Ultimate Fighting Chapter 1414


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Lan Xuanyu has a calm mind and feels a little bit of the process of his integration. No matter how painful he is, he cannot affect his perception at present. Only serious feelings and feelings of his body’s transformation will be beneficial to the future cultivation .

He doesn’t even know what level he can reach after this breakthrough. At this moment, the body tempering of heaven and earth is completely completed in the process of integration. His body is changing with unnoticeable influence. From this moment on, he is no longer human, and of course, he is not pure Dragon Clan. It’s a god, the genuine is marching towards the stage of god.

The two huge silhouettes continue to overlap, and the new body that overlaps is even bigger and bigger than the original.

The huge seven-colored Dragon’s Head looked up at the sky, constantly moved towards the thunder tribulation in the sky, bursting with a silent roar, as if calling for more heaven and earth Great Tribulation to land and wash its body.

Gradually, the neck of the seven-colored giant dragon began to appear, and then the trunk at the back, the seven colors began to become more and more, and the process of fusion began to become faster and faster.

Lan Xuanyu can clearly feel, mysteriously and inexorably, in himself in the body, there seems to be a special kind of aura forming. This aura hovering in the body that has been fused with the complete body, gradually converging into a seven-colored torrent , Circling back and forth.

The bloodline is transformed! This should be the bloodline metamorphosis, and he has already begun to own the Dragon God’s bloodline in genuine.

After this transformation, even if someone tells the Dragon Knights that they are human and not Dragon Clan, no one will believe it. For myself, Martial Soul Avatar’s time will no longer be limited. The transformation of bloodline has completely freed himself from the mortal womb.

Each blood vessels are like works of art, shining with seven-colored brilliance. The law fluctuation faintly discernible appears on the scales of seven colors. The scales are obviously more protruding, with ridges on them, which seem to contain ultimate truth of heaven and earth, reflecting the seven-colored luster, making his whole body look more colorful.

divine consciousness has also become stronger and stronger under the continuous formation of the body. Among the huge seven-colored vortex, a group of almost viscous liquids began to appear, and these liquids are also rotating, just in the seven-colored vortex. At the center of the vortex, when it began to appear, Lan Xuanyu only felt that his thoughts began to spread out instantly.

The viscous liquid kept accumulating, and his thoughts became more and more distant.

He seemed to feel two pairs of concerned eyes coming from space. Is that, is that the gaze of father and mother?

From their divine consciousness, a touch of peace of mind came to soothe their worries.

Then, he felt all kinds of Rising Dragons City below.

Rising Dragons Platform, or Rising Dragons Pillar, at this moment, has been completely turned into seven colors of glittering and translucent, it seems to be eating up the thunderbolt, eating up the remaining world after being filtered by itself. Tribulation might.

Does this guy grab energy from himself?

“Om——” The whole body trembled violently, and almost at the same time, the seven-colored heaven and earth falling in the sky suddenly stopped.

Lan Xuanyu only felt that his body was light, and he lifted his head completely unable to restrain, and blurted out an extremely loud and passionate dragon’s roar.

Integration complete, at this time, he has already turned into a huge seven-colored giant dragon over 300 metres in length. The whole body is glittering and translucent, and the incomparable majesty aura burst out from the body. A pair of eyes reveal the brilliance of seven colors. Streaks of destiny fluctuation rose accordingly. The ring of light that turns into seven seven colors around the body circled back and forth.

Strongs of black energy flow were gradually used from all directions and injected into his body, making him feel the true meaning of darkness. Seventh Soul Ring, Dark Element Control!

Yes, I actually succeeded.

In my heart, an unspeakable touch spread instantly. After so many years of cultivation, I have put in countless efforts trying hard, and obtained so many opportunities. In this brief moment, he finally touched The threshold of God Rank. His bloodline, that formerly almost killed him, and the bloodline that made him become formidable, finally fused into one and became Dragon God’s bloodline.

Lan Xuanyu feels his unprecedented strength, his full sense of strength, the changes in the laws between Heaven and Earth, and the subtle fluctuations of time and space. At this moment, he has clear comprehension in his heart, and he has begun to feel the difference between three-dimensional space and four-dimensional space. The feeling of being able to control the world and feel the world outside is so wonderful.

“Young Master, don’t relax, it’s not over yet.” At this moment, a gloomy voice resounds in Lan Xuanyu’s consciousness. Although this voice was gloomy, it was also full of excitement. It is Beast God Di Tian.

“It’s not over yet?” Lan Xuanyu’s heart moved, subconsciously looking up into the air.

In the sky, the huge seven-colored vortex not at all disappeared, still reflecting everything below in color. More importantly, the color at this moment seems to be changing, and Lan Xuanyu’s body seems to be changing too.

He seemed to feel that the turbulent seven-colored torrent of himself within the body began to gather together, condensed towards his chest, and finally turned into bloodline vortex again. And in the middle of the bloodline vortex, an illusory spar is slowly condensing.

Not only in the chest, in his spiritual sea, in the dantian, there is also a group of seven-colored vortex hovering, and the central phantom light and shadow are flashing unstable.

“Young Master, it was Power of Heaven and Earth just now. I felt your evolution and came here to help, but the test of your genuineness will come later. You must carry it over, carry it over, and you will be able Yes.” Beast God Di Tian’s excited voice resounds again.

And just then, a slight vibration began to appear. It is not a small piece of space of vibration, but as if the whole world is in vibration.

Under the Rising Dragons Platform, I was watching the direction of the Rising Dragons Platform. Seeing the thunderbolt gradually disappeared, everything began to calm down, and I heard the loud and coercive Dragon Knights, whose faces were revealed for the first time. A grave expression.

Although the Great Tribulation in the world just now was so turbulent, the destructive power of that level does not constitute a genuine threat to their Super God Rank powerhouse.

But at this moment, they all felt the fear in their hearts, as if something was brewing in the invisible, and it was about to appear.

In the sky becomes dark again, as if at this moment, day turned into night. A little bit of starlight shining in the sky, the initial period is still very few, but soon, there are thousands of starlight illuminate down, the sky full of stars is so magnificent. Between them like all the stars cup themselves around the moon, the thundercloud vortex of seven colors began to shrink gradually. But the tremor between Heaven and Earth has become more and more obvious.

“Hum——” There was a magnificent resounds. In an instant, all powerhouses at the God Rank and above stage felt their world as if shaking. The majesty of that magnificent Boundless makes them just want to worship.

A huge nine-colored beam of light suddenly fell from the center of the thundercloud without omen, and under the cover of thousands of starlight, it directly fell in the direction of Rising Dragons Pillar.

Lan Xuanyu hasn’t even fully reacted, and his body has been enveloped by the nine-colored beam of light.

Survival or destruction. At this moment, the only thing that can emerge in his mind is a single thought.

Nine-colored and seven-colored, from a visual point of view, it seems that the change is not at all how great, but at this moment, only he can clearly feel how terrifying the power is.

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