Ultimate Fighting Chapter 1355


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Heavenly Horse chief seat waved his hand, and immediately two Heavenly Horse Clan God Rank powerhouses flew out, and the huge Earth Element instantly injected into the ground. The collapsed ground quickly returned to normal and returned to the shape of the previous ring. What’s more, the extremely condensed ground exudes a layer of bright luster, which is as eye-catching as a diamond. I don’t know how much the hard level is improved compared to the previous one.

Heavenly Horse chief seat lightly smiled, apologizing to the Demon King, the eight-armed god beside him: “Accidents are inevitable. Please bear with the Demon King and keep calm. You are duel.”

The Demon King, the eight-armed god, didn’t say a word, just staring coldly at the direction of the competition platform, and dozens of people from the eight-armed gods and demons had strode out and moved towards the No. 1 ring.

Lan Xuanyu heard Li Menglong’s voice in his ears, “You stabbed the hornet’s nest, use the sky spar to recover. Otherwise, you can’t hold it. You don’t know the eight-armed gods, they are irreconcilable until death .”

Lan Xuanyu glanced at Li Menglong’s direction, inwardly shiver inwardly. In this level of protective shield, especially when it is guarded by the Holy Light Dragon Knight, he cannot sound transmission out, but Li Menglong can come in sound transmission. What does it mean?

He has felt the strength of Li Menglong, not weak, but not particularly strong. At least not as good as Deng Xutong. Not strength, could it be some special artifacts? Divine Tool to enhance spiritual power?

Lan Xuanyu shook the head silently, and sat down on the spot.

His other purpose of killing that eight-armed god and demon was also to provoke the eight-armed god and demon to attack him! Only you know your own strength. His own recovery ability is so strong that he reserves that many dragon force. Where can it be easily worn out?

He wants to be challenged constantly. The eight-armed god demon is strong, but it hasn’t reached a level that he can’t deal with. Don’t forget, here are him and Bai Xiuxiu. Even more how, he does not show weakness, how can more people come up to challenge.

Li Menglong looked at the blue moved towards on the stage and shook his head, and couldn’t help but browse tightly knit. He was really worried.

Before he made up his mind to look for opportunities on the first day to take Lan. This was arranged secretly, and some powerhouses were invited to challenge Lan.

The way to get out of the powerhouse is naturally different, like the one-eyed rubber clan and the Imperial Space Clan, all of which can be bought, plus he is responsible for coming to the sky to grow spar. As for the eight-armed god Demon Race, the aggressive method is enough, and he doesn’t even need to pay anything.

He also doesn’t think that an eight-armed demon can defeat the combination of Lan and Xiuxiu. It’s just that he didn’t expect Lan to be so strong, and directly killed the Eight-armed God and Demon.

The eight-armed demon is famous for seeking revenge for the slightest grievance! This girl really has a kind of “big fearless” spiritual.

The situation at present has been out of his control. He can pick things up, but if he wants to calm down the eight-armed gods and demons, he doesn’t have the ability of Dragon Knight of Dawn.

While thoughts are revolving, I can only watch. He at present is really sweating for Lan. In a normal situation, if the eight-armed gods use wheel warfare to challenge one after another, the eight-armed gods Demon King will not let them do so. After all, should Dragon Clan save the face? Isn’t this provoking Dragon Clan? However, when an eight-armed god demon had been killed, even Dragon Knight could not say anything. After all, people are dead. Dragon Knight of Dawn just said that no matter what the ring is, it is already saving face for the eight-armed god Demon Race. In other words, Lan must bear the challenge on the ring.

This period, the period for testing blue power is here. The eight-armed god demon is known for its dominance, can “she” really hold it?

No one dared to keep it up to Lan Xuanyu, but at this brief moment, the inner shouts for Golden Dragon Princess were unprecedentedly unanimous and strong.

Looking at Lan Xuanyu beheading the eight-armed demon, I don’t know how many Dragon-Horse Galaxy races present cheered. They wished that Lan would kill more eight-armed gods and demons. Such opportunities are really rare! For a while, the eager gaze watching Lan Xuanyu was many times more than before. It is not an exaggeration to use Myriad Crowds Converging Heart.

