this is not a strong point of long spear?

As long as the time is right.

He only needs to hold the gun in one hand, and he can use the other hand in secret.

At this time.

Temple didn’t expect himself.

Chen Shaofeng stabbed his dantian with a sword.

And the most important thing is that Chen Shaofeng resisted and supported it again and again.

Already let his guard down, at the same time.

He also didn’t expect. Chen Shaofeng actually had such a plan. In the final analysis, the reason why he lost so quickly and thoroughly is because he underestimated Chen Shaofeng.

Otherwise, even if he can’t kill Chen Shaofeng, he can cause Chen Shaofeng a lot of trouble.

On the mountain top in the distance.

Skyscanner browses slightly wrinkle.

With this move, it seems that Chen Shaofeng did not use any means.

But it shows that Chen Shaofeng is not a young and energetic master who pays attention to everything.

In this Cultivation World.

As long as you can kill the enemy, no one will care what means you use.

Just like Tianpu, whose aura leaks crazily at this time, and can’t mobilize any aura.

After today, who knows that Tianpu is such a person?

And like Chen Shaofeng, who does not follow the routine, but is vicious and merciless person, it is the most difficult thing.

Although his strength is much stronger than Tianpu.

But with the lesson of Tianpu, he dare not look down upon Chen Shaofeng anymore.

“How’s that? Isn’t it okay?”

Chen Shaofeng waved his hand.

A space ring on Tianpu in the distance fell into his hand.

I looked at the space ring in Chen Shaofeng’s hands.

Sheng Mo’er’s eyeballs are spinning around.

She originally came out to experience life.

Her expectation is to earn Spirit Stone with her own power.

And let yourself live well.

But at this moment, it seems that it is impossible to live a very moisturizing life.

But to experience life is to experience all kinds of life!

Isn’t it bad to kill people and make money?

Look at Chen Shaofeng at this time.

There are only tens of thousands of Spirit Stones on his body before being poor.

It’s alright now, after killing one Temple.

Is there a few million Spirit Stones in the space ring?

And this does not say that some other treasures are in it.

“Hey! Why don’t we go to kill people and overtake goods?”

Sheng Moer chuckled and said.

Chen Shaofeng looked at the little girl in front of him with a look of astonishment.

Killing and surpassing goods? What do you say about opening and aboveboard so upright?

Is this still not a good thing?

“Little girl, don’t think about the act of killing people and overcoming goods. Don’t look at the young master, I am quick, but I am also principled and do not kill innocent people.”

Chen Shaofeng sat down on the rocks beside him and said.

“Hey! Just you? Still the principle? Why didn’t I see it?”

Sheng Mo’er said disdainfully.

However, when he saw Chen Shaofeng poke the Spirit Stone into the space ring.

She almost saved her saliva.

This murder is indeed fast!

She has been in heavenly demon for several months.

I didn’t earn a Spirit Stone. ,

Now Charlotte is killing people casually, and she has everything!

For a while, she felt that she had only earned so much Spirit Stone after selling herself for a year, and she seemed to be at a loss!

“Hey! As the saying goes, if we meet, we divide it into half, do you divide me into half?”

Sheng Mo’er smiled and walked forward and said.

“You watched a white show, it is interesting that I confiscated your ticket money, you still want to divide it in half?”

Chen Shaofeng gave a speechless glance at the holy devil .

Not to mention, there are still many things in Tianpu’s space ring.

Approximately after tapping.

There are more than 1.7 million Spirit Stones.

There are also many magic pill and medicine pill.

The total value of the items in this space ring is almost ten million.

And the big head is the magic weapon of Temple.

The magic weapon of Heavenly Grade high grade is worth a lot of money.

Especially in his space ring, there is actually a Heavenly Grade low grade flying palace magic weapon.

If it were not for this time, he already had the upper virtual palace.

This thing can really make do with it.

Put the cave in the space ring into your own pocket.

“Hey! How about we have four or six points? You six and me four?”

Watching Chen Shaofeng put a bunch of things into his space ring.

Sheng Mo’er also said with bright eyes.


“Seven-thirds! It’s all done!”

Sheng Mo’er said with a sad expression on his face.

“Don’t even think about it! Nine-one points are nothing! You want to do it yourself!”

Chen Shaofeng laughed jokingly.

“Hey! Stingy! You deserve to be beaten to death!”

When Sheng Moer heard Chen Shaofeng’s words, he suddenly lost interest.

He said fiercely fiercely with his lips pouting.

After speaking, her eyes also inadvertently glanced over the lightning in the distance.

“Yi! This little girl seems to have glanced at me intentionally or unintentionally!”

The whispered of Skyscanner browses slightly wrinkle.

“It shouldn’t be, she is just an ordinary bastard, even flying will not have to be carried by Tianfeng boy, absolutely impossible to find me.”

Tian Xun comforted himself in his heart.

“Let’s go? You have also rested for a long time.”

I harvested some Spirit Stones.

Chen Shaofeng is also in a good mood, happily said at the moment.

“Hey! I’ll sell you a piece of information, one hundred thousand Spirit Stone.”

Sheng Mo’er stretched out two fingers and gestured.

Chen Shaofeng hearing this was taken aback, and looked at Sheng Mo’er strangely.

Sheng Mo’er, the little demonic girl, although normally she doesn’t do anything.

But the words still count!

Now that she said so, there should be something important.

“You are not here to pit my Spirit Stone, are you?”

Chen Shaofeng pretended to hesitate.

“You don’t believe it? Huh hmph! Let’s go, sooner or later, you will regret it.”

Sheng Mo’er pursed his mouth and said indifferently.

But she retreats to advance.

On the contrary, Chen Shaofeng was a little bit unable to sit still.

“Here you! If your information is not worth a hundred thousand Spirit Stone, I am here today to circumvent you.”

After a long while.

Chen Shaofeng handed a storage bag to Fiercely’s warning.

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