Ultimate Fighting Chapter 1415


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It seems to come from the origin of the universe, from the examination of Universe Source. It seemed that a voice was asking him why, he would have such power.

Crash, he clearly felt that his body, which was extremely powerful a moment ago, began to collapse in this nine-colored thunderbolt. Everywhere was collapsing, even his divine consciousness.

This is no longer a force that can be resisted with Willpower. At this moment, Lan Xuanyu fully feels what it means to be unable to resist.

At this moment, suddenly, all the seven-colored scales on his body were turned into dark-gold, and the collapse also stopped for a moment. Shortly afterward, a huge black light and shadow rose from him. The huge silhouette is three thousand meters long, and the whole body is pitch-black as ink. Each scale seems to be against the darkness, and only one pair of eyes is brilliant golden.

“High Lord, waiting for this day, I have waited too long, too long. Di Tian welcomes the return of High Lord in his own body.” His gaze is far away, looking in the distant direction, as if feeling What, it seems to be relieved.

Bai Xiuxiu in Heavenly Dragon City and Lan Mengqin in Feng Long City are almost instantly stiff, and indescribable sadness gushes out of the deepest heart out of my heart.

In their minds, the same name also appeared at the same time, “Di Tian!”

“ang ang ang ——” A generation of Beast God, Golden-Eyed Black Dragon King Di Tian, ​​raised his head and roared, dragon’s roar was full of invigorating and dripping flavor. Even the dragon roar at this time can only be heard by him and his master talented person.

“Di Tian Senior.” Lan Xuanyu shouted in consciousness.

Di Tian’s huge dragon head turned to him, respectfully said: “The master became a God nine tests, this first test, Di Tian will undertake for you. Today, the golden eye Black Dragon sacrifices, congratulations to my lord, become a God!”

“Boom——” The huge body that was three thousand meters long burst apart. Thousands of dark-gold streamers suddenly fell, madly pouring into Lan Xuanyu’s body, the nine-colored Destruction Universe that made his body collapse. It is neutralized and absorbed instantly. Make all his collapses and recover.

Beast God Di Tian, ​​the chief guard of the formerly Dragon God, the Divine Dragon who controls the darkness, the supreme being of formerly, the fall of Douluo Continent, and the trying hard to become a God again in his life, but he has always been suppressed by heaven and earth. Finally in this brief moment, return to the roots. Nearly the accumulation of Million Years cultivation base, in this brief moment, it is completely sacrificed. Although it is not a God Rank stage, at this moment, all the background and the truth of darkness have completely exploded. Stopped this first nine-colored Destruction Universe for Lan Xuanyu!

On friendship, Lan Xuanyu and Di Tian are not very strong, and he is also very clear that at this moment, Di Tian’s sacrifice is not for him, but for the Dragon God’s bloodline flowing through him.

But, at this brief moment, his eye sockets are still moist. He felt the persistent persistence condensed in the air. I have fought against Heaven and Earth for several Hundred-thousand Years, but I still couldn’t get out of the final step.

Lan Xuanyu witnessed Di Tian during the last transcended tribulation period. At that moment, he witnessed the grief and anger of Beast God and how helpless it was.

With his accumulation, even ten times of become a God may be enough, but he still can’t get out of the final step and is always suppressed by World Principles. And at this moment, he finally used everything he had to collide with the strongest law between Heaven and Earth during the sacrifice, and greeted this last moment with his unyielding, stubbornness, and pride. Bringing myself close to the foundation of Million Years, I gave it all to myself.

Di Tian is really dead. In the most terrifying Great Tribulation between Heaven and Earth, scattered ashes and dispersed smoke, even divine consciousness has been completely crushed, there is no other possibility. But at the last moment, his expression was full of joking, a proud rebellion against the injustice of the world. He seemed to tell Whole World, I didn’t lose!

Unspeakable sadness lingers in my heart. At this moment, Lan Xuanyu’s emotions seem to be ignited.

He doesn’t just think of himself as a human anymore. At this moment, he even sees himself as Dragon Clan.

