Ultimate Fighting Chapter 1348


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Lan Xuanyu still sat cross-legged and did not move, but Bai Xiuxiu behind him had already stood up.

She looked towards Sun Weiping with a cold look, coldly said: “Only you?”

Sun Weiping laughed, “How about me? Golden Dragon Princess can’t fight anymore? It’s a pity, our mantis clan can only have one partner for our entire life, otherwise, you can too.”

Bai Xiuxiu suddenly smiled, and turned his head and glanced at Lan Xuanyu who was sitting on the ground, “Sister, let me do this one.”

Lan Xuanyu has already opened eyes at this time, and ten minutes has passed. “She” floats from the ground. On the surface, it seems that there’s nothing about it. But the more this happened, the more people would think that she was very expensive in the previous battle. After all, the prestige of Divine Thunder and Zhu Cheng’s injuries are all there, which is too obvious.

“Okay.” Lan Xuanyu agreed, as if retreating from the side.

Sun Weiping was anxious and blurted out: “Let’s go on together.”

Lan Xuanyu glanced at him, but didn’t speak, but took the initiative to walk aside and stand still, watching him silently.

Time has come. A dark-blue divine dragon armor covered the whole body, Bai Xiuxiu cut the dragon spear in his hand, and in an instant, the temperature on the whole competition stage seemed to have dropped accordingly.

Lan Xuanyu didn’t wear divine dragon armor before in battle. At this time, Bai Xiuxiu’s divine dragon armor came out, coupled with her beautiful appearance and posture, immediately became the focus of the audience.

All races who have seen Rising Dragons Great Competition know that this person’s performance on Rising Dragons Great Competition is also quite impressive. It was with her help that Lan was able to win the final championship, which can be said to be indispensable.

At this time, when she released her own aura, the light on the whole ring seemed to be dimmed a bit, as if all the rays of light had been swallowed by her.

“Then I will defeat you first, and then defeat Lan.” Sun Weiping let out a low growl, next instant, he has jumped upright and rushed in the direction of Bai Xiuxiu.

Quick! Sun Weiping is very fast. Almost between the bullets, it rushed out like an artillery shell. The battle style of the praying mantis is explosive power. Relying on super explosive power, sharp double knives, plus instant burst of power and sharpness, defeat the opponent.

They are a combination of speed and strength, but their defense is weak. Sun Weiping, as the Number One Person of the younger generation of the mantis family, naturally also got the True Essence of the family’s inheritance.

His body brought a string of phantoms in the air. The extremely sharp aura actually made the space on the whole ring seem to be torn apart, making all space fluctuations fragmented.

Extreme sharpness, this is the sharpness that has been cultivation to the extreme. The most restrained of this sharp is the powerhouse, which is good at Space Attribute ability. Teleportation simply cannot be done because of the broken space.

A pair of inverse magic knives unfolded, and they crossed in the air almost like lightning. The two huge light blades were 100 meters long and went straight to Bai Xiuxiu to cover them. Reverse the god knife, cut the gods and destroy the soul.

Bai Xiuxiu stood on the spot, the dragon spear in his hand pointed forward, and a faint light radiated from the bottom of his eyes. She knew very well how powerful the opponent she was facing at this time, but she was extremely calm at this time.

In the past six months, it’s not just Lan Xuanyu who has been making rapid progress, why hasn’t she been like this? With the help of Lan Xuanyu, she also began to accumulate her own cultivation base, suppress the realm, and prevent herself from easily breaking through to the God Rank stage. What I have learned is even more integrated, forming my own abilities. The body quenching has been completed three times, and the dragon force has been transformed with the help of Lan Xuanyu’s Dragon God’s bloodline. She at present is also completely different from half a year ago!

Simple and unpretentious, a spear stabbed out. In an instant, a huge dragon-shaped phantom without omen emerged from behind Bai Xiuxiu. This huge phantom gave people a very strange feeling. It seemed that the whole phantom appeared directly like her body.

In the crisp sound of “ding”, Ice Demon Dragon Spear stabbed just above the intersection point cut by the inverse sword.

The two huge blade awns collapsed, but Sun Weiping, who possessed a pair of swords against the gods, was already near. A pair of inverse magic knives instantly illusion transformed countless blade glows, and fell to Bai Xiuxiu like lightning, seeming to chop her to pieces.

The spectators all squeezed a sweat for her. Although Sun Weiping has no brains, he is really strong. Who dares to take out a Heavenly Crystal Stone as a challenge fee, which one is not certain?

However, Bai Xiuxiu was not afraid of it. Facing his crazy blade glow, Bai Xiuxiu’s body began to toss and turn, and the black light halo circled outward and rippled around her own body. She is like dancing lightly and gracefully. When one after another blade glow falls, she will be driven by the black light halo on her body and appear to deviate. The Ice Demon Dragon Spear in her hand will always appear in the most suitable position to withstand the crazy slash of the inverse sword.

The horrible might continue to erupt, one after another blade glow and spear glow flying horizontally. All of a sudden, the battle between the two was in full swing. Facing the fierce slash of Sun Weiping’s inverse sword, Bai Xiuxiu actually refuse to yield an inch and was even matched.

This scene can not help but make people look at it. The strength of Sun Weiping is definitely among the best among the younger generation of all races. Although no one thinks he can defeat Golden Dragon Princess. However, as the Golden Dragon Princess mount dragon, Xiuxiu, who has an obvious weaker cultivation base in the Rising Dragons Great Competition, was able to fight him like this, giving Golden Dragon Princess time to recover. This is shocking enough. Is it so strong?

Bai Xiuxiu’s initial period was still a bit nervous. The sharp aura that erupted from Sun Weiping was too strong, and the space would be torn invisibly. Its explosive attack has a feeling of near invincibility.

However, when the battle continued, she gradually realized that the opponent’s power seemed not at all as strong as she thought. It is not that difficult to resist. With the continuous burst of Icy Demonic Snow on his body and the Domain influence brought by Heavenly Demon Dance, the opponent’s speed seems to slow down.

What is going on here? Is the opponent’s strength not strong? Or, have I become stronger enough to restrain such an opponent?

Gradually, she was completely immersed in this battle of her own.

Sun Weiping didn’t really see Bai Xiuxiu in his first period. In his opinion, this Xiuxiu can only be a foil for Golden Dragon Princess. I want to defeat her quickly, and defeat her before Golden Dragon Princess has recovered, so as to embrace the beauty.

However, when the battle started, he soon discovered that he was wrong. This Xiuxiu is extremely difficult. When the two parties first collided during the period, Sun Weiping was taken aback. Bai Xiuxiu’s Ice Demon Dragon Spear’s extremely precise point in his cross-cut central period, the sudden burst of power in the spear point directly shook the sharpness of his blade. And there is also an icy dragon force that invades his body along his own inverse sword, although it is quickly dissipated by his own energy. But there is still chill.

As the battle continues, the opponent has always been passively resisting her own attacks, but her dragon spear can always appear in the right place, and can always block her offensive with no difficulty. However, the surrounding air was getting colder and colder, and the dense light halo released from her began to affect her body. Although it can be cut open, but his speed has been continuously affected.

How could this be? Isn’t she just an immature mount dragon?

No, I can’t let her accumulate gathering strength anymore. Although Sun Weiping is not smart, his combat experience and battle awareness are quite strong. After feeling something bad, he broke out without the slightest hesitation.

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