As soon as ten minutes passed, an eight-armed god and demon rushed into the ring almost without the slightest hesitation. The crazy roared sound resounds instantly.

“pay with your life!” Accompanying him a violent roar, holding eight heavy swords, he is about to move towards Lan Xuanyu rushed over.

But at this moment, the golden light flashed, the eight-armed god and demon had been bounced out of the ring.

On the subjective stage, Holy Light Dragon Knight Huang Liangwei indifferently said: “I haven’t paid the challenge fee yet. Do you want the rules? Master Heavenly Horse.”

Heavenly Horse chief seat’s mouth twitched, and he could clearly feel the body of the eight-armed god Demon King on his other side tense.

Although he is happy to watch the relationship between Dragon Clan and Demon Race, the eight-armed god, this will make the eight-armed Demon Race more inclined to their Heavenly Horse Clan. But I never want to see this kind of Super God Rank stage powerhouse really fight here, Heavenly Horse plaza can’t hold it!

“Well, there is a fee to pay. God Demon King, look at…”

“Pay the fee.” The cold voice of the god Demon King spread towards the eight-armed god Demon Race.

Huang Liangwei smiled, “Then there is nothing wrong. You can continue.”

Dragon Knight of Dawn Zhong Zhichang never spoke, but just sat there silently, but just like that, Lan Xuanyu, who looked up towards the subjective platform, also felt like this was a stabilizing force.

He suddenly felt that the Holy Light Dragon Knight, who was originally not very impressed, looked a little cute at present! Apart from other advantages of Dragon Clan, he really likes this way of protecting one’s calf.

I secretly decided in my heart that, except for the evil Dragon Clan outside, I will not move Dragon Clan lightly in the future. Or let yourself become a Dragon God to subdue Dragon Clan is the best choice.

A celestial spar flew out from the direction of the eight-armed god Demon Race and fell into the payment bucket. The next moment, the previously arrogant eight-armed god demon once again boarded the first ring.

However, his arrogant arrogance is obviously weaker than previously. The heavy sword in his hand points to the direction of Lan Xuanyu and Bai Xiuxiu, and the aura rushes towards his chest.

Lan Xuanyu doesn’t have dragon spear anymore, and dragon spear exploded. During this period, even the Dragon Knights can’t supply him with a dragon spear. He certainly has weapons, but it is better not to use Golden Dragon Spear. As for Heavenly Sacred Splitting Abyss Halberd, it is even more unusable.

“Roar–” The eight-armed god demon roared wildly, and under the foot suddenly accelerated, rushing in the direction of Lan Xuanyu with a frantic destruction aura. With eight heavy swords in the hand waving, the sword glow bursts out!

Lan Xuanyu and Bai Xiuxiu moved at the same time this time. They held hands and shot forward at the same time. Lan Xuanyu blasted his right fist, the golden scales covered his fist, and the strikes were above the sword glow on the front.

The dazzling rays of light burst out, forcibly blasting the sword glow through a gap. On Bai Xiuxiu, the midnight-blue light halo surged, and the light halo spread out in circles. She was dancing lightly and gracefully beside Lan Xuanyu, bringing up the black light halo.

At this moment, Lan Xuanyu suddenly jumped up, next instant, accompanied by the passionate dragon’s roar, golden’s huge body has turned out. Gold Dragon King Avatar!

The height of the eight-armed god and demon is ten meters tall, compared to the human-shaped Lan Xuanyu and Bai Xiuxiu, which is definitely incomparable gigantic. However, when Lan Xuanyu showed his Gold Dragon King Avatar, the eight-armed god demon was not enough to see.

The huge body with a length of more than 80 meters is still like a huge monster on this huge ring one. The whole body is covered with splendid golden scales, the whole body streamline-type, and the huge golden bone spurs that have begun to drill out of the body, all giving people an extremely shocking feeling.

Bai Xiuxiu has reached Lan Xuanyu’s back at this time, and she is still in human form at present, still dancing lightly and gracefully.

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