Ultimate Fighting Chapter 1416


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Speaking of this, he paused, suddenly looked towards Heavenly Dragon, and said: “Chief seat. Although I don’t know if she can succeed in breakthrough. But suppose’she’ succeeded. Then,’she’ might It will be the one who leads us out of the siege. So…”

Speaking of this, he stopped and looked at Heavenly Dragon with shining eyes.

Heavenly Dragon is also looking at him, coldly said: “Are you sure’she’ is OK? What if your judgment is wrong?”

Zhong Zhichang said solemnly: “Chief seat, we should not deceive ourselves in this period. You and I have lived for a long time, but we all desire longevity more. I know that over the years, you have been trying hard and accumulating strength , Trying to move in that direction. However, that barrier, even if there is a whole plane behind the Crimson Mother that is close to the God Rank stage, can’t break through. Can we really?”

“Then she can?” The expression of Heavenly Dragon chief seat became gloomy in an instant.

Zhong Zhichang did not give up, saying: “I don’t know if she can, but at least, there is such an opportunity in her. Therefore, the chief seat, in any case, we must let her grow.”

Heavenly Dragon chief seat eyes slightly narrowed, suddenly smiled, “Who can’t let her grow up? Since her natural talent is so good, as long as she can succeed in transcended tribulation, she naturally has to be cultivated. Old Zhong, you What are you worried about?”

Zhong Zhichang’s expression has changed, lightly sighed, shook the head, and I didn’t go on. He knew that Heavenly Dragon had rejected his proposal. As a supporter of Lan, if Lan really succeeds in transcended tribulation, there will probably be some problems within Dragon Knight. If her breakthrough is unsuccessful, then the foreshadowing she just made will only offend Heavenly Dragon.

However, in any case, he really saw the dawn, which is too important for him and whole Dragon Clan.

The two Dragon Knight leaders didn’t say much, and continued to look up towards the sky, looking towards the direction of Rising Dragons Platform.

Their conversation, not at all, deliberately concealed their voices, so the surrounding Dragon Knights could actually hear them.

At this time, there are already ten Eighteen Dragon Knights here. All Dragon Knight look at each other in blank dismay, all revealing thoughtful expression.

Zhong Zhichang chose to explain his thoughts to Heavenly Dragon during this period, so that these Dragon Knights can hear it. They also understand what the chief seat and second seat are talking about.

If Lan’s body dies and Dao disappears in the process of transcended tribulation, naturally everything will go away, but if she succeeds in transcended tribulation. The Heavenly Dragon Star situation, I am afraid that some changes will happen.

At this time, Lan Xuanyu, simply didn’t know what happened below, he just knew that he might not be able to bear it anymore.

When the period of the 3rd nine-colored Destruction Universe fell, his own bloodline was boiling, burning, and even completely assimilated into nine colors. And when the period when the nine colors are assimilated, it is also a process in which his body cannot be sustained and is constantly collapsing.

It seems that the past dragon force tempering the body, Divine Thunder of Annihilation, divine thunder body tempering, in this brief moment have no effect. The rest is incomparable intense pain.

His consciousness is very thankful, even more sober than usual, but the destructive power of this divine thunder is really too terrifying. The law of creation contained therein seems to be to recreate a world in one’s own body, and before that, it is to destroy everything.

Everything seems unstoppable, and everything is in his near collapse.

Sandao, this is only the 3rd! Di Tian said before leaving that what he will experience is the test of the nine thunder tribulations, but with his present cultivation base, can he really carry the nine thunder tribulations?

“Om—” World Principles will not give him time to think, nor will he change himself because of his will. The 4th nine-colored Destruction Universe is here!

“bang!” Lan Xuanyu only felt that his whole body was about to explode, and his body was melting rapidly. One after another the will of heaven and earth crushed everything about him, making him more then 300 meters long. The body collapsed every inch.

Only the three nine-colored crystals are still shining, but the rest of the body is rapidly melting in the thunderbolt. Even if the energy that Beast God Di Tian previously injected into him within the body, it can no longer help him continue to support it.

Is it so difficult to achieve Dragon God’s bloodline?

seven-colored Leihai, just to help him complete the initial integration, and the next terrifying baptism is the transcended tribulation of the genuine.

4th, is your limit actually at the 4th?

“Om–” The fifth thunderbolt, almost one after another. In an instant, all the pain is vanished in this instant. The huge dragon body also softened and turned into a large piece of liquid, spilling on the Rising Dragons Platform.

Are you finished? Am i going to die?

Lan Xuanyu’s brain is blank, and the thunderclouds in the sky also paused during this period.

But next instant, he discovered that he could still perceive everything around him, not at all, as in legend, he was plunged into darkness because of death.

Crystals, three crystals of nine colors, just fall on the ground of the Rising Dragons Platform, emitting lightly nine-colored halo, and all the melted liquid surrounds these three nine-colored crystals.

next instant, Lan Xuanyu suddenly gave birth to a single thought, without destruction there can be no construction, undying and inextinguishable!


The sixth divine thunder, finally fell again. And this time, the liquid of seven colors condensed rapidly in the thunderbolt. The three crystals of nine colors were unexpectedly absorbed a large amount of nine-colored heaven and earth Destruction Universe might, driving the liquid of seven colors to re-solidify.

A whole body of seven colors, but a dragon-shaped body with a faint nine multicolored halo is gradually condensed, just bathed in the rays of light of the thunderbolt.

“Om–” World Principles was unwilling to watch him rebirth like this, and the seventh divine thunder followed. The dragon body that had just been formed collapsed again in an instant, and even the seven-colored liquid was reduced a lot, but at this moment, the entire Rising Dragons Platform trembled violently, one after another seven-colored rays of light quickly moved from Rising Dragons Platform gushes out, madly injecting into the formed dragon body.

The three nine-colored crystals forcefully absorb and force the nine-colored thunderbolt to form again. Under the insufficiency of energy from the Rising Dragons Platform, they quickly become dragon-shaped.

“Om——” The eighth nine-colored Heaven and Earth Destruction Universe fell again, and the dragon body once again collapsed. However, the three newly exposed nine-colored crystals were obviously more than twice as large as before.

In the seven-colored energy surging from the Rising Dragons Platform, suddenly there is a hint of nine-colored luster. At this moment, the whole Rising Dragons Platform bursts out a huge energy fluctuation, which is energy that cannot be suppressed. aura.

All the Dragon Knights below, in this brief moment, rushed towards the Rising Dragons Platform almost at the same time. They can clearly feel how great the energy emitted by the Rising Dragons Platform is for them at this moment.

But in this brief moment, a horrible scene appeared. The sky suddenly lit up, and a terrifying law fluctuation broke out. The whole sky was turned into nine colors at this moment.

The rays of light in countless nine colors are like a funnel, turning into an incomparable huge thunderbolt dropping from the sky.

“hong long long ——”

The outrageous resounds of the rumbling sound like heaven falls and earth rends made all Dragon Knights fall to the ground, even unable to breathe. I can only watch, a nine-colored beam of light rises on the Rising Dragons Platform at the same time, overlapping with the nine-colored beam of light dropping from the sky. The top of the Rising Dragons Platform instantly turned into a huge nine-colored ball of light.

The dazzling rays of light suddenly broke out, even in the sky, you can clearly see.

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