Ultimate Fighting Chapter 1417


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Silver Armored Great Peng battleship.

Tang Wulin hugged Gu Yuena tightly. Both of them were stared and wide-eyed nervously. At this moment, their reaction to Lan Xuanyu was already faintly discernable. More importantly, they all clearly felt that their bloodline was boiling, and the nine-colored halo period was violently boiling and fluctuation shining in the distance.

“I’m back, I’m back…” Gu Yuena muttered to herself, her pair of eyes had been somewhat absent-minded, and tears flowed uncontrollably.

Tang Wulin’s gaze was a little dull. He clearly felt that there was something trying to rush out of the eighteenth seal of his within the body.

The power of transcended tribulation is so great, can Xuanyu survive it?

“ang ang ang ——” The exciting dragon’s roar fluctuation in the universe. From the space side, in their vision, a huge dragon-shaped phantom gradually emerged in space. The huge phantom was very vague, but it was definitely a giant dragon-shaped state. It just crawled on the Heavenly Dragon Star. Above, the connecting place seems to be the place where the nine-colored ball of light bursts out.

Tang Wulin felt immediately and lost his voice: “Dragon Realm, it is really Dragon Realm, formerly the Dragon Realm I have been to.”

Gu Yuena finally woke up, and at next instant, they all felt a powerful heartbeat.

Gu Yuena suddenly turned around, looked towards Tang Wulin, suddenly raised his arms, put his arms around his neck, and kissed his lips.

Tang Wulin’s expression suddenly stiffened, and an incredibly familiar fragrance rushed in instantly, and the surprise in his heart was beyond description.

Gu Yuena has already released his arm and pushed him away, jumping and jumping excitedly, “It’s done, it’s done, Xuanyu succeeded. He succeeded in fusion. Too Okay, this is really Okay !”

Tang Wulin looked at her stunned, and for a while, her emotions were extremely complicated. He is deep in one’s heart, so he is filled with ecstasy. Just, just this time, it seems that time is too short! He was really taken aback! And it was really forced to kiss!

This script seems a bit wrong!

Looking at the red appearance of Gu Yuena’s excited charming face, he really can’t do anything!

It’s done, my son’s breakthrough succeeded, and the danger has passed. The loneliness of Silver Armored Great Peng battleship, because of her existence, is always colorful in Tang Wulin’s world. The peace of her son, her joy, more of this color, infused something called happiness.

On Rising Dragons Platform.

Among the huge nine-colored ball of light, a dragon-shaped silhouette about 30 metres in length is crawling on the ground. The nine-colored halo penetrated into him within the body bit by bit.

Gradually, the dragon-shaped silhouette gradually shrinks, shrinking the Small Accomplishment into a human form, lying naked, with a somewhat unsightly posture.

Lan Xuanyu doesn’t want to move at all, let alone remember what just happened.

He always knew that if he transcended tribulation, it would be a very painful thing and it would be more difficult. To this end, he made full preparations, bloodline body tempering, divine thunder body tempering. I have been suppressing trying hard and accumulating trying hard.

But even so, he absolutely didn’t expect that his transcended tribulation process would be difficult to this level!

The body was split, and even the consciousness was torn into two parts. Re-integrate and gather together. Not to mention, after the nine nine-colored heaven and earth Destruction Universe tribulation thunder, it is almost dead.

Is this a game of breaking combinations? I was melted by myself, and then refocused. Originally more then 300 meters long body, finally turned into more than 30 meters long. Is this forging? Hundred Refinements purification, thousands refinements gains the spirit?

What the hell?

He really felt that he was dead and dead more than once.

This is not for the sacrifice of Beast God Di Tian, ​​or for the Dragon God energy contained in the Rising Dragons Platform. I’m afraid I’m really dead! He only understood at present why he always felt that must be in the Rising Dragons Platform transcended tribulation. Facts have proved that this is how he can survive! In another place, there is not enough energy to help reshape your body. What are you waiting for?

Weakness, he at present only feels that he is extremely weak. The process of reshaping the body has exhausted all energy. Being able to survive is already unexpected.

Suddenly, Lan Xuanyu felt a little itchy in his body, he barely moved, moved towards his body, and dumbstruck suddenly discovered that his body was changing, yes, it was really changing.

The chest began to bulge, the waist became more slender, the silky hair was growing out, and the skin became more glittering and translucent. I don’t know what period of hair color has been turned into blue. Long blue hair quickly spreads down, covering my, that, and that attractive carcass.

Me? I turned into female?

With Yuanen Huihui’s lessons learned, at this moment, Lan Xuanyu only felt that a great terror rushed into his body and mind. His whole body was soaked in cold sweat instantly.

turned into a woman? This is infinitely more terrifying than the period of the previous transcended tribulation!

No, no, no, I don’t want to be turned into a woman, I don’t want to be turned into a woman! Lan Xuanyu just thinks he is going crazy.

“Master, master, don’t panic. Fake is fake. The changes from internal into external are more real. I can guarantee that even if it is God Realm’s remodeling, God King Rank powerhouse at present will not You have changed your disguise. Hehehe.” Treasure-Hunting Beast’s voice echoed in his mind.

“Are you not dead?” Lan Xuanyu asked in a strange voice in the heart.

“No, as long as your divine consciousness is not destroyed, how can I die? It has been hidden in your divine consciousness. Too Okay, this is really too Okay, Master you finally came back. Wow ha ha. I I have also evolved with you. This is you, the genuine you!”

“Why didn’t you die?” Lan Xuanyu in the heart suddenly roared up, “Can’t you just tell me and then change? Do you know you scared me to death! If I turned into a woman, let Xiuxiu What to do? I don’t want to be turned into a woman!”

“Uh…Master, I was wrong. I’m not worried that you have to seriously experience the changes after the breakthrough? So…someone is here, no, there is a dragon. Master, be careful. “After speaking, Treasure-Hunting Beast’s voice stopped. Lan Xuanyu’s long hair, slightly rhythmic, quickly covered the important parts of her body that had been turned into women.

One after another silhouette flickered, and the fluctuation of the law remaining in the air still made their heart palpitations.

But when they saw the woman who was lying on the ground, her hair color changed, but enveloped her beautiful figure, one by one couldn’t help but stare.

The slender and fair calf is exposed outside, on the surface of the skin, a faintly discernable fluctuation of seven colors is shining, and a faintly discernable fluctuation is rippled on her body.

And most importantly, when these people first saw her period, they immediately felt the throbbing and trembling of their own bloodline. Actually, there is an impulse to immediately worship the take. That kind of feeling is like the feeling of seeing the former Dragon Knights in their childhood period.

Ten Dragon Knights, a whole ten Dragon Knights gathered here, at this moment, there are some dumbstruck.

“Do not see any evil.” I don’t know who said it. All the Dragon Knights, including the Heavenly Dragon chief seat, all turned around unconsciously.

A long robe fell out of thin air and enveloped Lan Xuanyu. Covered the “tempting” curve.

Lan Xuanyu’s mood at this time has calmed down a bit, it seems, possible, as if, everything really has become different.

I have become a God, bloodline fusion has not turned into a woman, um, this point is the most important. So, am I Dragon God? At least on the bloodline, I am Dragon God!

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