The advent of Dragon Realm has led to the emergence of dragon transformation in Heavenly Dragon Star. Perhaps, because of the quiet protection of Dragon Realm, the Dragon Clan born here can finally succeed and enter the stage above God Rank.

Di Tian’s sacrifice made him seem to see the sad scene when the formerly Dragon Clan fell. It was Dragon God’s bloodline that made him. At the same time as the achievement, the responsibility of Dragon Clan also fell On him.

Lan Xuanyu understands that from this moment on, the responsibility on him has become even heavier. In any case, he must lead Dragon Clan to rise again!

“ang ——”Lan Xuanyu roar towards the sky. The seven-colored scales on his body were erected one after another, and the blood energy surged throughout his body. At this moment, his head, chest, and dantian position within the body were condensed into three voids at the same time, turning into three shining nine-colored halo. Crystal, rays of light flicker. At this moment, among his pair of eyes, a nine-colored divine light burst out, glaring at the sky.

“Om——” 2nd nine-colored Heaven and Earth Destruction Universe came down again!

The dragon’s roar in Lan Xuanyu’s mouth, the loud thunderbolt sound, instantly soul nucleus together!

The erected pieces of seven-colored scales are constantly collapsing in the terrifying thunder tribulation, but within the body, with the three crystals as the center, they continuously burst out huge bloodline energy of incomparable, forcibly recovering The collapse of itself.

stand up after falling, constantly appearing in every corner of his body. The nearly Million Years cultivation base that Beast God Di Tian injected into him at the cost of sacrifice has completely become his foundation during this period.

The Dragon Knights below, at this moment, all keep quiet out of fear.

The terrifying thunder tribulation is not just as simple as the energy stage, but even more terrifying is the law of aloof and remote. That is the existence that can destroy their will!

Dragon Knight of Dawn Zhong Zhichang’s eyes have begun to show anxious look. In front of such a thunder tribulation, who can survive? He also absolutely didn’t expect, and the blue bloodline evolution would actually attract such a thunder tribulation. Undoubtedly, this is closely related to “her” understanding of accumulation and creation and Power of Destruction.

Luo Lan has tried to fly several times, but Zhong Zhichang has all pulled it back. This kind of period, even if they go up, can only die. Even the Dragon Knight of Super God Rank cannot challenge World Principles. Otherwise, what will be left behind will be the Law Power of their stage, which will directly obliterate them. The nine-colored Destruction Universe of Super God Rank stage, even if Heavenly Dragon is here, can’t resist it.

In fact, the chief seat finally arrived a few minutes ago. It is also a terrified look suppressed on the ground.

You don’t need to ask him to know who is doing transcended tribulation, but he absolutely can’t understand why transcended tribulation is this appearance.

“Hum——” When the period of the third buzzing resounds, all Dragon Knights present felt a tingling scalp. destroying the Heavens and exterminating the Earth’s nine-colored divine thunder dropping from the sky again.

The sky above Rising Dragons City is completely distorted. In this period, the Dragon Knights can no longer feel the existence of Dragon Realm.

“Brother Zhong, how could this happen suddenly?” Heavenly Dragon came to Zhong Zhichang’s side and solemnly asked.

Zhong Zhichang said with a forced smile: “I feel the wrong period. The thunder tribulation is about to begin and cannot be covered up. Blue should be in the period of Heavenly Horse Star. Absorb the eight-armed gods who were killed by her The destruction energy in the core of Demon Race is balanced by the life creation energy in the celestial spar. From it, I can feel some of the true meaning of the universe, and this can’t suppress the breakthrough. But I didn’t expect, she The breakthrough is so exaggerated.”

The rays of light flickered in the Heavenly Dragon expression, “Then do you think’she’ can bear it?”

Zhong Zhichang shook his head and said: “Not good said. Even the thunder tribulation just now, I already feel that she shouldn’t bear it. But the thunder tribulation did not stop, it continues, and it has burst out previously There is a huge energy fluctuation. At present, I can’t judge whether she can successfully break through.”

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