Ultimate Fighting Chapter 1354


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“roar roar—”All the eight-armed gods and demons in the scene burst out with a crazy roar in an instant.

On the subjective stage, the eight-armed god Demon King stood up brazenly, and a fierce light burst in his eyes. The core of the gods and monsters on his chest seemed to be awakening, and Annihilation Power was about to bloom outward.

Dragon Knight of Dawn Zhong Zhichang moved at the same time. His body seemed to brighten up instantly, like a star rising slowly.

The emotions of all the races present were almost instantly aroused, subconsciously looking up into the air.

Everyone’s emotions were drawn, including those eight-armed gods and demons. The extremely strong spiritual fluctuations made all the powerhouses present, especially the Top Rank powerhouse, suddenly their emotions become extremely peaceful.

The powerful rays of light on the chest of the Eight-Armed God Demon King dimmed a lot in an instant, but his fierce gaze suddenly turned to Dragon Knight of Dawn Zhong Zhichang.

Zhong Zhichang complexion turned his head to look at him calmly, “This is just an accident.”

“You told me this was an accident?” Looking at the rays of light dying out on the ring, and the eight-armed demon who simply didn’t even stay behind, the terrifying aura on the eight-armed Demon King. Burst again. The inner core of the almost black gods and demons suddenly rushed out of aura of destruction.

The Heavenly Horse chief seat sandwiched between Two Great Powerhouses didn’t show any signs, yes, just didn’t show up. He felt as if he didn’t feel anything, and let the Two Great Powerhouses confront each other.

Dragon Knight of Dawn said in a flat voice: “Yes, this is just an accident.” His spiritual fluctuation and the rays of light on his body converged in the period during which he said this sentence. But a weird scene also appeared, the black energy flow surging on the chest of the eight-armed god Demon King turned out to be so noiselessly vanished.

The eight-armed god Demon King froze for a moment. The madness and ferocity in the expression suddenly calmed down a lot. Eyes slightly narrowed, coldly said: “Then if your people die, it’s an accident?”

Zhong Zhichang indifferently said: “On the ring is an accident. Under the ring, it’s up to you.”

This is already very clear. Above the ring, if there is ability, you will retaliate, but if the file does anything to Lan under the ring, then Dragon Clan will follow.

The black energy flow on the Demon King, the eight-armed god, gradually closed, but his aura obviously became more and more gloomy, and he sat back in his place, coldly said: “Very good, on the ring!”

The rays of light on the first ring didn’t completely disappear until then. If it’s just divine thunder, it won’t be such a terrifying destructive power. The key is that the core of the gods and demons is destroyed. This is different. The two terrifying matchless powers burst out instantly, and the mighty power produced is so great that even Lan Xuanyu and Bai Xiuxiu are already on the other side of the ring. .

Lan Xuanyu didn’t expect such a violent explosion. After the big bang, there was clearly a strong and silent drop of energy in the protective shield, guarding him and Bai Xiuxiu. That is the power of Holy Light Dragon Knight Huang Liangwei. The strange thing is that none of the powerhouses seems to have discovered the work of this Holy Light Dragon Knight.

The might of the big bang will only be more terrifying than everyone thought. It even reminded Lan Xuanyu of how he would feel when he encounters a nine attributes thunder tribulation when he becomes a God transcended tribulation.

After all, destruction is the eighth type of seven attributes outside!

Might, the equivalent to, is to add Power of Destruction to the divine thunder, which is the might of the eight attribute thunder tribulation stages?

The reason why Lan Xuanyu chose to kill the eight-armed god and demon was of course deliberate.

There is information about the eight-armed gods and demons that came to his mind as soon as the opponent appeared on the stage. Therefore, he also made a judgment immediately.

There is no doubt that in the Dragon-Horse Galaxy, this is the most excluded race, but it is also strong enough, otherwise they would have been destroyed long ago. Only Dragon Clan and Heavenly Horse Clan can confront the powerful threat of the eight-armed gods and demons. But with their stubbornness, obviously they will not be convinced.

Killing this eight-armed god and demon has multiple benefits. First, he will be supported by other races. At least no other race will feel bad for the death of the eight-armed god and demon, and will even applaud.

The ultimate goal is to take this opportunity to stir up the contradiction between the eight-armed gods and demons and other races, especially Dragon Clan. It is undoubtedly the best situation to let the Dragon-Horse Galaxy internal disunity, which can delay their development and buy more time for the Federation.

Therefore, Lan Xuanyu will make a bold move without the slightest hesitation.

The divine thunder is extremely unstable, but it can be done with dragon spear to gather its power. This is like a large-scale hidden weapon, or a large-scale missile, which detonates directly on the opponent’s body. It’s hard not to die!

But the result was even more terrifying than Lan Xuanyu had imagined. If it weren’t for Holy Light Dragon Knight Huang Liangwei to take the shot, he would be able to protect Bai Xiuxiu, but he would be somewhat damaged.

After the rays of light converged, Lan Xuanyu’s dragon spear was gone. The might of the big bang was too terrifying, even his dragon spear couldn’t stand it. This is not the first dragon spear he destroyed…

Whole No. 1 ring, all were bombed beyond recognition, the huge pit has several dozen meters below it. But the weird did not spread to the surroundings. This is the contribution of Holy Light Dragon Knight. But it is obviously not so easy to continue fighting.

The atmosphere on whole Heavenly Horse plaza instantly became weird.

Previously the powerhouses of the eight-armed gods and demons were about to rush out, but the voices of the Dragon Knight of Dawn Zhong Zhichang were self-respecting, and their emotions seemed to vanished in an instant, and they recovered their calm.

This scene greatly increased Lan Xuanyu’s warning sign. The ability of this Dragon Knight of Dawn seems to be on the spiritual level?

Undoubtedly he shot, otherwise the impossible could suppress the whole eight-armed god Demon Race. And he can suppress it with one’s own strength, which makes Lan Xuanyu admirable.

This is not the Heavenly Dragon chief seat! On Heavenly Dragon Star, his cultivation base is not as good as Heavenly Dragon chief seat. However, with one’s own strength, this second seat not only suppressed the eight-armed god Demon King, but also quieted the whole family of eight-armed gods and demons. What kind of cultivation base is this?

Lan Xuanyu has always believed that the attributes and expertise of Dragon Knight of Dawn should be similar to that of Holy Light Dragon Knight. But at present, it seems that this is not the case at all! This Dragon Knight of Dawn is not good at Light Attribute, or not only Light Attribute, but the more powerful ability is actually at the spiritual level.

This is absolutely shocking. What level of divine consciousness is necessary for this to be able to suppress a race casually, which is still the top three big races. Although due to environmental reasons, Demon Race, the eight-armed god, did not dare to rise up. It is possible to press down the opponent’s violent emotions at once, which makes Lan Xuanyu’s evaluation of this Dragon Knight of Dawn immediately rise a step.

Heavenly Horse chief seat didn’t stand up until this time, said solemnly: “competition duel, it should be done. Blue, do you know?”

Lan Xuanyu complexion looked pale towards the subjective platform, bowed, but said nothing. No explanation for this period is suitable. Say you didn’t mean it? What about a liar? Or is the opponent too strong and you must make an all-out effort?

The facts have already been created. Everyone is not a fool. There is nothing to say about this period.

He didn’t say anything, but instead made people think that this was the provocation of the previous eight-armed god and demon, which aroused the anger in the heart of this Golden Dragon Princess, so he made a heavy hand. Can’t stop that is your lack of strength, you deserve it. This is the idea of ​​an overwhelming majority race. Who made the eight-armed god Demon Race really notorious?

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